Almost missed this one

Almost forgot to write this post which would of been terrible since I am less than 2 months away from being done. I had a great day since I got to play the dark souls 2 beta early in the morning! It was everything I ever wantes and more it is my GOTY for next year. I also got coffee with a couple of friends and enjoyed the weather instead of sitting inside like i usually do. Besides that I’ve been rewatching Shameless with my roommate and we are halfway done with season 1. It really is the best show no one has ever heard about. Lastly this is week I have been waiting for, today I had dark souls 2, Tuesday I have adventure club and bioshock DLC and friday is PS4 DAY!!!!!!!! THE HYPE IS REAL!!!


Insert title here.

Typical weekend before finals for me, pretty much all I did today was study and watch anime. I just want to Tuesday to come so I can be over all this studying for a little bit until my next two finals which is like a week later. 
I finished re watching Code Geass today and holy shit is that anime really good like TOO good! If you have any interests in anime you have to go watch it, it is like watching a really intense chess match but it isn’t boring. The whole last episode I had chills and I almost cried you really do get attached to the characters. 
I played a good amount of my White 2 nuzlocke today and I beat the 8th gym pretty easily. Marc, Joanna and Helena did some work and took the trash out. I almost finished all the team plasma bullshit and what not so once I finish that I will enter the final stretch of this epic nuzlocke journey. If I lose in the Elite 4 I am going to be PISSED I have over 30 hours on this shit, I would be crushed if I lost.
I recorded another episode of my podcast today and it should go up on Monday so look forward to that. We talked about Nintendo not being at E3, 720 rumors and some PS4 stuff. Also random Capcom hate at the end from Ryan haha. 
I will be spending the rest of my night studying and watching Shameless, I might even finish season 3 tonight! 

Just a lot going on

Where do I begin? The amount of things I have to learn this weekend for three of my finals on Tuesday is stupid. I’m going to be studying for hours on hours and days on days o boy I love finals. I already feel the stress griping at me waiting to absorb my being. To add on to that I have been feeling quite shitty today. A bit sad, depressed the usual for me every once and while and that mixed with stress is never good. I just feel a bit broken like I always had this impression that time heals all wounds. I want to believe it but in reality that doesn’t happen because wounds scar. Scars are the life time reminder of your wound whether mentally or physically wounded. Maybe I will feel better in the morning and this feeling sort of came out of no where today but I do know what was the catalyst to this feeling. I just wish I had someone I could talk to like a good listener who wouldn’t be sick of me talking about it. I guess I do lack a real emotional outlet but what can you do life isn’t fair and it probably won’t ever be at least for me. I can’t believe I feel all these shitty feelings like jealously, sorrow and hatred like what is wrong with me haha I guess sleep is the only thing that will make me feel better. 

In the world of my Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke it started off as a sad day. Matt the Gigalith died in a triple battle today. His sturdy got broken and then a Vibrava hit him with a super effective critical hit earth power. I REALLY miss Matt since Gigalith is one of my favorite Pokemon of 5th gen. I really wish I could of beaten the game with good old Matt like he was SO ready to use explosion in the Elite 4. I caught and evolved a lot of things today. Sara is officially a Chandulure and Helena became a Drapion and both of them RUN TRAIN. Sara only knows how to kill and she is quite fast which is nice. I caught a MALE COMBEE TODAY which is THE WORST Pokemon to ever exist since it can’t even evolve because it is a male, so I had to name it after Bryan because Bryan is a male Combee. I caught a Jellicent and named it Kwasi, caught a Wailmer and named it Kathy and I caught a Diftblom and named it Alexis. I might of caught more things O YEA I CAUGHT A Dusion who is named after Conner! I am so pump for it to become a Reniclus. Since Matt died I replaced Matt with Isaac the Excadrill who has a perfect move set and will hopefully win this nuzlocke for me. I finished playing after I beat the 7th gym which wasn’t hard at all since Excadrill sponges all dragon hits like it is his job. I took Donnie off the team and replaced him with Conner because Donnie just can’t survive the Elite 4 and I have this huge fighting weakness on my team so this switch up fixes that. 

I finished watching season 2 of Shameless. This show is the most surprising thing I have ever seen on TV like no one ever talks about it but yet this show is perfect and deserves more attention from the world. This show can break me down to tears, it has already done it 4 times which is pretty damn crazy since at the max a show can make me cry like twice. The shit that happens is too crazy and the characters are so well written, like no one is really black or white it is all different shades of grey. I also love the connection I have with the different characters like with Karen I actually hate her so much, if I ever the actress who plays her in public I would call her a worthless bitch. Please do yourself a favor and watch Shameless it is the most under appreciated show on TV! 

The last day of a chill weekend

I have to say he looks a lot cooler than Deadpool to me

Successful relaxing day I had today. I completed a whole French project, completed season 1 of Shameless and I got to play some more Injustice which I have to say is too much fun. My French project in all reality was easy to do besides the fact that I have to speak in front of the class tomorrow morning. We will see how that goes…Shameless though is pretty awesome. I watched 10 hours of the show today like I love it so much. I cried at one point and after that one point the whole show changed for me. The show also has some of the best written characters like they are all so deep its crazy. You should really watch it because it might be the best thing on Showtime. Later I played Injustice and I am going to main Nightwing and Deathstroke for sure. Nightwing is SO FAST and I can naturally do some combos with him and Deathstroke is that perfect combo of quick attacks and good range. I actually might by it we will see. 

Of course I would get sick over Spring Break.

WELL I’m sick and everything sucks. Even typing this out post sucks since my eyes are really hot right now. I also have a runny nose and I’m on my second box of tissues in two days. The good thing is that I’m home for break so my mom can take care of me. Without her I would have no idea what to do right now like I would just get worse and have someone else take care of me.I am very thankful to have her right now specially since she makes me ginger, honey and lemon tea. It cured my sore throat so I’ll keep on drinking it. Being sick sucks but its better to be back home with my mom then to be dying alone in my dorm at VCU. 

I watched the first episode of Shameless earlier this morning and I have to say I am surprised how good it is. The concept of 6 children of all ages having to care of themselves and each other because their dad is drunk who does nothing for family is an interesting concept to me. It doesn’t seem like a situation that is to far fetched which I really like. The places the show is willing to go is also really awesome since it makes everything feel more realistic. I have to watch more but this is honestly Californication good. 

I’ll try to get better tomorrow and I hope I don’t get snowed in….I don’t have the strength to shovel tomorrow.