I am back home for the first time in a while and its actually nice to see all the people I love again. If only it wasn’t pouring all day, it was pretty much a tsunami’s worth of rain. The sidewalks and roads are flooded and no one was safe when my friends and I were running to the car, I almost got lost out there. I had to get Glory Days for dinner because I haven’t had amazing cheese fries in such a long time. In general though today was greatness I got to see most of my friends from back home and they’re the main reason why I come back every few months. I hope the rest of break is this good!

X hype

Another day where I didn’t do anything of actual importance or value. I could of worked on my research project but honestly wrestling and other things are just so much more fun. It did rain today more like stormed and my umbrella almost broke, I looked stupid trying to save my umbrella from Zeus. The worst part is my bag got soaked so I had to dry out my binder. I did have a good day even with all that rain. I went to Gamestop and traded in my GTAV since I don’t like the game and preorder Pokemon X! The best part is my Gamestop is opening up at midnight for the launch! I’m going to be around all the Richmond Pokemon nerds and I am going to love it or hate it passionately. This whole weekend is going to be about playing Pokemon, I am not going to see Dash anymore like the first 3D Pokemon game is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT! This week would be perfect if I didn’t have a French exam on Friday…I am absolutely AFRAID! I did not know anything at the moment and I won’t until the night before, god dammit. Tomorrow I really should work on my research homework…I’ll try my best but first time for sleep. 

prerelease hype.

I went to the Theros prerelease at the game store and did pretty well overall. I thought I wasn’t going to do well since I haven’t played in over month and it was only my third time making a sealed deck. We got these game boxes each with a different color and I really wanted the blue one but I got called last to choose, so hurt and I got one I didn’t want, green. I did have some sick pulls like my lion, satyr unblockable helm. No win conditions in my deck but I pull off some crazy shit with my lion. I got him to a 10/10 hexproof, indestructible, unbloackable, life link god. I’m proud I went 3-1 it could of gone so bad in that last round. The best part is I won 4 packs and got another lion and other rares I want. O yea I pulled the U/B planeswalker so I made my money back haha. If only I didn’t get soaked on the way back from the shop. I need to look at the weather more often so I could of worn a jacket. At least I made cash on this! 

Semester salt already

Getting back into the grove of things after the second day of class. I’m still tried but I’ll just have to go to sleep earlier. I’ve been in 4/5 classes and the one I haven’t been in yet is going to be boring. The worst thing about this is that I’m already incredibility shy so meeting other people is going to be a struggle. I also wish I didn’t have homework alright like a French worksheet. The fact that I have to relearn all of last semester during this weekend so I have a chance of passing 102 this semester is stressful. Another thing that sucked today is that I got drenched in rain twice. The first time actually made my hair better but the second shower destroyed my fro. If I didn’t have a rain jacket I would of died or at least gotten sick. I sort of wish I went out tonight at the same time I love hanging out with my roommates and friends. Yawn. 

First day of classes and its raining, not a good start to this semester.

I wake up for my first class today and it is pouring outside, I was not pleased at all. I leave my room and the dorm I live in changed there policy are the parking garage that you can’t enter it through the building anymore so I had to take a longer way to leave the building. I get outside and there is water everywhere. I get to my classroom and my hair is soaked, my hair is like a huge fro and it works like a sponge so I’m carrying all this water on my head and it gets to the point where it feels humid. At least the class I went to was my international relations class and the teacher is pretty cool and the class seems like an easy A, all I have to do is show up and take notes.  

This is where I get pissed though this girl wants to buy two of my textbooks and she wants to meet me at the Jimmy Johns. I walk over there and its still raining so I’m already not in a good mood. I get there at 1:50 and I order Jimmy Johns for the first time and I have to say its pretty good, it taste like a homemade sub for better or for worst. Pretty much she gets there 5 minutes late and the best part is she lives in the building right next to the Jimmy Johns, wtf. THEN shes liek O YEA im talking Stat 208 and not 210 LIKE REALLY. HOW DO YOU GET THE CLASS YOUR TAKING WRONG WHEN WE TALKED ABOUT THIS THE DAY BEFORE CLASSES. Shes an idiot. She only buys one of my books and so I have less money then I should have. After that I chilled for the whole day and played persona. O yea just now my Vita like crashed so I have to redo 10 days of work in persona which is about over 2 hours in real life so fuck me. 

I hope tomorrow is better and I hope it stops raining.