almost done

I completed my Sociology final and I got a perfect score so I feel great. I only have two more this week and I just completed the study guide for my Hist of Advertising. I am a bit worried for Energy since I haven’t been trying for the past 5 chapters so lets hope I can pull off a B on the final. I’m so happy I have no more classes, just two more finals and then I can do nothing for a month. I actually get to sleep in tomorrow for the first time in a long time. Studying and video games all week, I can get behind that! 

Just getting by

It really feels like October now with the weather getting colder and the exams are stacking up. I got two exams this week and I am slowly working on my final project for my History of Advertising class. I am not looking forward to any of it but Pokemon X will make a nice reward this weekend. Not much happened in general besides looking at the Beyond: Two Souls reviews which are surprisingly average. I’m still going to get the game but it has to during Black Friday for like 30 or less. At this point I’m just going to take life one day at a time and just focus on all this work *sigh* I hope something great happens to me soon! 

o yea I watched the first episode of Kill la Kill which is from the makers of Gurren Lagann. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! ITS AS HYPE AS GURREN LAGANN AND FLCL!!! Its rare to have an anime at this level come out so make sure to watch it every week! 

Late night study

A lot of chilling and all of the French studying. I feel pretty good about this upcoming exam and I feel like I did fine on my oral presentation today so overall a good day. Classes were alright I just wish it wasn’t 93 degrees like come on I’m sweating buckets. I saw the latest Pokemon news and Froakie is easily the best starter and the release of fairy type info and updated steel type info changed the whole meta hopefully for the better. After this exam I am going to chill so hard and not care until Monday. 

Study study study


is my current mind set right now. It is really boring but it is worth it. I have managed to understand a good amount of Econ today and all I need to memorize is some facts and then I can ace that final. I didn’t really study international relations today but I did the math and all I need is a 76 in order to keep my B so I can only miss 12 questions. I figure if I focus on econ and I get an A and then use the night before my international relations test to study for the final I can for sure get above a 76. The boredom is real and I am tried of not having food in my place. Thank god for the cash my dad gave me so I didn’t stave today, that Chipotle Coldstone combo makes a great dinner. On my study breaks I watched Breaking Bad and I finished season 4 and right now I am half way done with season 5. The season 4 finale had me on the edge of my side from beginning to end like I couldn’t believe what happened. Season 5 is really good as well but now I just think Walt is turning into like an evil guy. I hope some Deathnote shit doesn’t happen where he turns fully evil in the end and he has to die. But yea one more day of complete studying and I enter panic mode. I just want Friday night to come…and more importantly E3 to come!!! I NEED MY PS4 YO 

Almost forgot I wrote one of these every night.

Greatest image ever.

I finally started up the real study grind and I realized I do not understand econ or International relations. All is not lost I have a friend who is going to teach me some econ tomorrow so hopefully HOPEFULLY I’ll get my shit straight. Today I used my last meal swipe so the struggle is real and the walk to Kroger is far so….I might just live off of ramen until Sunday…maybe. I am also still addicted to Breaking Bad and I am almost done with season 4. Not much to say today I pretty much just stayed in my room and studied. YEP My life is boring…I did watch this stream for a game called Dive Kick and everyone should Google it, it looks so awesome.

Coco butter kisses

I’m always so tired when I write these maybe I should write them earlier in the day or through out the day when I actually have the energy to write about interesting stuff besides my day haha. Anyways I started studying today and it sucked…I might just get a C in International Relations and be happy with it since this final is going to SUCK but I’ll still study. I’ll start up econ tomorrow and HOPEFULLY I’ll pull an A on the test but also this is me saying that before I looked at any of the material so yea….Some good news is that I got a B in Story and a B in History which is solid. Honestly I just want these Finals to be over so I can party again ughhh I had such a great time last time. I woke up today feeling like I dropped the anchor that has been holding me back this whole time all thanks to great friends and a very lucid dream. I wasn’t expecting that dream to happen but it really did help like even in my dreams I have rejected the problem and not let it take over me. Its like I was giving it power this whole time but then I realized it was just a small pathetic worm and I stepped on it. 

I watched a good amount of Breaking Bad and I still am watching Breaking Bad at the moment. It is pretty slow right but I have feeling it is going to get hype soon. Game of Thrones tonight was pretty awesome, it started off slow but holy shit did it pick up. I just feel bad for Sansa because nothing is going to go her way, she is a pawn and yet she does not see it. Little Finger is so fucking evil like this guy is willing to do anything to get the iron throne. The Queen of Thorns is still one of my favorite characters specially when she called Lorus a sword swallower! Arya is getting to be so AWESOME. I hope Gendry doesn’t die but he might idk maybe Arya can stop this?!?! Also John Snow is just being John Snow but damn is that good view over that wall, I wonder what is going to happen next.

This whole day I have been listening to Acid Rap. I heard it for the first time today and WOW this is breathe of fresh air. Chance raps about a lot of things I can understand well I guess anyone who is 20 years old. Every song on this is awesome but the fact that there are 5 perfect songs in  row from My Favorite Song to Acid Rain like I just get lost listening to it, its so crazy. I have to say this is my 20th time listening to the mixtape today and I will reach 100 by the end of the week haha. 

but yea that study grind,,,,lets go. 



