The small things

The best part about life is even the small things can make you as happy as the big events in your life. I thought today was going to be a typical Tuesday and guess what, it was but I enjoyed it to the max. I managed to get all my homework done so I could go out and do things. I took a couple of walks since the weather was so perfect for me, honestly I could of walked for hours just looking at the weird shit you see around Richmond. The weirdest thing I saw had to be this giant plaster cow statue in the garbage on Harrison. Why would someone throw that away? It must of taken hours to make that but yet they threw it away like nothing, I wish I could of taken it but there is no way I would of fit it in my room. After that I decided to go to this frozen yogurt place which I have never been to. They had this 2 buck Tuesday deal so my friends and I went in and took advantage of this god tier deal. The fact that they had my two favorite flavors(Cake Batter, Irish Mint) in the same machine so I could get that perfect swirl is just perfect. Of course I went crazy with the toppings and poured 4 candy bars worth of chocolate/candy on my yogurt. In all reality my cup should of costed my 6 dollars so I am glad I got that deal, I pretty much robbed the place. Even just chilling with my friends while smoking hookah made this great although I do that a lot the appeal is still there. Lastly I got the demo for Beyond: Two Souls a week early and this game became a must buy! I love how they changed up the prompts in this game compared to Heavy Rain and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. It is also really intense at times which I love, any sort of immersion like that is the reason why I play video games. I hope the game is as good as the demo or I will be sad but for right now this is game I have to pick up by the end of the year.
Song of the day, I randomly found this on spotify and I am so glad I did. This is the official song of Anthony. 

I love it here

Almost 2 full days and I’m back in love with the Richmond area. My new apartment is next level and I’m having a great time with my roommates. I’ve been seeing a bunch of friends and just chilling honestly this is the life. I hope the semester doesn’t kill the greatness at is happening in my life. I can’t wait until my other roommate Marc gets here that is when things are going to get crazy. I also went to Cary town today to draft at the local game shop and I didn’t do terrible. I wish we had more than 4 people for the draft but no randoms came in this morning so next Friday I am about to slay all the neck beards. Pretty much my life is almost perfect right now besides the fact I need to buy a side table for my room. I still haven’t cooked yet but I’ll get to the point where I crave some pasta haha 

Tired and alive

8am was too early for me this morning since I couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t sleep on command and if something is early in the morning might be afraid that I will oversleep and miss my chance to do whatever I wanted to do so I usually just say up. The trip wasn’t that bad since I got a brand new VCU jacket but it was hot as hell outside. Within 2 minutes I was drenched in sweat and my fro was looking sad. I wish I could of stayed longer so I could of saw some of my friends but its alright me going to Richmond today was just an exclusive first look at the hype train. After that I powered nap and I just watched YouTube vids. The latest episode in the Two Best Friends Play Deadly Premonition made me die of laughter so many times. If you actually like watching lets plays you need to go to this channel and enjoy the glory of Pat and Matt and sometimes Wolly.
I keep going back and forth on what I want to do for my next magic deck and I think I should do a Naya enchantment heavy deck. I feel like the combo of hexproof creatures and enchantments would be awesome. Enchantments like madcap skills, lighting talons, unflinching courage and ethereal armor would work really well. I wish rancor wasn’t leaving with M13 but we might see something just as good in Theros! I honestly just want to run 4 witchstalkers in this deck and maybe those hexproof elf scouts and give people a hard time unless they got some board wipes. 
Besides that I started listening to the latest album from Empire of the Sun called Ice on the Dune. My favorite song so far is alive it just makes me feel so good and I get really hyped to do stuff with my life. I’ll proboly listen to this album at least once everyday maybe right after I listen to Intense by Armin for the 2nd or 3rd time haha. I still can’t believe Armin is going to Echostage and I’m going to be there! This is a dream come true, this whole year has just been an amazing dream. 

Jk no studying.

Remember when I was going to study today? I don’t because today is Cinco de Mayo!!!! To celebrate I watched a lot of Breaking Bad and I finished season 3 and holy shit that cliff hanger ending…so I had to start season 4 right after haha I am never going to study am I. I then went out and partied a lot and I am at that next level right now. I saw some black dude run away while carrying his bike from some white people who kept on yelling that he threw his bike at some girl. Richmond is fucking crazy. Tomorrow though I have to study because I need these As so lets go! 

