Gets better and better

Everyday this semester gets better and better. The fact that VCU had a real Taco Bell not a Taco Bell express at the commons is life changing. They even have the Baja Blast!!! I’m so glad VCU trying this semester to make everything great. Another great thing is that my friends and I play a lot of Street Fighter together. Overall I am the worst one but I put in a lot of work today and my Ryu skills are better. I also want to learn how to play Ibuki since she is really fast and has flashy moves. 7 hours of Street Fighter, what a great day. 

Where the packing time at

So I didn’t pack today or do laundry…yea I’m fucking terrible at this whole getting ready for school thing. I guess tomorrow I’ll do it? Nah that’s too much work. Instead I will wake up at a late time, go to the bank and then draft magic cards with all my friends. It sucks how I have a bunch of friends here who play Magic like I wish I could take them to VCU with me so I can have a huge play group. Speaking of Magic I should have my complete deck by the 16th unless Amazon will deliver my cards on the last possible day which is right after I leave. I should get my most important cards tomorrow though so hopefully I get to play them here with all my friends. Anyways I am having issues with this Taco Bell in me so I’ll go fix that right now. 

A perfect day in the world of Anthony

I wasn’t hyped for today because I didn’t think I would be doing anything but o was I wrong. My day started off a bit weird with me going shopping for some clothes. I never go shopping in stores anymore but my dad wanted to go so I went with him and I discovered the power of retail therapy. I will never question a girl who wants to go shopping to make themselves feel better because I want some really good looking pants and I feel amazing. The feeling of just looking good is honestly powerful and I have to shop more often for sure. After that I played more Crash Bandicoot and I got past that bullshit bridge which I could never beat before. Then I went even further and beat the second island which I have never done before as well. Right now I am halfway done with the last island and of course I am on an absolute bullshit bridge level again. I swear to god the boars on the bridge are like heat seeking missiles. Next time I play I will make that level my bitch and make childhood Anthony even more proud! 
Part 2 of my day begins at my friend’s house where I brought over my PS3 and SSF4 AE 2012 so he could teach me the ways of Street Fighter. A couple of other friends came back and we played for a total of 4 hours and holy shit do my fingers hurt! I started using the stick instead of the dpad and its really weird how I can do moves better but also totally worse but I guess that is because I freak out haha. I’m still playing as Ken and I did pretty well today I learned some combos and won a bunch of games, I’m proud of myself. I honestly thought I would of given up by now. Next time I play I’m going to mess around with a bunch of other characters since I don’t think Ken is my type of fighter even though I enjoy most of his moves. Of course we had to take a break in the middle of our sesh for that crucial Taco Bell run where I discovered they took away everything I love. Where is my beefy crunch burrito and all the volcano items?! I feel betrayed I should of enjoyed it more while it lasted. Lastly we started to watch Stein’s Gate which is a really great anime about time traveling. I’ve seen it before and I love it passionately so I had to get my friends to experience and so far my friend seems to really like it!
Sometimes the most random day can be the best day.

Long day of magic and AD


Well I got no sleep last night and I got out of bed at 3 because I played the most epic game of Magic the Gathering in my playing career. My friends and I did a 1v1v1v1v1 which took almost 3 hours to complete. It came down to the wire at the end. I could of won but I had one minor mess up where I should of summoned another creature on my turn instead of saving it for the instant that got countered by Joey. I did however tie for second which is awesome since I’m not on shit tier Bryan’s level. After I tired to sleep but the shit I was holding in all night from the Taco Bell destroyed my insides and at random times during my sleep I just had to use the bathroom. It was a horrible so horrible. I then started to watch season 4 of Arrested Development and I am currently on episode 12 out of 15. The season did start off bit crappy but with ever episode that passes by it gets a lot better. This season is like a story of a couple of weeks and you learn what happened through each characters point of view. I’m not done yet but I have a feeling this will be my favorite season yet. Even more good news is that I get a free month of Netflix again so I get to watch all of this for free since I hate spending money and the torrents that are up are not really good. I hope more of my magic cards come in tomorrow! 

