Drowning in French

I’m so hurt by all the French work I have to do this week, it might of ruined it until the weekend. My teacher is going to give us an exam on Thursday but then he also assigns an oral presentation on Wednesday and of course he gives us lab work due on Friday. It really is some bull shit especially since none of my other classes are doing this to me. Its a 102 class and I have more work in it than my 300 and 400 level classes…I’m just salt for real, I don’t know enough French to save my life this week. This week just hasn’t been good for me like both the Ravens and Redskins lose, come on. The Pre TGS PlayStation conference wasn’t as hype as I wanted it to be even though Deep Down looks hype as fuck. Thankfully the spoilers for the new Theros Magic cards have been AWESOME! At this point I really want to run mono green and keep working on my Selesyna deck. I feel like green has the best god and legendary artifact even though that black artifact is fucking hype. I’m 90% sure I am going to my local card shop for the prerelease with my friend Isaac. Well its time to get back to my eternal struggle with French *sigh*. 

Well I’m old now

Stairs of life or some other bullshit

Today was my last day of being 19 and more importantly being a teenager, I can’t believe I’m already 20 years old. I spent my last day of being 19 by doing 6 hours of the most boring database work ever, my fingers hurt from the all the typing. I then celebrated by watching my favorite show on TruTv; South Beach Tow. That show is fucking crack to me haha. Then I finally got to watch some Gintama and now we are here are 12:04am writing my first blog post as a 20 year old. I know I’m making this a bigger deal than what it really is but like I will never ever be a teenager ever again in my life. I’m finally leaning more towards an actual adult for the first time in my existence and I’m not sure if I like it. I’m just so use to chilling and playing my games and overall just having fun, I’m not ready for the shake up. Thankfully I won’t feel the full effect of it until I graduate from VCU but still its just weird. I do however get PlayStation Plus today so its worth it but just barely. Anyways its now time to spend my first couple of hours of being 20 by watching some more anime! 
Apparently I also share the same birthday with Rosalind Franklin, thank you Google for making this day a little bit more special.

Work OP

I’m just tired of looking at screens right now and typing. I did the usual of watching a lot of anime but I also started to do some work today and it sucks. I never get work to do since I don’t have a real job but man 2-3 hours of work already and I am complaining. I pretty much have to enter a lot of data into a data base and its just time consuming and repetitive.The fact that I have to use two laptops for this like come on I have a hand on each one of them. I feel like I’m done working on it tonight I rather watch some videos and sleep at this point. It pretty much killed all motivation to write a decent post today on the bright side I’m one day away from my birthday and I just want my Plus so I an enjoy my Vita again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something to talk about. 

A rant and some Last of Us

The exact scene I played and it got so intense

Its one of those long days of no real fun. I wake up and I just do some yard work which was terrible since its SOOOO hot outside and the bugs just get all in my hair ugh. Then I find out my car’s battery died so we got another one and put that in, too bad that took forever to do in that intense outside heat. Then I decide to play my Vita and I’m at the point in Soul Sacrifice where the AI just sucks shit can’t really help me in my missions. Bad AI makes me rage so hard, I wish they patched the stupid AI. It just wasn’t my day but things could of been worse, a lot worse like in the past. On a positive note it is the first day of June which means E3 is right around the corner!!! The most important holiday in the year for me. I can not wait to see what I will be buying in the fall of this year. Another good thing is that I have 2 1/2 months before I go back to VCU!!! I can’t wait honestly NOVA is just so boring, I need my city life back.

I did mention yesterday the short but sweet Last of Us demo and I have to say few games have ever given me that intense feel. The games that have given me the this moment is intense feel only did it like once but with The Last of Us I feel like I’m there as Joel trying to survive. The end of the demo where you had to take out 5 plant zombie things omg I felt like my life was on line the whole time. I took out the first one with a shiv and then one of them noticed me and they all started to run at me at different directions. I used a 2×4 to break in two of their skulls and then it broke half way through the fight with the 3rd one. I took out the 3rd one with my hands and then the last one came at me. It was one of the more advanced zombies and it just ran at me so fast I was terrified. I pulled out my pistol which had 4 rounds in it and I missed the first two since it moves so fast and not in a straight line. I hit the next two which stunned it for a sec but then jumped on me and we struggled. Thank god I had 1 more shiv left so I pressed triangle and killed it, if I didn’t have that shiv I would of died. Completing that scene I had no ammo or a melee weapon or even a shiv. The Last of Us is a good example of immersion because my hands were sweaty and it really felt like I almost died and I used every single last thing I had in order to survive. I have to say Naughty Dog is my favorite game developer they have made all my favorite series from Crash, Jax and Daxter, Uncharted and now The Last of Us. They are the reason as a child I choose the PS1 over the N64, Crash was just that good. June 14th needs to come now. 

What a normal type day.

Just another normal summer day. I worked for my dad a bit which was pretty easy since I just programmed a few things for him. I watched a good amount of Arrested Development and I am almost done with season 2 so maybe I will be able to watch season 4 the day it comes out. Chilled with some friends and I played some magic, my current deck sucks right now but I’m getting a bunch of new cards soon so I can stay competitive with them! Talked about the Xbox One with them and I am still not happy with what they showed. All the new information on the used games are really putting me off from this console but maybe they will redeem themselves at E3? I think they will but I think Sony will just bring more to the table. Still waiting on my phone call back from Safeway…I hope I got the job if not I’ll just play video games all summer.  

