Pokemon Amie

17 hours in and I have only beaten the second gym haha. I’ve been spending a lot of time training my team up in various ways. I also got an Eevee so now I have five Pokemon to level up. I got tired of super training today and started up Pokemon Amie and wow this shit is actually addictive. Its Nintendogs but with Pokemon and its way better. I have to do this for Eevee to get it to evolve into a Slyveon but then I realized there are so many other perks in max affection for my team. Pokemon with max affection crit 25% more often, can survive a 1HKO, a permanent 10% evasion boost, and has a better chance at avoiding status effects. O yea most importantly a permanent EXP boost! I got my frogaider and Eevee maxed out and will work on the rest through out the week. I will do some more super training on everyone soon. Its so weird but I actually care about my team and is willing to do this side mini game shit lol. If only I had more time this week *sigh*. My three exams are starting up on Tuesday. I will be studying a lot tomorrow unless I get too distracted by Pokemon which could easily happen.
I also recorded a new episode of Pixel Glitch today and I forgot the one from last week so now you have two great episodes to listen to! The latest one is all about my impression on Pokemon X.   http://www.potboilervcu.com/shows/pixelglitch/

First Magic draft and beating Gravity Rush

Instead of doing training in Street Fighter 4 today I decided to beat Gravity Rush. At first I wasn’t really into to it but after last night I fell in love with the controls and I just had to beat it. The sad thing is the game ends at chapter 21 and I fell in love at chapter 13 so I could only really enjoy 7 chapter to the fullest. I really enjoyed the story overall and the fact that this game has so many lead female characters which you don’t see in many games. I really enjoy playing as a girl like the different perspective on the smaller things in game is really interesting to me. Kat also becomes a complete bad ass by the end of game and her character never becomes boring through out the game. I wish it didn’t have to end but I did like the ending and how it sets itself up for Gravity Rush 2. Studio Japan is going to become one of my favorite game studios if they keep this up. I really liked the small touches how everyone speaks a language that the player doesn’t know and how the world is really different from our modern one. I feel like the game is an 8.5, they can really improve on the combat but everything else is superb. After beating it I started up Uncharted for Vita and it plays like Uncharted but man does it have all the gimmicks of a first game on a new system. More on that later.
I hung out with my friends tonight and a surprise to me that one of my friends got into Magic the Gathering and bought a bunch of M14 cards. We then decided to do a draft since most of us has never done one before including me. We went to Walmart and each of us bought 3 Dragons Maze booster packs. I have to say I will never draft Dragons Maze ever again since overall it has a slow paced mana ramp but I did have a lot of fun still. I did however choose a lot of high cost mana cards which really did hurt me in the process of creating a deck. I decided to play a red/green/white deck since I got a Voice of Resurgence and a Runic Thar. I actually did pretty well considering most games I got a creature out by turn 3. I finished at 2-1 which I am still surprised about since I drafted 8 6 mana cost cards like wtf was I thinking haha. I do want to draft again but I’ll wait for the new block to come out before I do again. Thank god for all the fruit punch Rockstars we drank so I could stay awake. Unfortunately I just crashed and I need to get that crucial sleep, maybe I’ll do more Street Fighter 4 training tomorrow.


Gravity Rushing

Another day without my training friends so I only trained for about an hour doing the same combos over and over again. I practiced doing double quarter circles and I had it down for 2 minutes and I couldn’t do it again…This shit is hard its like you have to do it really fast but not before you the punch button ughhhh. Street Fighter is one of those games where you will always suck at until you are at the top but the thing is you will never be on top at that EVO stage. Instead of just getting mad at myself I decided to enjoy my Vita and play a good amount of Gravity Rush. I’m on chapter 13 out of 21 now so I’m past halfway and the game keeps on getting better and better. I just love Kat’s character and how she reacts to situations. The game is still mysterious at this point so I’m not totally sure what exactly is happening but its very interesting to follow. My biggest compliant is combat can be a bitch at times when you keep missing enemies with your gravity kick because the aiming sort of sucks. Even worse is the fucking slide parts in the game honestly fuck tilt controls and any sort of motion bullshit it just fucks everything up. Besides that I love this game and my current score for it would be an 8/10. Once I get through this I’ll go through Uncharted then Virtues Last Reward. After those titles I’ll have to either get Dragon’s Crown or Tales of Xila and I’m still not sure which one will give me more bang for my buck. I haven’t seen a Tales of Xila review yet but all the Dragon’s Crowns reviews seem to be around an 8.5 so I will have to get the game at one point or another. So yea my life right now is Street Fighter 4 and some Gravity rushing, life is easy when all you do is stay home and play games haha. 