Title says it all, I do not feel ready for the first part of my French exam tomorrow morning. I studied a good amount today and honestly I have no idea what exactly I am going to be tested on so I am freaking out a bit. After my exam I have to go to the lab and read a page in French and I am a terrible speaker so this is totally going to go well. I have to study for part two of my French exam after and study for my History and Story exams as well. I also have to write a story in French as well for my Tuesday exam AND on Tuesday I have 50 French assignments due at midnight like holy shit my French teacher is trying to kill me with all of this homework. I really want to go home and just take a step back and relax, I really need it. I am just so tired of all this school work and all this girl bullshit in my head, a trip home will hopefully fix these issues. Well I am going to go back to studying my French work, don’t let finals get to you like they are getting to me. O yea I caught a Metang today who is named Matt 2.0 since Matt is a Metagross because he only knows how to cause pain. 

Insert title here.

Typical weekend before finals for me, pretty much all I did today was study and watch anime. I just want to Tuesday to come so I can be over all this studying for a little bit until my next two finals which is like a week later. 
I finished re watching Code Geass today and holy shit is that anime really good like TOO good! If you have any interests in anime you have to go watch it, it is like watching a really intense chess match but it isn’t boring. The whole last episode I had chills and I almost cried you really do get attached to the characters. 
I played a good amount of my White 2 nuzlocke today and I beat the 8th gym pretty easily. Marc, Joanna and Helena did some work and took the trash out. I almost finished all the team plasma bullshit and what not so once I finish that I will enter the final stretch of this epic nuzlocke journey. If I lose in the Elite 4 I am going to be PISSED I have over 30 hours on this shit, I would be crushed if I lost.
I recorded another episode of my podcast today and it should go up on Monday so look forward to that. We talked about Nintendo not being at E3, 720 rumors and some PS4 stuff. Also random Capcom hate at the end from Ryan haha. 
I will be spending the rest of my night studying and watching Shameless, I might even finish season 3 tonight! 

Persistent and Evil Dead talk.

Yesterday was quite a depressing day for me and not much has changed today but I am trying to turn this around. I know can do it, its just a matter of time that it happens. It is all about finding something good like hope, or the will to get over it. I choose hope this time around, I’m not down for the count and I am still in this. Sometimes it can look bleak like yesterday but today wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I got control of my thoughts and just started to think of things like its not over yet, I have seen crazier things happen and miracles do exist. If I play my cards right then I can come out a winner so that is what I will do. It does help to have great friends to talk to you about things like this, without them I would feel terrible and I might not be where I am right now. 
Things school wise have been fantastic like I could only dream about the grades I’ve been getting. I got an A on my History midterm, an A on my French midterm (HOW DID I PULL THAT OFF?!?!?!?!) and on my last two Story quizzes I got perfect scores and a B on the last project. I really impressed myself here, I didn’t think this is possible and maybe just maybe I could at least get one A this semester which would be a great help to my GPA. 
I went to see a pre-release of Evil Dead today, I’m pretty terrible with horror movies like I was on the verge of crying at one point. I am afraid of a lot of scary movies but not for the whole time but this movie is different, the movie gets in to it quickly and keeps the scares going through out. The movie is really creepy, gory, scary and sometimes really funny which I loved. This has to be the one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. Their is a good chance that I will have nightmares and I do believe will be forever scared of this one part in the movie where this girl cuts off her face. Also tree rape is really uncomfortable, even more than regular rape. Apparently more Evil Dead movies are going to be made after this one so I do hope we get a remake of Army of Darkness, that movie is TOO GOOD! 

Anyways, See you later Space Cowboy.

I’m speechless, Donnie you make the title.

I woke up to the most peaceful noise of small bits of hail tapping on my window, I knew from that very moment that today was going to be a day to remember.
Click on the link above and you will see my best friend Donnie do one of the single most amazing thing to ever happen in my life. He met my idol Greg Miller who works at IGN as the head PlayStation writer and the host of Podcast Beyond which is my favorite podcast of all time. Donnie got Greg Miller to make me a video and I cried, tears of joy! THE GREG MILLER MADE A VIDEO FOR ME! HE ALSO TWEETED AND RETWEETED MY TWEET!!!! I honestly cried a lot like how lucky am I to have a friend like Donnie. 

Another great thing is that it is snowing A LOT right now. I walked around campus for about 15 minutes and everything looks beautiful. I LOVE snow, its one of the best things about nature. The best part is that it is sticking and I would say that there is a pretty decent amount on the ground and it is only snowing harder and harder so maybe I won’t have class tomorrow? We will see but I have no complaints with a snow day! 
I did a bunch of French studying and I finished my Hushpuppies Ad for story and my partner and I actually thought of some solid ideas so hopefully I will get a great grade. 

M83 – Midnight City – Eric Prydz Remix My song of the day, I think I might do this a lot more now since Spotify makes posting to blogs so much easier now. 

Nervo – Reason – Original Mix OK so I had to post this song as well haha its angelic to my ears. Click that to get a Free copy of Peggle, if you never heard of it which I believe a lot of people have but still get it! This game is addicting! 

I didn’t think such great things would happen to me today like really I am lucky. I’m surprised, I started off this weekend in not the best of moods and situations but I said this yesterday. A positive outlook in life is all you need and then good things will happen, today proved that and so did yesterday! All you have to do is not let shit get you because no one likes a sad depressed person but everyone loves the person having a good time! Just like yesterday it is another singing and dancing day haha I am so happy that I get to be me, I wouldn’t change it for a second!