My hands hurt so much…

Grimer is really gross. The fact that it is pollution and sludge o god why does it exist. Kristel was a great name for it.

I actually feel like an adult today, I made a legitimate resume and I’m pretty proud of it. My original plan was to start applying for jobs around Richmond today but then I realized things about my lease and how I would have to miss 3 weeks of pay and shit. I decided that I might as well go home and work which is awesome for my back home friends because I know they miss me and I miss them as well. Also a bunch of my friends are leaving Richmond for the summer so I rather be home with my family and friends and not be bored in my dorm room. Its not like anyone is going to really miss me if I leave for the summer so its all good. 
I hate how finals are coming up, I have a shit ton of work to do now especially in French. I have a test this week, a project due next week and then the final the following week. French could kill me and then I have all my other classes to worry about *sigh* I need a break. 

Update on my Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke. I only played for an hour today but holy shit did a lot happen. Pasco grew up on me too fast T.T. He evolved into a Swadloon right before my very eyes and the amount of girls he picked up with that coat of his is legendary, he is the swagger hound of Castelia City. After he evolved I had to call up my girl Bianca and THE AMOUNT OF JEALOUS SHE IS OF PASCO AND I’S FRIENDSHIP, she almost cried. At that I moment I knew that Pasco loved me so much that he wanted to evolve AGAIN within in 5 minutes, it was like he knew Swadloon wasn’t the hot thing anymore but LEAVANY is where the party is at. I gave him a massage because he needed a tiny bit more love but after killing some rattatas he EVOLVED and now Pasco has reached his final form, I hope he doesn’t fail me in the next gym. I tried Marc, Pasco and Heem up in the sewers today and they all grew two levels which is real nice since we need a buff team for that gym fight. Heem is getting SO FAST like did someone put Flash on my team or some shit like he gives no fucks about those speed tiers. This is what happens when you let your Pokemon work out when you don’t play. First Pokemon on the sewer route was a female Grimer and it looks SO GROSS but I had to catch it. I had to name it after this one really gross nasty girl I knew in high school, I named it Kristel….bleh…… I will never use this Grimer like honestly it is going straight to the hell box right next to Kelsey but maybe not too close since I have to have some respect for Kelsey like o god Kristel is gross like a grease trap. I found some mystic water for Marc today and he LOVES IT. That was the moment when he realized that our friendship means something like I could of given him some shitty ass Deer Park water but I DID NOT I gave him 1 OF A KIND MYSTIC WATER which I’m pretty sure came from the heavens when the new gods were born. Tomorrow I will enter TWO yea TWO new areas and beat the crap out of the 3rd gym leader with Pasco as my led, get ready because I’m not sure if everyone will survive. 

Holy shit I just typed all of that and my hands hurt so much like how am I doing this?!?!?! Some one come to my dorm and give me a hand massage and you will be rewarded handsomely. 

Well I’m already pretty bored.

Its going to be one of those weekend where I just chill inside and do some homework but really just play video games and listen to music. I just don’t feel the hype right now since I’m pretty damn bored, where the plans at? haha. Its sort of a good thing though since I have to redo my carmax ad and I had a book to finish this weekend. I just wish I had more exciting things to do though, MAYBE I will find something…I just wish my best friend didn’t leave for the weekend *SIGH*. Tonight is the night I start my dream journal so I hope I can dream on command like two nights ago since it would be pretty awesome to be able to share my dreams with you guys. I feel like writing a post on some of my favorite games this generation because I was thinking today that there are so many awesome games this gen that have affected me in many different ways. I don’t know if I can choose my favorite game for this generation but maybe I’ll do a top 10 list or something. 
*sigh* I just wish this weekend wasn’t going to be SOOOO lonely -_-. I got way too much free time like I gotta work on that job search and even with a job I still might have a bunch of free time, I might need to start something else up besides this blog and my podcast…

Well this sucks.

 ~This is honestly how I feel.

I had a whole post typed out and it had like 5 paragraphs and honestly it was a pretty awesome read and then I somehow hit the back button on my key board, fuck.
To keep it sort since I don’t want to re type everything again. I learned to care less so I get less pissed off at people and situations since if you don’t care you won’t get emotionally attached to anything. Also how school is going to ramp up soon and how I hope I’m ready for it.
I talked about how lucky people are in school today compared to people in the past who had to actually read and couldn’t look things up online and how they would have to read a whole entire book to a good grade on a test versus how someone could just go to Sparknotes and get a summary.
I really need to buy Ni No Kuni as well since it’s made by the people who made my favorite JRPG on the PS2 Dragon Quest 8. It looks like a beautiful anime as well and it plays like Pokemon combined with tales so I’m super pumped. I just have to play more Persona 4 Golden which I’ll do this weekend.
History classes are also really boring and I don’t want to take this dumb quiz on Puritans.

Au revoir!

I’m getting good at French aren’t I? haha