14 days

14 more days until my PS4 comes in. At this point I’m just trying to survive until it comes out. In the mean time I have 2 projects and a paper to write for next week ugh. After next week I should be fine for a while in all my classes so hopefully during PS4 day I won’t have shit to do. It is Halloween night and I didn’t do shit because I barely have any friends who like to do things lol. I did walk outside though just to see what people were doing and yea it was kray out there. The homeless people were rabid lol. Hopefully I’ll find something to do for the weekend.  

21 more days

Once again we have arrived at the weekend surviving all the work school can throw at you. I might have done great on my French midterm or I could of failed honestly who knows we will see later. I did however get an A on my history of advertising exam. I won’t have to worry about tests until end of November, thank god. I’m too ready for this semester to be over, I just want to chill and play video games lol. I’m too hype for my PS4! I saw all the previews for Killzone Shadow Fall I know that game will be the first next gen experience. Its the best game at launch this year like it is beautiful and looks so smooth. It’ll also be nice just to play a new video game and be able to talk about in it detail. I will also get COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 lol I know I have too many shooters but honestly there isn’t much at besides Knack. 21 more days.


Well I have no idea if I’m ready for this French midterm tomorrow morning so I’ll just wing it. On the bright side I have nothing else to do after that so I can actually catch up on all these videos I’m behind on. The next problem would be getting bored over the weekend *sigh* I need more things to do besides play video games. Anyways I’m going to go back and waste my time on the cookie clicker game. Why do I do these things smh. I need some sort of motivation in my life. 

Same old same old

Managed to get my project part done and completed my Energy work. I also got an 85 on my Energy midterm which is great since I thought I failed it since I didn’t study. All I have to worry about is learning a whole chapter of French tomorrow for my midterm on Thursday. I wish something exciting would happen in my life, at least I’m not stressed out but I just feel like I’m going through the same routine everyday. At least I get my PS4 on Nov 15th. I really do need another game to play before then, maybe Kingdom Hearts or something from PlayStation Plus. 


Thank god I did not have my French exam today. He pushed it back until Thursday so hopefully that will give me plenty of time to learn everything I need to know. I’m also another third closer to finishing my part in the group project so by the end of tomorrow I should have it done. Besides doing homework I got really hype about catching shiny pokemon in X and Y. I read a guide on how to easily get shinies through chain fishing and after an hour of doing it I got a shiny Clawizter! I actually LOVE this pokemon and the shiny looks great! I got it fully EV trained and now I’m trying to get it to lvl 50 so I can use it online. The second shiny I caught which happened 5 minutes after I got the Clawizter is a shiny little Luvdisc lol. It is a cool shiny because its all gold but I wish it could be used competitively.  This shiny Luvdisc would have to go to a future gf who loves pokemon or something, I feel would like she would like it lol. Anyways I got a big day of homework tomorrow, sleeeeeeeppp timeeeeee. 

Just getting by

It really feels like October now with the weather getting colder and the exams are stacking up. I got two exams this week and I am slowly working on my final project for my History of Advertising class. I am not looking forward to any of it but Pokemon X will make a nice reward this weekend. Not much happened in general besides looking at the Beyond: Two Souls reviews which are surprisingly average. I’m still going to get the game but it has to during Black Friday for like 30 or less. At this point I’m just going to take life one day at a time and just focus on all this work *sigh* I hope something great happens to me soon! 

o yea I watched the first episode of Kill la Kill which is from the makers of Gurren Lagann. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! ITS AS HYPE AS GURREN LAGANN AND FLCL!!! Its rare to have an anime at this level come out so make sure to watch it every week! 

X hype

Another day where I didn’t do anything of actual importance or value. I could of worked on my research project but honestly wrestling and other things are just so much more fun. It did rain today more like stormed and my umbrella almost broke, I looked stupid trying to save my umbrella from Zeus. The worst part is my bag got soaked so I had to dry out my binder. I did have a good day even with all that rain. I went to Gamestop and traded in my GTAV since I don’t like the game and preorder Pokemon X! The best part is my Gamestop is opening up at midnight for the launch! I’m going to be around all the Richmond Pokemon nerds and I am going to love it or hate it passionately. This whole weekend is going to be about playing Pokemon, I am not going to see Dash anymore like the first 3D Pokemon game is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT! This week would be perfect if I didn’t have a French exam on Friday…I am absolutely AFRAID! I did not know anything at the moment and I won’t until the night before, god dammit. Tomorrow I really should work on my research homework…I’ll try my best but first time for sleep.