Killzone thoughts

Here we are two weeks away from being done with the semester and then finals. Time has gone by so fast, it felt like it was October yesterday. I can’t believe it smells like Christmas outside and people are starting to put lights up. I hope I don’t have to help this year with lights for my dad, I’ll try to act really busy over Thanksgiving break. In the mean time before I get to all the yummy food and shopping later this week I’ve been giving my PS4 a whole lot of quality time. I played a whole lot of Killzone online and I have to say I like it a lot. It is not as great as 2’s but I believe it is a step up from 3. It plays a lot more like COD but less bullshit and not as fast, the controls are the same and it even has a slide. I like how all the guns are unlocked right when you start and you only have to work for attachments. The game modes are fun but I wish they still had assassination but they do have player made modes and game types so community could make some great modes. I like most of the maps I’ve played and camping hasn’t been an issue either. I just wish that some people weren’t so bad at the online since Killzone is a team shooter and not one person can carry. I can’t wait to see how this game will be in a couple of months and hopefully the free DLC will be out by then. I give Killzone Shadowfall a 3/5 since the single player let me down especially in the last 3rd and the online is really solid but nothing revolutionary.

That feel when you beat a game

Don’t you feel accomplished when you beat a game? The feel of experiencing this world, story and characters like you went on an epic journey while just sitting in your living room. The reason I’m feeling this is because I just beat Virtues Last Reward on my Vita and I 100% it so I got platinum trophy as well! I gotta brag about my trophy level for a sec, I am level 17 with 21 platinums!!! Anyways, if you have a Vita or a 3DS you should play Virtues Last Reward I give it a 9.5/10. The puzzles are hard but not bullshit in my opinion and the story is a mind fuck and had me on the edge of my seat. I didn’t play the first game in series 999 which is on DS but I’m going to fix that ASAP so I would say play 999 first then VLR. I realized I’ve been beating a lot of games recently like The Last of Us, Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and now Virtues Last Reward. The next game I’m going to play is Dokuo which is a Vita puzzle game so hopefully I’ll like it. After that I might have to buy Dragon’s Crown or Tales of Xilia but I do want to buy them on sale…If I can’t find them on sale I guess I’ll go back to my The Last of Us survival run. While I think about this I gotta start packing….*sigh* 

Lots of Vita love today

A fun filled day of staring at Ebay auctions and playing my Vita. Today has been a total loss on my journey to attain these cards at a low price. I’m trying to not spend more than 17 bucks on the Trostani’s but man these magic neck beards go ham when they start bidding. Thankfully they are many more auctions for me to attempt and I am currently leading one of them so I’m praying I can win it before the shipping goes past Aug 16th. I bought two Selesnya Charms off of Amazon for a buck so today wasn’t a total lost. My friend is also going to hook me up with two Unflinching Courage so all I have to worry about is getting 3x Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice now. Back to hunting. 

Since I was quite butt hurt over losing a couple of auctions today I decided to beat Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita. The game really is Uncharted on Vita in all the good ways and the only bad stuff is some of the dumb Vita motion and puzzle crap. Once Sully comes into the story the game instantly felt like good old Naughty Dog Uncharted. The other characters in the game weren’t the interesting to me but Drake and Sully make up for them and so much more.*Spoiler* It didn’t have a super natural spin to it which really took me by surprise like the thing that was special was radioactive gold…pretty lame in my opinion*End of Spoiler*. I did really enjoy the tomb part in the later chapters and somehow they actually made climbable objects falling feel even better than the console games. There is a lot of replay value in trying to take all the pictures and collecting all the jewels etc but honestly none of that seems really interesting to me. I would give this game one of the most hated scores to ever exist, 7.9. It just didn’t have enough for me to go and say this game is great but it is really good and if you have PlayStation Plus you already own it so go play it. I honestly wouldn’t buy it though instead spend the money on PlayStation Plus and get a bunch of great games for PS3 and Vita for 50 bucks or 17 bucks if you only want a 3 month subscription. 

I started up Virtues Last Reward for Vita after I beat Uncharted. I didn’t know what I was going into so I read up on it first. Its a game that has a total of 24 endings and your endings are based off of your decisions in the novel part of the game and your decisions in the escape part. I started playing and I realized the game has a plot that I really love in anime, A group of people people are taken into this building and the only way to win this game is to escape and I’m pretty sure only one person can escape. You have to work together with other people to solve puzzles or you can betray them and leave them for dead. Anything that has that survival element in it is going to be great to me unless the game is utter crap. I only got to played the first puzzle and first conversation and I really enjoy the puzzle game play. The first puzzle wasn’t too hard but it did require actual effort and quite a bit time since the first puzzle room has about 10 parts to it. I’m really excited to see how the story will go and why all these people where brought here and how will I escape or will I die I don’t know so many different endings. I’m pretty sure if you get all 16 good endings then you get the real ending so I might do it if I really like the game. I still can’t believe PlayStation Plus gave this game out for free and its metacritic score is a 9.4. 

