No new friends

I’m so done tonight. I never want to deal with a drunk ass hole ever again. If you are an alcholic don’t talk to me. Even if you get sucker punched don’t act all crazy asshole on me I do not have time for that. My vibe was killed for a minute but I’m good now because no new friends unless you know we would jive together. I can’t trust these so called “fri ends” I know. If you have the slightest doubt in how tight you are with me then we arent good. Thankfully I hung out with some good friends tonight which really out weigh the bad. Today I learned you never know how your day will the moment you wake up.


The weekend started early again since my friend turned 21 at midnight. I have class in the morning and I am SO DONE. Thank god for that clutch omelette. Tomorrow might be the night I talk about the new cards.

I live for these chill days

Well Waffle Wednesday was terrible. My complex has failed me, these people need to do BETTER! I might check out the next event though which is the double dash tournament. Its been a chill day for the most part, I had 3 classes and hung out with my roommates like usual. I discovered that chilling in the courtyard is really enjoyable especially with all the random music you hear from people’s rooms. I’m thinking about doing homework out there since its really nice and its right next to my room. I could of studied French out there but it closes at 10 which is LAME! At least give me midnight so I can actually enjoy it on the weekends. I should be studying for French but I have to look at the newest Magic cards. Theros is TOO HYPE!!! I have to make a post about the set soon because all these daily card spoilers have been perfect. Lastly tomorrow should be fun since we are celebrating my friend’s 21st birthday a day early since he has to go home so I guess turn up haha. 

Pixel Glitch official start up

I actually did something with my day for once, I kicked off the Facebook page for my new podcast Pixel Glitch. The first episode is up and it can be found here! If you like that like us on Facebook and post whatever video game/nerdy things you want.
Besides getting quite serious about the podcast I actually cooked! Not like bull shit cooking like bacon or hot dogs etc easy food. Marc and I made some amazing chicken using my Mom’s recipe. The best part is it tastes like home and it really made me realize how much I miss all the food my mom made. I wouldn’t say I’m home sick but if I could get home cooked meals once a week from my mom I would be in heaven. 
O yea I’m doing shitty in French haha I did TERRIBLE on our class assessment test. Thank god it doesn’t count for a grade but still I’m not looking forward to my teacher telling me I suck at French tomorrow morning. My other classes seem easy enough so hopefully I’ll step my game up soon. 

Side note, tomorrow is Waffle Wednesday. My apartment is clutch.

New mind set

With the long weekend over I have to go back and endure class. Overall a solid weekend, it could of been better but it could of worse as well. This weekend made me really think how to improve upon myself. I have to be more confident, optimistic, and motivated. Its about time I start trying in class as well. French is going to kill me but I at least gotta try now so it won’t hurt as much later. I should study more in my free time or at least look at notes because I’m bit worried about this semester. If I can get school down on lock then I can really focus on my podcast. I still haven’t found a good way to upload the podcast so we might have to use the main website again. Pretty much I just have to do better in everything and just not care. 

Pixel Glitch

I had one of those do nothing days and it was fantastic. No worries is the best feeling ever. I woke up at 12 and did not care…until I found I had a podcast to record. Ryan and I kicked off our first season of Pixel Glitch today. Neither of us brought news so we just talked and talked about gamines for an hour. I need to upload it so I can post a link for it. With this started it will ease me into making my video game blog. Thank god for the launch of the PS4 this year so I’ll have a lot to talk about. Besides that I kicked back and chilled with my friends for the night. I’m not going to lie I was depressed for a good portion of the day but I somewhat faced my fear tonight. I still feel a bit crappy but it was worse. Some of the music I listen to could be part of the reason since The Weeknd is pretty depressing. I just need to chill out and flow, the best part is my fan’s brand is Chillout which is really lame haha. O wait why did I say I had no worries? I’m so done right now haha man I felt shitty for no real good reason. 
Side note: That dragon I got from my dad is already crapping out on me. It only shows red light now instead of the purple, green and blue. =/ Podcast FB page, its really new so we will add more to it soon!

Puppy power

When I woke up this morning I didn’t even think of the possibility of having a puppy see the apartment, This puppy named Hugo is TOO adorable omg. The face he makes when his run towards you is to die for. I wish I was allowed to have pets in the apartment…I would either get a small dog or a cat and I’m leaning towards the cat honestly. I feel like I am the lion among cats and they all just love and respect me. I am way too happy about all of that right now. The best part is I saw him again when I was out on a night trip in front of 7-11. One day I will get a pet and it will be the greatest pet of them all. I’ll even get a crown for it. I’m not going to lie the rest of my day doesn’t compare to that puppy, besides hanging out with my friend earlier.
Its 1am what else could I talk about…This semester I realized how important hanging out with my roommates is. Its too much fun just chilln’ having no worries etc. It really helps me get over all that shit that makes me sad. I sort of feeling like I’m evolving into a new version of Anthony and I really like it. Looking into the future the ether of endless possibilities.
side note The Weeknd is singing my mood right now. The beat to The Morning is blessing my ears. O YEA I rediscovered a song I love, Void by Konec. Its sort of dark but I really like it, I don’t know maybe I’m just a little dark.
side note 2.0 I really need to stop being lazy and get my school work going for real.