First day of my study break

I was bored all day today, I woke up at 1 and took a shower at 3 and I found out my best friend was leaving today and won’t be back till monday. I’m not going to lie I was pretty damn depressed, I wish I had someone to hang out with but life is weird and my friend Matt hit me up and I went on an adventure. I went to this metal work place in Richmond with him and met some cool ass people and got drunk and threw fire works at each other. I also believe in ghost now since my friend took a picture and we saw a ghost in the background like a legit face and body, I am actually freaked out. I have no idea what I am doing for the rest of the week so I can free to hang out with but it doesn’t matter since I got cook out and breaking bad to watch.

Life works in mysterious ways

Isn’t this animals so majestic? Also it gets me so hungry just looking at it…

Yesterday I was in a crappy depressed mood over things that are not worth being sad over anymore but today I pulled an 180 on that shit and I am TOO happy. The first time in a long time I actually explored parts of Richmond I have never been to before. I went to Maymont park with my friend and we have a great time. I never knew the place had a petting zoo and a regular zoo filled with a bunch of North American animals. The fact that I saw 4 bison today 4 BISON LIKE I LOVE BISON SO MUCH it taste GREAT! The Japanese garden and the Roman garden place thing I really don’t remember the actual name is absolutely beautiful. Then her and I got dinner at the hill cafe which I have never been to before and I have to say that place has some delicious food. I LOVE the crab meat sandwich I got and the special sauce they put on it was heavenly. The little bit of pasta I got with it was next level, even better than what a mom would make. After hanging out with my friend I chilled with Marc and then we went to our friend’s place for a little bonfire thing and it was pretty chill. The most important thing is that right now I am eating Cook Out right now and Cook Out has the best fast food deal ever. You can get like 3 things and a shake for about 7 dollars. It is the ultimate drunk food, also I got a Cheerwine float since everyone in my ad class was talking about it and holy shit is this next level, Cheerwine needs to be everywhere so people can experience the glory. I am BEYOND tired since it is 3 am and I am a bit toasty but I do have to say again that today has been awesome and everything in life happens for a reason. 

My hands hurt so much…

Grimer is really gross. The fact that it is pollution and sludge o god why does it exist. Kristel was a great name for it.

I actually feel like an adult today, I made a legitimate resume and I’m pretty proud of it. My original plan was to start applying for jobs around Richmond today but then I realized things about my lease and how I would have to miss 3 weeks of pay and shit. I decided that I might as well go home and work which is awesome for my back home friends because I know they miss me and I miss them as well. Also a bunch of my friends are leaving Richmond for the summer so I rather be home with my family and friends and not be bored in my dorm room. Its not like anyone is going to really miss me if I leave for the summer so its all good. 
I hate how finals are coming up, I have a shit ton of work to do now especially in French. I have a test this week, a project due next week and then the final the following week. French could kill me and then I have all my other classes to worry about *sigh* I need a break. 

Update on my Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke. I only played for an hour today but holy shit did a lot happen. Pasco grew up on me too fast T.T. He evolved into a Swadloon right before my very eyes and the amount of girls he picked up with that coat of his is legendary, he is the swagger hound of Castelia City. After he evolved I had to call up my girl Bianca and THE AMOUNT OF JEALOUS SHE IS OF PASCO AND I’S FRIENDSHIP, she almost cried. At that I moment I knew that Pasco loved me so much that he wanted to evolve AGAIN within in 5 minutes, it was like he knew Swadloon wasn’t the hot thing anymore but LEAVANY is where the party is at. I gave him a massage because he needed a tiny bit more love but after killing some rattatas he EVOLVED and now Pasco has reached his final form, I hope he doesn’t fail me in the next gym. I tried Marc, Pasco and Heem up in the sewers today and they all grew two levels which is real nice since we need a buff team for that gym fight. Heem is getting SO FAST like did someone put Flash on my team or some shit like he gives no fucks about those speed tiers. This is what happens when you let your Pokemon work out when you don’t play. First Pokemon on the sewer route was a female Grimer and it looks SO GROSS but I had to catch it. I had to name it after this one really gross nasty girl I knew in high school, I named it Kristel….bleh…… I will never use this Grimer like honestly it is going straight to the hell box right next to Kelsey but maybe not too close since I have to have some respect for Kelsey like o god Kristel is gross like a grease trap. I found some mystic water for Marc today and he LOVES IT. That was the moment when he realized that our friendship means something like I could of given him some shitty ass Deer Park water but I DID NOT I gave him 1 OF A KIND MYSTIC WATER which I’m pretty sure came from the heavens when the new gods were born. Tomorrow I will enter TWO yea TWO new areas and beat the crap out of the 3rd gym leader with Pasco as my led, get ready because I’m not sure if everyone will survive. 

Holy shit I just typed all of that and my hands hurt so much like how am I doing this?!?!?! Some one come to my dorm and give me a hand massage and you will be rewarded handsomely.