First Magic draft and beating Gravity Rush

Instead of doing training in Street Fighter 4 today I decided to beat Gravity Rush. At first I wasn’t really into to it but after last night I fell in love with the controls and I just had to beat it. The sad thing is the game ends at chapter 21 and I fell in love at chapter 13 so I could only really enjoy 7 chapter to the fullest. I really enjoyed the story overall and the fact that this game has so many lead female characters which you don’t see in many games. I really enjoy playing as a girl like the different perspective on the smaller things in game is really interesting to me. Kat also becomes a complete bad ass by the end of game and her character never becomes boring through out the game. I wish it didn’t have to end but I did like the ending and how it sets itself up for Gravity Rush 2. Studio Japan is going to become one of my favorite game studios if they keep this up. I really liked the small touches how everyone speaks a language that the player doesn’t know and how the world is really different from our modern one. I feel like the game is an 8.5, they can really improve on the combat but everything else is superb. After beating it I started up Uncharted for Vita and it plays like Uncharted but man does it have all the gimmicks of a first game on a new system. More on that later.
I hung out with my friends tonight and a surprise to me that one of my friends got into Magic the Gathering and bought a bunch of M14 cards. We then decided to do a draft since most of us has never done one before including me. We went to Walmart and each of us bought 3 Dragons Maze booster packs. I have to say I will never draft Dragons Maze ever again since overall it has a slow paced mana ramp but I did have a lot of fun still. I did however choose a lot of high cost mana cards which really did hurt me in the process of creating a deck. I decided to play a red/green/white deck since I got a Voice of Resurgence and a Runic Thar. I actually did pretty well considering most games I got a creature out by turn 3. I finished at 2-1 which I am still surprised about since I drafted 8 6 mana cost cards like wtf was I thinking haha. I do want to draft again but I’ll wait for the new block to come out before I do again. Thank god for all the fruit punch Rockstars we drank so I could stay awake. Unfortunately I just crashed and I need to get that crucial sleep, maybe I’ll do more Street Fighter 4 training tomorrow.


Persistent and Evil Dead talk.

Yesterday was quite a depressing day for me and not much has changed today but I am trying to turn this around. I know can do it, its just a matter of time that it happens. It is all about finding something good like hope, or the will to get over it. I choose hope this time around, I’m not down for the count and I am still in this. Sometimes it can look bleak like yesterday but today wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I got control of my thoughts and just started to think of things like its not over yet, I have seen crazier things happen and miracles do exist. If I play my cards right then I can come out a winner so that is what I will do. It does help to have great friends to talk to you about things like this, without them I would feel terrible and I might not be where I am right now. 
Things school wise have been fantastic like I could only dream about the grades I’ve been getting. I got an A on my History midterm, an A on my French midterm (HOW DID I PULL THAT OFF?!?!?!?!) and on my last two Story quizzes I got perfect scores and a B on the last project. I really impressed myself here, I didn’t think this is possible and maybe just maybe I could at least get one A this semester which would be a great help to my GPA. 
I went to see a pre-release of Evil Dead today, I’m pretty terrible with horror movies like I was on the verge of crying at one point. I am afraid of a lot of scary movies but not for the whole time but this movie is different, the movie gets in to it quickly and keeps the scares going through out. The movie is really creepy, gory, scary and sometimes really funny which I loved. This has to be the one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. Their is a good chance that I will have nightmares and I do believe will be forever scared of this one part in the movie where this girl cuts off her face. Also tree rape is really uncomfortable, even more than regular rape. Apparently more Evil Dead movies are going to be made after this one so I do hope we get a remake of Army of Darkness, that movie is TOO GOOD! 

Anyways, See you later Space Cowboy.

Cool Ranch Locos Tacos Review

They came today and I have to say this, why the hell aren’t you at a Taco Bell right now. THEY ARE SO GOOD! Everyone loves Cool Ranch Doritos and if you don’t well you are doing food wrong and should feel bad about yourself. The thing I really liked about them compared to the regular Doritos shell is that its more than a different texture, I CAN ACTUALLY TASTE COOL RANCH! Its a game changer. The taste is delicious and I didn’t get much Dorito dust on my fingers so clean up isn’t that bad at all. Its only 2.50 so go buy one in regular or supreme, I had mine in surpeme and I have to say SUPREME IS WORTH THAT UPGRADE! First time ever having a supreme taco and I would do it again. 

If you like Cool Ranch then buy this. 8.5/10

My PlayStation Conference thoughts.

The Best, And Worst, Of Sony's Big PlayStation 4 Reveal I love this intro.

“We don’t build a box but instead the most amazing way to play.”

I didn’t think PlayStation could blow my mind this hard.

Honestly Sony won it all like they wrecked the competition.

