Drowning in French

I’m so hurt by all the French work I have to do this week, it might of ruined it until the weekend. My teacher is going to give us an exam on Thursday but then he also assigns an oral presentation on Wednesday and of course he gives us lab work due on Friday. It really is some bull shit especially since none of my other classes are doing this to me. Its a 102 class and I have more work in it than my 300 and 400 level classes…I’m just salt for real, I don’t know enough French to save my life this week. This week just hasn’t been good for me like both the Ravens and Redskins lose, come on. The Pre TGS PlayStation conference wasn’t as hype as I wanted it to be even though Deep Down looks hype as fuck. Thankfully the spoilers for the new Theros Magic cards have been AWESOME! At this point I really want to run mono green and keep working on my Selesyna deck. I feel like green has the best god and legendary artifact even though that black artifact is fucking hype. I’m 90% sure I am going to my local card shop for the prerelease with my friend Isaac. Well its time to get back to my eternal struggle with French *sigh*. 

The salt is real

so much salt

Today my friends and I had a salt mine’s worth of salt. I know for a fact I was fucking done with the game at 12 after I got beat 25 times in a row. Holy shit did I suck at this game like I can’t react to jumps or pull off my inputs. If I could pull off a shroyuken in a situation I should I would be so happy, the day I get that shit down I will cry for hours. I switched from Ken to Ryu which isn’t that big of a change but its still different enough where I’m struggling to do basic combos. The reason why I switched is because I saw this vid of this guy talking about how to play SF4 when you are first starting off. He said to play Ryu until you have the fundamentals down. He even went online with Ryu against someone who was high up in the ladder and won by only using the fundamentals. I feel like I have most of the fundamentals down but I need to work on blocking and when/when I shouldn’t jump in. After that I will have to master the shoryuken in actual matches. I do feel like I’m getting better especially after today’s long sesh. Tomorrow more training will happen. 

Some salt.

Before I talk about how salty I am I have to talk about how perfect season 4 of Arrested Development is. It is my favorite season of the show and I have to say after a 7 year gap the actors still got it. There are a lot less scenes where all the characters are together because a lot of the actors have other projects they are working on and its a but weird at first but you don’t miss it at the end. The first couple of episodes don’t seem good at first BUT in all reality they are amazing the issue is this season is one giant lead up to one moment and each episode is through the eyes of one characters. The things a character does might show up in another character’s episode and then you can understand the connection. The season gets better with each episode and some of my favorites were the George Michael, Buster and Maeby episodes and Gob had by far the best story line. This season leaves things unanswered but this season is a set up for the movie they are going to make and I can not wait for the day that movie comes out.

Here is the salt. Here is my biggest problem with Magic and I guess any other thing you can do this in. My issue is that at the end of the day you are as good as the cards you have which means how much money are you willing to spend before you feel like you are at the right level. Some people don’t spend as much money as others so it does give a player a disadvantage if you are not willing as much as someone else. Also some cards just cost way too much like 10 bucks for a piece of paper is stupid purchase in my world but in someone else’s it makes sense. I reached my limit in Magic where the max I would pay would be 5 bucks and even that is still too much in mind but I have friends who would pay more than that. Honestly I wish I could do that but I can’t I have things to save up for and I don’t have a job right now. Its like a free to play MMO, I would never pay money to get better equipment or change my skin. In the end it isn’t wrong but it can kill the fun for others and I’m one of those people who’s fun is being killed.  I do want to say I really am glad I have this blog because if I didn’t I totally would of smoked today. I also feel like my friends have been a bit shitty to me today so yea I’m a bit pissed at them. Thank god for sleep and music so I can be over this in the morning.