Almost missed this one

Almost forgot to write this post which would of been terrible since I am less than 2 months away from being done. I had a great day since I got to play the dark souls 2 beta early in the morning! It was everything I ever wantes and more it is my GOTY for next year. I also got coffee with a couple of friends and enjoyed the weather instead of sitting inside like i usually do. Besides that I’ve been rewatching Shameless with my roommate and we are halfway done with season 1. It really is the best show no one has ever heard about. Lastly this is week I have been waiting for, today I had dark souls 2, Tuesday I have adventure club and bioshock DLC and friday is PS4 DAY!!!!!!!! THE HYPE IS REAL!!!

Well I’m old now

Stairs of life or some other bullshit

Today was my last day of being 19 and more importantly being a teenager, I can’t believe I’m already 20 years old. I spent my last day of being 19 by doing 6 hours of the most boring database work ever, my fingers hurt from the all the typing. I then celebrated by watching my favorite show on TruTv; South Beach Tow. That show is fucking crack to me haha. Then I finally got to watch some Gintama and now we are here are 12:04am writing my first blog post as a 20 year old. I know I’m making this a bigger deal than what it really is but like I will never ever be a teenager ever again in my life. I’m finally leaning more towards an actual adult for the first time in my existence and I’m not sure if I like it. I’m just so use to chilling and playing my games and overall just having fun, I’m not ready for the shake up. Thankfully I won’t feel the full effect of it until I graduate from VCU but still its just weird. I do however get PlayStation Plus today so its worth it but just barely. Anyways its now time to spend my first couple of hours of being 20 by watching some more anime! 
Apparently I also share the same birthday with Rosalind Franklin, thank you Google for making this day a little bit more special.

The most disappointing console reveal in history.

Welcome to team Xbox.

Today has been a big day in gaming the Xbox one has been announced and shown. The conference ran an hour long and I feel like you can get the full experience from this video. I have many things to say about this conference so I’ll try to keep it short before I tire out my hands like I usually do on a rant like this. In short Microsoft does not give a shit about the core gamer any more. They spent the first 30 minutes without ever showing a single game and not a single second of game play for the whole conference. Lets start at the beginning though, the console looks good and the controller looks nice as well. They released the specs of it and its almost on the same level as the PS4 but close enough so that is good. Then we enter the realm of Xbox one being our cable box. TV TV TV TV omfg I don’t give a shit about TV. Here’s the thing this is gaming console so don’t spend 40 minutes talking about the TV apps that no one cares about, the people watching this conference live are the core gamers and they want GAMES, something to get HYPE about but yet I got some TV apps. My thing is one all that cool TV stuff is only for the US so good job Microsoft for isolating your audience. Another thing is you still have to pay for cable so its not like omg Live has cable now its more like hey if you are too lazy to switch to your TV to watch something now you can just do it on your Xbox. I mean it is cool but you can’t spend 40 minutes on it, gamers do not care. They mentioned the cloud for a sec which says to me they don’t have a plan constructed with the cloud yet and just want to say “o yea we have cloud gaming, next topic.” Then EA sports comes out and shows all their EA sports games which is cool but at the same time core gamers don’t care too much about them and also they are not exclusive titles so I can enjoy all of these on PS4 so why give them 10 minutes to talk about it? BUT WAIT THEY GOT AN EXCLUSIVE MODE IN FIFA 14, and that does not matter in the slightest. That will not change the fact that PlayStation is top dog in Europe. After EA Sports we get MORE TV TALK!!! I can’t wait to watch TV on my gaming console….another thing is less and less people have cable nowadays because they have subscriptions to things like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Itunes, HBO etc. They eventually show off the new Forza which is great, first exclusive of the show and we get a TRAILER not even game play. Car games are a great way to show off the power of a console and they couldn’t even use that to their advantage at least Sony did at their conference. Another game that they showed is Quantum Break from the people who made Alan Wake, yet again we get another trailer with no game play and I have no idea what is happening in it but thank god for a new IP. After that they say that Xbox one will be getting 15 exclusive games and 8 of those being new IPs, and they will all by out by the end of 2014 and 7 or 8 of those will be out launch day. GREAT NEWS FINALLY!!!! Too bad we didn’t see anymore games after that….o wait Call of Duty Ghost…yea…another CoD game. BUT it has DOGS! I’m so done after that. Yet again no game play and this game is coming for PS4 but the Xbox one gets exclusive DLC maps first just like before so nothing life changing. Comparing this to the PS4 conference Sony took the biggest possible dump on them. They don’t care about the core gamer and don’t tell me to wait till E3. They came in with a lot of negative hype and they left with even more negative hype. YOU HAVE TO SHOW US SOMETHING THAT IS COOL! Don’t tell me o we are too close to E3, fuck that just don’t show your biggest titles and stuff. My thinking on this is that they didn’t have anything to show that they really need everything they have for E3. Interesting news comes out after the conference like how they are going to deal with used games. It will read used games but if you want to play used games you will have to buy the game off the Xbox Live store. What. Why. Even more bad news remember when everyone said the console isn’t always online well they are VERY unclear about it, saying that you have to go online first in order to play offline. You also have to install every game you buy and you can’t replace the hard drive. Overall this is the EXACT opposite of what core gamers wanted. No games, no game play, all about TV, sports and COD. Also anyone who thinks this was a good conference needs to wash out their eyes, ears and stop being in denial because this whole thing is garbage. The console isn’t bad but how they presented everything is utter trash. Also people who say AT LEAST THEY SHOWED THE CONSOLE needs to shut up. It is a box who gives a shit its like saying when a new game is shit because they didn’t show the game case with the trailer. All that matters if what is on the inside. Also why is everyone having this Skype boner for the Xbox one? I can use Skype on my laptop, phone, tablet and even my vita like really guys its not a big deal.  Looking at E3 Microsoft has to turn things around or Sony is going to have no real competitor for the first year of the next gen. They have so much negative hype its stupid even the gaming press is like the fuck just happened and the whole internet is just SHITTING on Microsoft. I feel like Nintendo has their back against the wall but I am SO hype for their E3 Nintendo Direct because I know they have games and some new IPs. Sony for the first time in a long time is coming as the conductor of the hype train and they are not slowing down. I can not wait to see what they have in store. Another funny thing that happened today is that Sony’s stock grew by 9% during the time of the Microsoft conference. At this moment I can’t see a single reason why someone who cares about games would buy a Xbox one over the PS4. 

