some impressions

Well I missed yesterday’s post and I almost missed today’s but its alright I’m here now. I was destroyed last night since it was my best friend’s 21st birthday. Apparently I was beyond done and I don’t remember some of the night and I ate everything. Tonight was a lot more chill I just played video games and watched TV with my friends. I beat Killzone yesterday and I have to say the last third of the game is garbage. I only played one match one online so I need more time in order to do a full review but the single player is a 3/5. I also started Knack today which got really bad scores but I do like it so far. I’m on the second chapter so I haven’t seen enough of it to really get any impressions. I can say that I love the look of it and the fact that I’m playing a 3D platformer that isnt Mario is refreshing. I hope I don’t think the game is a 2/5 or a 1/5 when I’m done with it. 

In 8 days I will be playing the masterpiece of the generation.

I wake up today and the first thing I do is look at IGN’s video review of The Last of Us and one my favorite reviewers reviews it. I wasn’t expecting the score but he gave it what he felt was the correct score, a perfect 10. The moment I saw the score come up I knew this game will be my favorite game of the generation just because the game is about a lot of concepts I like and the fact that this game has done them perfectly makes me feel safe to say that this is the game of the generation. I looked at the metacritic scores and it has 27 perfect scores with an average score of 96, my body is SO ready for this. Naughty Dog does it again and I haven’t even played the game yet and I already know my life will be changed. Next week is going to be too awesome with E3 all week and then on Friday The Last of Us comes out. The hype is real and I need it.
I played 4 games of magic today with my populate deck and I won all 4 of them. I can’t believe my deck is actually good now but that is what buying cards online does. I’m still surprised that I like the combo of green and white it really fits my play style. I do want to try a triple color deck as well when magic 2014 comes out which will most likely red/white/green. I saw those silver cards and I got interested so if I do buy more cards I will be making one of those decks. I’m glad my friends got back into Magic which brought me back in like honestly I don’t care what anyone says about it the game is so much fun and if you haven’t tried it you are missing out. I am still in a trance from the latest Adventure Club mixtape, I need another show in my life but why does it cost so much money!!! I want a 40 dollar show tops. Well I will go back to my late night salsa and chips!