I need more sleep

Back on that grind welcome back Monday. Projects and exams are coming up again but at least Its almost November. Instead of studying I celebrated my roommate’s birthday so I’m pretty good right now. I wish I didn’t have to present tomorrow morning for French, I’m going to feel so tired in the morning. *Yawn* its about that time.

10/10 night I needed this honestly. My best friends Matt and Luke made the most random  guest star appearance tonight and it just made everything better. Honestly I’m so done right now but for real everything was perfect and I’m glad my friends were part of it and that random Bodillazs trip lol. SLEEEEEPPP


Well I am beyond exhausted. I didn’t even do much today besides eat lunch with a friend, watch some Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and went to a magic draft. The draft was alright I went 1-2 my cards were ok overall. I can’t wait to work on this research project and clean my room/clothes tomorrow. *yawn* bed time. 

Feeling the Night

I hate how I have to do these all the time haha. I am so done right now and Feeling the Night by Kaskade is the song of my life! Tonight has been fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got back at 2am and I am exhausted hahaha. I can’t feel my face so it is one of those weekends but I really needed this. I’m trying to break out of my shell of shyness and I believe it is working but I need to work harder! I can’t wait for the day I am 100% confident in myself and I will be able to do whatever I want to do without caring. I got a glimpse of my final form tonight which means I will work even harder to get there since I love it so much! Water you are my best friend, you and Kaskade are making my sleep wonderful haha! Night guys!!!


Am I ever tried for real. The French exam didn’t feel as hard as I thought it would be. I feel like I got a B. Everything after that was just chilling which I love. Only having one class on Friday feels fantastic! I really have to sleep now, I’m so sleepy *yawn*. 

Live for

Well the lack of sleep is killing me and I finally finished up my homework. Junior year is really bringing the heat now. I did however practice a lot of French and I feel like I did alright I do need more help but at least I’m not clueless. The worst thing is that its 1:08 and already on the track of losing a lot of sleep. I can’t even sleep in anymore on the weekends to make up for it. I’m so hurt. O yea I’m better at Street Fighter 4 now I can beat both of my VCU friends now with a winning a ratio! All that practice pays off even if they don’t admit it. You can tell the salt is real. Lastly I’ve been listening to a lot of R&B and hip hop recently and I love it. It honestly might be better than EDM in general. The newest The Weeknd and Drake song, Live for is AMAZING!!! Also a big fan of Shabba! 

I found my new favorite mixtape

After last night’s entertainment I could not fall asleep until 12 in the afternoon…I can officially say I do not have a sleep cycle after that since I woke up at 6 and now I’m wide awake. I hope I’m not awake for too long sigh. Besides from messing up my sleep cycle I’ve done the usual Anthony thing to do, watch YouTube videos and read gaming news all day with a splash of Game of Thrones forums. I also got my copy of The Last of Us preordered but it will take 3-5 days to get here so I might need an internet black out for a bit. Naughty dog released a new video on the online today and it looks really exciting to me. They only talked about one kind of mode and its a 4v4 team death which is an interesting size so I guess slow based strategic online play. They said they have more information for the online play tomorrow and I hope they show the rumored open world mode like in Red Dead Redemption. A fully populated world with random encounters and your clan has to go out and survive against other clans and the world, I need this. Lastly I found my mix tape of the summer and nothing else can beat this
Adventure Club does it again with Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 2 and its an hour in length and a lot more effort has been put into this mix compared to the first one! I really want to see them live no matter what anyone else says I need this mix while I’m rolling face lol. I’m on the 5th listen…yea I’m in love with this. 

That well rested bonus

This could of been the least productive day of the entire year. I woke up at 4pm,,,,BUT I at least got 12 hours of sleep which is an accomplishment in itself. I’m so well rested right now like *insert crappy video game well rested joke here*. It feels weird how I’ve been home for a week, I’m getting into the Summer routine now of just laying in bed or hanging out with my friends which has been great so far. With the rest of my free time today I watched some Arrested Development  and I am almost done with season 1. This is my 3rd time watching the show but I really wanted to prepare for season 4 later this month. I say a lot of things are perfect so I’ll go ahead and say Arrested Development is perfect but I also have to say that it is my favorite tv show ever. I don’t even know how you can write something so awkward, crazy, different and funny. My body is so ready for season 4, I won’t leave my house until I finish it so get pump! Besides that I looked through my latest magic deck and wow it is not that good haha mono green is really hard to run and a lot of the green cards I need for this deck I have to buy online and I don’t want to buy single cards online. I feel like that is cheating honestly and some of those cards are expensive but sort of do want an awesome elf/big monster deck. Tomorrow I’ll treat my Vita right and play some Soul Sacrifice! 


Another great day in this summer adventure but it is 3:30 am and I need some sleep. Joey broke Donnie’s toilet which is pretty funny. Honestly I don’t even want to type anymore I am so worn out from this long hang out sesh woo. I’ll try harder tomorrow.