Last day of my lazy break

Last day before I go back to school and I barely left room and I feel great. I love those days where you just wake up at 1, play pokemon and watch netflix until early in the morning. I’m pretty excited to get back since I have finals to study for and classes to not fail lol. Its so weird that its December 1st its almost been a full year on this blog, times moves so fast. At this point I just have to finish strong in all aspects like study, finish this blog and do other personal life things. I do have to play Dragon’s Crown and Killer is Dead before the end of the year. I could beat them before the end of finals maybe over the next weekend but I do have a PS4 to play like Killzone online and maybe some more Resogun. I can beat everything else over winter break. I should also stop neglecting my Vita and play it more, hopefully I’ll get Tearaway for Christmas so I have a real reason to play my Vita again. O yea I’m also back into Pokemon Showdown and I suck at making teams >.> I’m not doing terrible but I really have to step my game up and get better ranking. Well its about that time I start packing up my things for 2 more weeks of college this semester. 

Exploring that Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is a fantastic must have PSN game when priced at 3.75. These PlayStation Plus deals are TOO GOOD! I always wanted to buy the game but just never got to it but I’m making up for that lost time now. I’m still in the early game so I only have three animals unlocked but its still a hell of a lot of fun. My favorite animal so far is the first one, the Pomeranian. ITS TOO CUTE!!! The jump it has makes me cry for real its honestly perfect. I also love the fact that I can kill hyenas and other animals with a small ass dog. It is scary when you see a top tier animal like a gator or an elephant. The longest I’ve lasted with one character generation is 30 years. The game is pretty easy but at the same time if you are trying to complete all the challenges it can be a real rough time. O shit I almost forgot to talk about my favorite part. The game lets you find females so you can mate with them. Females have 3 different tiers; prime, average and desperate lmao! Honestly this could be related to real life most of the time. I can’t wait until I unlock a dinosaur, it will make my semester. 

November 15th come now.

Another day of no worries and a bunch of greatness. I had the most clutch Chipotle for lunch today, it was heavenly. Then we played some more Street Fighter. That game always gets more fun even if you are losing since you are always getting better. I actually went out tonight with a couple of friends and saw some familiar faces! Overall a fantasy day. The best part was the day HAD TO BE Sony’s Gamescom conference. They did everything perfect, cut the vita price, cut the price of the vita memory cards, show a bunch of new games including Minecraft and THE MOST IMPORTANT RELEASE DATE FOR PS4!!!! November 15th is the day I ascend into the next generation of gaming. I still can’t believe how great this year is besides one slip up everything else has been on point. I doubt I’ll even go to class when the PS4 comes out it honestly is more important. Side note I need more EDM in my life! I’m about to go crazy at the next show I go to. Honestly right now I’m too hype for everything, what a great day. 

That feel when you beat a game

Don’t you feel accomplished when you beat a game? The feel of experiencing this world, story and characters like you went on an epic journey while just sitting in your living room. The reason I’m feeling this is because I just beat Virtues Last Reward on my Vita and I 100% it so I got platinum trophy as well! I gotta brag about my trophy level for a sec, I am level 17 with 21 platinums!!! Anyways, if you have a Vita or a 3DS you should play Virtues Last Reward I give it a 9.5/10. The puzzles are hard but not bullshit in my opinion and the story is a mind fuck and had me on the edge of my seat. I didn’t play the first game in series 999 which is on DS but I’m going to fix that ASAP so I would say play 999 first then VLR. I realized I’ve been beating a lot of games recently like The Last of Us, Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and now Virtues Last Reward. The next game I’m going to play is Dokuo which is a Vita puzzle game so hopefully I’ll like it. After that I might have to buy Dragon’s Crown or Tales of Xilia but I do want to buy them on sale…If I can’t find them on sale I guess I’ll go back to my The Last of Us survival run. While I think about this I gotta start packing….*sigh* 

The hunt for cards is over but the hunt for endings in VLR just started

I wasn’t ready for that.

My Ebay hunt has ended today in victory, sweet sweet victory. I won uncontested on 3x Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice and I only paid a total of 13.34. Market price 3 of them would run for about 20 dollars so I saved 33% which is such an amazing deal especially in the Magic market. My Selesnya deck is complete at this point now I just have to wait for all of them to come in the mail and get the last two cards from my friend at VCU. I was terrified that someone was going to snipe it from me at the last second like earlier in the day but thankfully I was only bidding against myself at the end just to make sure I won. If I had the shocklands then my deck would be tournament ready but sadly 4 of them run for about 40+ dollars and I rather spend the money on a game at that point.