Double quarter circles are the death of me

I’m at the point where all I want to play is Street Fighter 4 and I’m not sure if this is good thing or not. I was playing XCOM but that game is glitchy on ps3 and unfair like some shit. Its honestly bullshit unfair and this is why I don’t enjoy SRPGs. If I ever play XCOM I’ll play with guide so I don’t fuck myself and I’m on normal the fuck. All I have time for is Street Fighter and Gravity Rush breaks in my life. 
I stayed at home today so I practiced in the training room for 3 hours today. I managed to get down two combos all though they are easy combos they are combos none the less. I can’t do the harder ones yet because I suck at linking. I still can’t do my super or ultra on command because double quarter circles are the death of me. How the fuck am I suppose to do two quarter circles fast without messing up the command so a shoryuken comes out?! I don’t think it is physically possible on a controller. If I could get my super and ultra down then I could start doing some combos with serious damage. *sigh* Street Fighter is so stressful but the combination of nothing better to do and my will to never give up keep me going. I find this funny that I am willing to train in Street Fighter for 3 hours but I am too lazy to go to gym and work out for one lol. I also figured out that in the corner a light shoryuken combos into a medium one which I think is very cool and stylish. Once I figure out how to do my super and ultra I will be ready for the next step but for now I will continue to suck until my thumbs bleed. 

These games are so hard.

I spent most of the day playing XCOM and the other part of my day playing Street Fighter 4 with my friends. I suck at both a lot but a lot more at Street Fighter. My issue with XCOM is that it got hard out of no where and I wasn’t prepare for such tough enemies. MY equipment needs to be upgraded but I just don’t have the time to prep for that. I really am stuck in XCOM maybe I will figure something out tomorrow. Street Fighter on the other hand is just frustrating for me. I can not do my inputs correctly I just either do a different accidentally or I give up entirely on the move. I really am going to look at other characters besides Ken because I don’t think he is that perfect fit for me. I also have to learn how to block like I’m too aggressive and I do a lot of random bullshit that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I can do 3-4 hit combos and look cool but that doesn’t last long. I want to get good enough so I can beat my friend at VCU so I have 17 days left before I go back. 17 more days of training hopefully I will find my character. Its honestly feels weird to suck at games when I’m usually pretty good at them.

Crash, XCOM and a little bit of Ken

July 28th 2013 is a day I will always remember because I finally beat Crash Bandicoot today. Its been 15 years, 15 years of failing at this game even the team work of my dad and I back in the day couldn’t best Crash Bandicoot. I spent hours and hours dying today but in the end it was totally worth it. This game has a lot of bullshit platforming in it but at least the last boss fight wasn’t hard. 
After that I went back to the training room in Street Fighter 4 with Ken. I didn’t feel like switching up characters today so I just decided to work on my inputs and this one medium kick into throw combo for an hour, With the confidence I gained from the training sesh I went into arcade mode and got shit on by Yun lmao. That skate boarding chocolate milk drinking fuck is so god damn fast, I can’t do shit. I just rage quit from that and decided to play another game. 
The game I started playing is XCOM: Enemy Unknown which I got free from PlayStation Plus. Its a SRPG about fighting aliens who invade the earth and its pretty awesome. I thought I hated all SRPGs but XCOM proved me wrong and gave me hope for this genre. My biggest issue with SRPGs is that things just don’t make sense because nothing is explained well enough or its just too hard for someone new to the genre. XCOM does a great thing and holds your hand for an hour and after that hour it slowly releases its grip on you. Another thing that got me to like it is that its an easy thing for me to understand. You can shoot aliens you can see, pretty much no bullshit and weird things you have to learn. Upgrading your base and doing research and buying other things are also really easy to understand even though it looks confusing for the first hour. I also love the fact that you can fully customize your soldiers in every possible way so you can get this real connection with them. I haven’t lost anyone important yet thankfully but when I do I’ll be pissed and I might throw my controller haha. I’m about a month into the game so still early on. I have a feeling this game gets stupidly hard later on when more alien types come into play. XCOM is my main game as of now so move aside Street Fighter and Gravity Rush I got some E.T. niggas to hunt. 