Sweet sweet Taco Bell

Solid day I got the Big Box from Taco Bell which has is SOOOOO filling. I might die from all this food but I won’t since I’m a little bit buff. I am so tired like wow this food coma I am experiencing is too intense. ughhhhhh. I might explode or break a toilet. I also got some of my magic cards today which surprised me since they weren’t suppose to come in until the 29th. They did make my deck better but I lost in a 2v2 but honestly Bryan made us lose so fuck that kid. He just wants to attack for no good reason so I go all in as well because it would of done a lot of damage to them, it took them down to 8. I shouldn’t have done it but this kid was like na man I wanna do my own shit, why just why. I do wish my deck was better and even with the final build I don’t think it can stand up to the combo of Donnie and Conner. Blue is just so annoying…I just want to do 1v1s since I have full control of what is going to happen and I don’t have to deal with another opponent and a teammate who doesn’t want to work together. I hate when people don’t want to work together like if we don’t we lose don’t you see that?! Yea I am a little bit hurt but yea from now on I am just going to listen to my gut feeling and make sure stupid shit doesn’t happen. Anyways I am still dying from all this food…..ugh. At least I get to experience season 4 of Arrested Development. 

Thought dump.

Two test down, two more to go. I’m halfway done with the Econ notes so by the end of tomorrow I should at least know whats on the test and probably know how to do half of it. Thank god a 70-85 is a B and he curves the test a lot but I still don’t know if that will help me out. At the same time I have to study for my French mid term which is scary now since half of it is oral, FML! I can’t say shit in French to save my life *sigh* This is not my week. 
I started working on my new ad project and so far things are going great. I have a partner and she has some pretty good ideas, I just hope we can present the project in a good enough way so I can actually get a B on one of these projects. 
I’ve also been playing a lot of God of War Ascensions online and I have to say that it is crack. I love it so much, its like playing Power Stone on Dreamcast. I just wish more people were playing it but I am happy with the community, no one is an asshole and the game is balanced so you can still enjoy the game. This will hold me off until next week when I get Bioshock Infinite will take my soul all of next week, I can not wait.
I went to Taco Bell today and everything started to hurt, a crunch wrap supreme can give me a gigantic head ache now, o how far have I come. Still good though, I do have to say the beefy 5 layer isn’t as good as I remember like I got sort of grossed out towards the end. 
Within the last 30 minutes I got really emotional because of how hype Gurren Lagann is. Gurren Lagann is one of the greatest and manliest anime of time, if you are slightly interested go watch it right now, you will not be disappointed. 
An update on my last post, waiting for something is its own special kind of hell but sometimes like today for me, you get really happy that waiting is even an option. Things could be so much worse in all reality, I still do believe I have some power on making this waiting process go faster so I will see what I can do later this week. 

Cool Ranch Locos Tacos Review

They came today and I have to say this, why the hell aren’t you at a Taco Bell right now. THEY ARE SO GOOD! Everyone loves Cool Ranch Doritos and if you don’t well you are doing food wrong and should feel bad about yourself. The thing I really liked about them compared to the regular Doritos shell is that its more than a different texture, I CAN ACTUALLY TASTE COOL RANCH! Its a game changer. The taste is delicious and I didn’t get much Dorito dust on my fingers so clean up isn’t that bad at all. Its only 2.50 so go buy one in regular or supreme, I had mine in surpeme and I have to say SUPREME IS WORTH THAT UPGRADE! First time ever having a supreme taco and I would do it again. 

If you like Cool Ranch then buy this. 8.5/10

Break on deck.

I have to say that I am very happy today. I am happy for so many reasons but the one I really want to showcase is that I have 2,000 views on my blog. 2,000 isn’t as cool as the first 1,000 but still its a great milestone to reach. 
I’m actually back home home today in Burke since Spring Break started this weekend. I am glad to be home since I do miss all my friends but unfortunately none of them have Spring Break at the same time as VCU so this blows. I am hanging out with my friend Matt right now and I have to say this kid is glorious. I’m not going to lie I miss all my friends from VCU but sometimes you have to go back to your roots and think of the good old days.
I also had some Taco Bell and McDonalds today so PRETTY MUCH I’m a fat ass today but I don’t care. Last night was perfect and I woke up feeling the effects of perfections haha so I feel like I deserved this awesome nasty food.
Anyways everyone have a great Spring Break or whatever you are doing!

Thursdays officially start the weekend now.

Every Thursday I’ve just been going out and having fun because I don’t have French on Fridays anymore.Pretty much my weekend begins now. I went to Taco Bell and I’m sad to report that the Baja Blast Freeze melted. It lasted longer than a Slurpee but it got really watery a lot sooner than it did before like 30 minutes sooner. I am glad to report that I’ve been playing League again  and hopefully I’ll get to Sliver league. Maybe I’ll finish Persona 4 Golden this weekend I don’t know but all I do know is that I have almost no homework, events to go to and huge grocery shopping today planned. I just hope the rain doesn’t ruin anything, VCU loves to have shitty rainy weekends. 

That is my exact feel right now He-Man.