The PS4 conference has changed everything, I have to say that is the best video game conference in history. I didn’t they had it in them. I’m not going to lie I thought they wouldn’t do a good job, ok at best but I was proven wrong, and I am proud of it. There focus on making everything simple and making all the gaming things you do part of everyday life blew my mind. The controller looks pretty sleek to me and the share button it we let me able to share every single moment in the past 15 minutes and in real time also made me roll on the ground. The ability to play every single PlayStation title in history on your PS4 is the ultimate console to me like the fact that you have to play an old game on another console sucks but this fixes that. Then they will give the Vita that power and the ability to play PS4 games, that makes the Vita a true console on the go. I also love how they are making gaming even more social and easier to connect with friends with all your gaming moments. Sony really marketed the PS4 of the console of your life like how much more fun and easier would life be with a PS4, it honestly makes so many of my gaming dreams true. The PS4 will also have cross game chat, come with bulit in speaker in the controller which has audio jack in it, the PS4 will ship with a head set and a new and improved PS Eye.
The Sony did something that I didn’t think we would see, a fuck ton of next gen video games. I threw a table in the hype. Let me say that this conference is 100% made for me like the second game they showed, fucking Killzone Shadow Fall. How they set up the trailer by talking about how the Helgan and the ISA live right next to each other and the city is divided by a wall like Eastern Germany style. The game looks beautiful and the art director in the game really adds a new freshness to the franchise. Then another AMAZING setup to a trailer had to be the Infamous: Second Son trailer. WHEN THE GUY SAID SUCKER PUNCH I FLIPPED A SHIT! I was like NEW INFAMOUS OMG YES!!!! I did not see that at all considering how the Infamous 2 ends, so much unexpected hype. O yea I forgot about the Drive Club trailer, that game to me is the perfect mix for racing. Lets combine the looks of Gran Turismo and the feel of a more arcade racer. I really like the social aspects they are talking about with creating clubs and try to be the best car club around and the different ways you earn club points are so awesome. I just realized the puzzle game they showed with the hyper detail and the concept everything around you is there for a reason game called Witness is created by the creator of BRAID!!!!! It is exclusive to PS4 like people need to realize how huge this is!!! Everyone fucking loved Braid even I did and I don’t like puzzle games that much #gethyped. Media Molecule came out and showed this crazy motion game like just picture making anything in your mind and then creating it with your PS4. You can make structures and shows and concerts etc, anything you can think of it and it loos so realistic. The Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dream showed off their new piece of PS4 tech and  they show case this old man head and the it looked like and actual person. Every single motion and freckle is visible, technology is crazy as shit.

After that 3rd party developers came down and showed off there projects. Capcom has a new game engine and the proto type game they showed with it looks so realistic. Ubisoft showed off Watch Dogs on PS4. First time I saw the game during E3 didn’t game me hyped at all for it but this second trailer changed everything. It looked so bad ass and in original, I wish I thought of it because its such a great game concept. Square Enix came by and showed their new engine which I saw this video before a while ago but more importantly at the end of the trailer the CEO of Square Enix came out and said we are going to announce an announcement for PS4 about Final Fantasy at E3. THIS WAS UNEXPECTED because we all know that he is really talking about Final Fantasy 7 remake. Everyone has been wanting it forever now so it makes sense to maybe launch your console with a game everyone has wanted since the PS2 era. If it is Final Fantasy Versus 13 I’ll be still happy but not going stupidly crazy. Then out of no where Blizzard comes out and says hey guys we made Daiblo 3 for PS3 and PS4 and saying how smooth it runs and controls. Like out of fucking no where, honestly Blizzard and Sony having a partnership is a huge deal for the future of PlayStation. Bungie’s new game Destiny got shown as well and I am every pumped for this game and the experiences it will bring me. This is funny because all the Mircosoft fan boys are like all pissed that Bungie is making a game on PS4, now everyone can enjoy their once former greatest thing ever. A little slap in the face, Destiny will have exclusive content for PS4 like DAMN Sony is giving out every single hit and punch possible. They end the show with the release window of Holiday 2013 which sounds pretty awesome to me.
I know I missed some other stuff and I am hype or all of that but damn it feels like I’ve been typing forever haha. I also love the PS4 logo it is so sleek.

I do have to say as a die hard PlayStation fan I didn’t think they could pull this off, I didn’t think anyone else 100% believed they could do this, including the competetion Microsoft and Nintendo. They went above and beyond and set the world on fire. PS4 is the future now.

To all the hater out there just because they didn’t get to see the console, honestly it doesn’t even matter. They released all the specs to the system and the controller, camera, and the talked about the games and the network in depth. Why do you need to see a box filled with the ability to do all of these things. You will see it at E3 so don’t worry but really it is just a box, its the possibility that matter.

PS4 the console to rule them all.

wait if Vita can play all PlayStation games ever and even PS4 games at one point, then THAT MEANS VITA HAS MORE GAMES OMFG VITA HAS GAMES!!!!!