The Sony stock picture time lined with the Xbox one reveal.
A good read. 

QUOTE OF THE DAY! From Microsoft’s Phil Harrison
 Here’s how the system works: when you buy an Xbox One game, you’ll get a unique code that you enter when you install that game. You’ll have to connect to the Internet in order to authorize that code, and the code can only be used once. Once you use it, that game will then be linked to your Xbox Live account. “It sits on your harddrive and you have permission to play that game as long as you’d like,” Well fuck the Xbox One for sure then. 

Pat from Two Best Friends Play review of the conference. “That was, without a doubt, the most flaccid, aggressively disappointing console reveal I have ever seen. Wired is reporting that the system uses a cd-key account system that blocks used games, the name is TERRIBLE, kinect for everyone! And they didn’t show any fucking games. Wow. WOW.” 


I also had a great job interview today at Safeway and I believe I will get the job! I also worked on my Green/White deck a lot today and by next week I should have a good deck going! Today has been fantastic! 

Game of Thrones and Walking Dead talk.

I just finished watching both of and them and I have to say I am disappointed. I honestly thought the Game of Thrones premiere would of been better. I understand that the first episode of the season is about setting things up to come for the rest of the season but still I didn’t find most of the plot interesting. I did find it awesome that Margaery is going to have a bigger part this season plus she is the hottest girl on the show so I’m happy haha. Daenerys should become good this season if she gets that slave army which just loves to loose their nipples like wtf was that shit, how do you let someone cut off your nipple and then you say thank you without flinching, weird ass shit. I know for a fact that I won’t be disappointed this season since it is Game of Thrones and Tyrion is going to do some cool clever things.

The Walking Dead finale though was pretty awesome but had me confused at the end. I have read all of the comic at this point and this is totally different now. The fact that there wasn’t a big battle in the prison and a lot of characters didn’t die well besides half the town of Woodberry thanks to the governor. I really liked the first 7 minutes, the moment when the governor kills his people and then when OUT OF NO WHERE Andrea gets killed like this is so different than the comics. I am happy that she is dead since in the show she is a shitty character so thank god they killed her off, their was no fixing her. The moment when Carl ask what are you doing to Rick is exactly what I said at that moment, Rick bringing everyone from Woodberry to prison like REALLY why didn’t they just take over Woodberry, idk this is just so different. The worse thing is that it ends on a cliff hanger of everyone moving into the prison like where is the governor and his last two men?! I THOUGHT THIS ARC WOULD OF ENDED BUT I GUESS NOT! I’m not sure how I feel but any of this. I hope season 4 will have a strong plot since I have no idea what is going to happen now, I THOUGHT THEY WOULD GO TO DC NOW! WHERE IS ABRAHAM?!?! *Sigh* maybe next season.

All I did was watch TV today.