Speaking of games, I’ve been playing more of Virtues Last Reward on Vita. By the time I’m typing this I have gotten 4 different endings, 1 “good” and 3 game overs. I believe there are actually 22 different endings and you have to get all the endings in order to see the true ending for the game. It might seem hard to get all these endings but in all reality it isn’t since you have a flowchart. Once you get an ending you can use the flowchart to go back to certain points in the game like a point where you choose one door over another or you choose to ally instead of betray. The main character seems to have this ability where he can keep the information of things he writes down even though some actions didn’t happen in this play through. I feel like he is jumping through time to get all this information which is really cool since you get to learn about all the characters and the world this way. Some things that didn’t make sense 2 play through ago now makes sense because you learned a secret about this character. Another great function is the ability to fast forward scenes that you have already watched in previous play through and the it will go back to normal speed when something new comes up. The puzzles are pretty damn ridiculous though like I did one that has over 20 steps like really it took me over an hour to complete. My absolute favorite part of the game is the characters in the game because they feel like people even though I still don’t know much about most of them yet. Their motives, actions and reasons why being in the facility are so interesting I can’t wait to truly beat this game and figure everything out! 

Lots of Vita love today

A fun filled day of staring at Ebay auctions and playing my Vita. Today has been a total loss on my journey to attain these cards at a low price. I’m trying to not spend more than 17 bucks on the Trostani’s but man these magic neck beards go ham when they start bidding. Thankfully they are many more auctions for me to attempt and I am currently leading one of them so I’m praying I can win it before the shipping goes past Aug 16th. I bought two Selesnya Charms off of Amazon for a buck so today wasn’t a total lost. My friend is also going to hook me up with two Unflinching Courage so all I have to worry about is getting 3x Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice now. Back to hunting. 

Since I was quite butt hurt over losing a couple of auctions today I decided to beat Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita. The game really is Uncharted on Vita in all the good ways and the only bad stuff is some of the dumb Vita motion and puzzle crap. Once Sully comes into the story the game instantly felt like good old Naughty Dog Uncharted. The other characters in the game weren’t the interesting to me but Drake and Sully make up for them and so much more.*Spoiler* It didn’t have a super natural spin to it which really took me by surprise like the thing that was special was radioactive gold…pretty lame in my opinion*End of Spoiler*. I did really enjoy the tomb part in the later chapters and somehow they actually made climbable objects falling feel even better than the console games. There is a lot of replay value in trying to take all the pictures and collecting all the jewels etc but honestly none of that seems really interesting to me. I would give this game one of the most hated scores to ever exist, 7.9. It just didn’t have enough for me to go and say this game is great but it is really good and if you have PlayStation Plus you already own it so go play it. I honestly wouldn’t buy it though instead spend the money on PlayStation Plus and get a bunch of great games for PS3 and Vita for 50 bucks or 17 bucks if you only want a 3 month subscription. 

I started up Virtues Last Reward for Vita after I beat Uncharted. I didn’t know what I was going into so I read up on it first. Its a game that has a total of 24 endings and your endings are based off of your decisions in the novel part of the game and your decisions in the escape part. I started playing and I realized the game has a plot that I really love in anime, A group of people people are taken into this building and the only way to win this game is to escape and I’m pretty sure only one person can escape. You have to work together with other people to solve puzzles or you can betray them and leave them for dead. Anything that has that survival element in it is going to be great to me unless the game is utter crap. I only got to played the first puzzle and first conversation and I really enjoy the puzzle game play. The first puzzle wasn’t too hard but it did require actual effort and quite a bit time since the first puzzle room has about 10 parts to it. I’m really excited to see how the story will go and why all these people where brought here and how will I escape or will I die I don’t know so many different endings. I’m pretty sure if you get all 16 good endings then you get the real ending so I might do it if I really like the game. I still can’t believe PlayStation Plus gave this game out for free and its metacritic score is a 9.4. 

Look at these bad ass shrimps

The next Kaiju

Well two Rockstar drinks is way too much for my body. I couldn’t fall asleep until 10am like wtf and then I woke up at 4pm tired as fuck. I was too tired to actually do anything today besides order some Chinese food and watch YouTube videos.  I wouldn’t label today as boring but more like a daze where I had no idea what was happening and why I couldn’t sleep. Side note if you want to look at something cool YouTube Mantis Shrimp that animal is the most baller creature to exist. It has the best eyes and the fastest punch in the world. The fact that it can punch up a crab in a milisecond or a clam, its a god damn beast. Of all creatures in the world I am afraid of this animal becoming intelligent it could become a kaiju. Second animal you should look up is the Pistol Shrimp. It pretty much shoots bubbles like a gun with the same amount of power as the sun. WTF. The ocean is so cool I need to own these creatures. Besides that I played some more Uncharted and its getting better it really does feel like Uncharted on Vita. I wish it didn’t have all this stupid touch and all these little achievement things that mean nothing. It has too many distractions for a game I want to get in to. I’m still slacking on the Street Fighter 4…..I gotta fix this asap.