A perfect day in the world of Anthony

I wasn’t hyped for today because I didn’t think I would be doing anything but o was I wrong. My day started off a bit weird with me going shopping for some clothes. I never go shopping in stores anymore but my dad wanted to go so I went with him and I discovered the power of retail therapy. I will never question a girl who wants to go shopping to make themselves feel better because I want some really good looking pants and I feel amazing. The feeling of just looking good is honestly powerful and I have to shop more often for sure. After that I played more Crash Bandicoot and I got past that bullshit bridge which I could never beat before. Then I went even further and beat the second island which I have never done before as well. Right now I am halfway done with the last island and of course I am on an absolute bullshit bridge level again. I swear to god the boars on the bridge are like heat seeking missiles. Next time I play I will make that level my bitch and make childhood Anthony even more proud! 
Part 2 of my day begins at my friend’s house where I brought over my PS3 and SSF4 AE 2012 so he could teach me the ways of Street Fighter. A couple of other friends came back and we played for a total of 4 hours and holy shit do my fingers hurt! I started using the stick instead of the dpad and its really weird how I can do moves better but also totally worse but I guess that is because I freak out haha. I’m still playing as Ken and I did pretty well today I learned some combos and won a bunch of games, I’m proud of myself. I honestly thought I would of given up by now. Next time I play I’m going to mess around with a bunch of other characters since I don’t think Ken is my type of fighter even though I enjoy most of his moves. Of course we had to take a break in the middle of our sesh for that crucial Taco Bell run where I discovered they took away everything I love. Where is my beefy crunch burrito and all the volcano items?! I feel betrayed I should of enjoyed it more while it lasted. Lastly we started to watch Stein’s Gate which is a really great anime about time traveling. I’ve seen it before and I love it passionately so I had to get my friends to experience and so far my friend seems to really like it!
Sometimes the most random day can be the best day.

What the hell is a Dunsparce.

You guys might have noticed the URL to this blog and probably asked what the fuck is a Dunsparce and why I choose Dunsparce as the URL name. Well I have a story to tell about my love affair with Dunsparce. I was either 6 or 7 years old at the time and I was a huge Pokemon fan(still am) and I always watched the TV show, collected the cards(still have them) and played the crap out of my Blue and Yellow versions. It’s the year 2000 and Pokemon Gold and Silver are released and I am SO PUMPED like new Pokemon to catch, train and master is the dream of any child. I get Gold because Gold > Silver in real life so why not use that logic in Pokemon. Anyways Gold version was pretty crazy like new Pokemon everywhere and everything was in color and it sounded better, it’s like my hopes and dreams came true.  Early on in the game there is this cave right before the town that has the first gym called Dark cave and I just walked into it and everything is dark, I needed flash to explore it but i didn’t care I was 7. I walk in and two steps into the cave I get my first wild Pokemon encounter for the cave and it happens to be the Pokemon that changed everything for me, Dunsparce. I see its and i’m like OMG THIS POKEMON IS LIKE A SNAKE WITH WINGS AND A DRILL TAIL I MUST HAVE IT. I caught Dunsparce and I realized it was a normal type pokemon so in my mind for some reason I thought this pokemon is going to evolve in the high 50s and become the coolest dragon type pokemon ever. I used it and I realized it doesn’t learned any good moves by level and its just honestly it just looked awkward on my bad ass team. I still loved it though and by the elite four it had body slam, bite, dig and hype beam because who doesn’t love hype beam.Dunspace never did evolve  but it taught but that it doesn’t matter what a Pokemon looks like or what it does, that anything can be good if you train it. I guess you can apply that to real life. At the end of the game I taught it zap cannon since that’s like the coolest move in Pokemon at the time but yea Dunsparce you might suck but you are still my favorite and no one can ever change that.
Still hoping that in generation six of Pokemon Dunsparce gets an evolution!
 to cute.