I watched the WHOLE 4th season of The League today. Best season in TV history, 10/10 would watch again. I was watching it alone but I was still laughing out loud like A LOT.I was in tears at many points during the season. The show just keeps going past the previous record set in funny and in the things they are willing to show and say. Every has to watch it.
I also watched Stacey’s mom the movie and Hot Rod. Stacey’s mom is all about 8th graders being crazy as shit trying to get with Stacey’s mom just like the song. I loved it because it does so much with fat kids and how stupidly horny 8th graders are. Hot Rod is SO FUNNY like I can’t believe I have never seen this movie before. The cast is AAA funny and the premise to ridiculous. 
Also I’m wearing heavy coat right now and I’m sweating like a pig. Enjoy.

Its time to catch up on TV,

I have a lot of free time because of Spring Break and I decided to spend most of my time catching up on TV shows. I never really watch TV back at VCU because I just don’t have the time to focus on one since I have games to play and work to do. 
Today I downloaded season 4 of The League, the first season of Shameless and I watched the latest episode of the Walking Dead. Season 4 of The League is one of the greatest seasons of TV I have seen and I’m only 2 episodes in and apparently it gets even better.
Walking Dead tonight had one THE BEST episode in the show so far. It dealt with things on character development level, the whole episode is really deep specially for Rick and Morgan. 
I’ll watch the first episode of Shameless tomorrow morning since I really don’t have anything to do. Apparently the show is a lot like Californication but with teenagers and its crazier. All I can say is that I am beyond HYPED!
I also need to start up Season 3 of Californication but I’m not sure if that will happen over break or not…
Well it sounds like I will have a fun break watching TV but I’m not going to lie. I do want to go back to Richmond to see some people. 

I feel like I beat GameStop today.

I had a pretty amazing GameStop run today, I beat the system and reap the rewards. I bought an Xbox 360 for like 105 over Ebay for Halo 4 but now since I’m done with the game I decided to sell the game and system back since I dislike Xbox. I go to GameStop to sell it back and I get 40 bucks for the Xbox but then they had a deal where I get an extra 50 on my trade in so I made 90 on my Xbox which I paid 105 for. That is some dope shit. I sold my Halo 4 for 26 dollars which is awesome and my cheap little heat set for 5 bucks and the hard drive was like 15 bucks so total I made like 135 bucks. Pretty much I never lost money on buying my Xbox and my Halo 4 was bought on games I traded in so I never lost any money, I only gained. With the store credit I received I bought Ni No Kuni and preorder Bioshock Infinite which I have to say is an awesome move by me. I beat the system today and I am proud of it.

I caught up on Walking Dead today and DAMN the amount of feels I have. I almost cried at points like I had to hold in tears. I have to say I love Walking Dead a lot, not because I love zombies but because I love post-apocalyptic settings and how people deal with other people. The choices they have to make are not easy, nothing is really black or white but all different shades of grey. The characters go through a lot emotionally and physically and some even die, even the characters that you love which makes it really hard to watch. I know a lot of people sleep on the Walking Dead tv show but do yourself a favor and watch it. I know season 2 is slow but once you get past the half way point so much shit goes down. 

Hopefully I’ll have some Ni No Kuni impressions in my future posts. 

There just isn’t enough time.

It’s been a long day of hanging out with my friends today and I had a great time and I got to play the Wii U for the first time today and Nintendo land is pretty awesome.The issue I have is there just isn’t enough time to do everything you want to do. I have a bunch of things I want to complete and start but everything takes time and the worst thing is, school is about to start on Monday so I will have even less time to get things done. 
The things I want to do isn’t honestly that important but they are somehow all important to me which I guess is all that really matters. I have Persona 4 Golden to play on my vita which is really long, I have also two untouched vita games I want to beat as well. I want to start and finish both Far Cry 3 and Jak and Daxter collection before Bioshock Infinite comes out. Once I beat all those games I’ll let myself buy new video games because I don’t want to be the guy who buys games and doesn’t beat them because that is a waste of money. I also want to get good at League of Legends which takes a lot of time and effort so I have a lot on my plate for gaming. There are a couple of TV shows I want to finish and start, same with a couple of animes. Then everyday there are a bunch of videos I watch from people on YouTube because they are hilarious and of course I have to hang out with my friends so that’s even more time I have to spend, and lastly the biggest time killer is school which is going to ruin me. 
Time management is hard, like right now I have to write this blog post and then watch all the videos I couldn’t watch because I was with my friends today. I just wish I could stop time so that this wouldn’t be an issue but it is and then I’ll have to start cutting things off my to do list. This honestly sucks but it’s part of life and growing up, I just don’t have the same amount of time I do as when I was a kid. Growing up is a pain but one day I’ll figure out how to better manage my time.