Exploring that Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is a fantastic must have PSN game when priced at 3.75. These PlayStation Plus deals are TOO GOOD! I always wanted to buy the game but just never got to it but I’m making up for that lost time now. I’m still in the early game so I only have three animals unlocked but its still a hell of a lot of fun. My favorite animal so far is the first one, the Pomeranian. ITS TOO CUTE!!! The jump it has makes me cry for real its honestly perfect. I also love the fact that I can kill hyenas and other animals with a small ass dog. It is scary when you see a top tier animal like a gator or an elephant. The longest I’ve lasted with one character generation is 30 years. The game is pretty easy but at the same time if you are trying to complete all the challenges it can be a real rough time. O shit I almost forgot to talk about my favorite part. The game lets you find females so you can mate with them. Females have 3 different tiers; prime, average and desperate lmao! Honestly this could be related to real life most of the time. I can’t wait until I unlock a dinosaur, it will make my semester. 

Got that Tokyo Jungle

These classes get longer and longer every semester. The weird thing is I actually enjoy all my classes besides French which overall is great. This is going to be one of those posts where I could fall asleep mid sentence but I’ll try to make it short. The highlight of the day had to be buying Tokyo Jungle on PSN for 3.75! Its not even a year old and its that cheap! PlayStation Plus is fantastic. I will talk more about the grand adventure that is Tokyo Jungle soon. 

Gaming all day

I have three games on my plate right now, The Last of Us, Borderlands 2 and the newest addition to the list Rouge Legacy. I did my usual play The Last of Us online for a couple of hours so I can get closer to my trophies which is going to be a long haul. I also have to do all the single player trophies as well so this might take all summer or I might just not care anymore we will see. Borderlands 2 DLC has kept me real busy. I feel like I am almost done with the latest DLC (Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep) maybe like 2 more main missions left and a couple of side missions but yea one long sitting is all you need to beat it. I talked about my favorite reference on my last post but later on that night I found the best reference yet. There is a mission where you get to slap prince Joffery and the things he says are too much like “my mother and uncle are just really close friends.” lol I died. Earlier today my friend gave me a copy of Rouge Legacy for PC and holy shit do I love this game. It reminds me a lot like binding of issac but you level up and you play as your children whenever you die. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow when I figure out how to not crash my computer by using my Dualshock 3 as the gamepad for it. Anyways good night and you if you want to play The Last of Us online send me a friend request at burkecableguy

Sound of my life right now. 

Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep impressions.

Its been a while that I played video games all day and I wasn’t bored for a moment. I spent my day playing The Last of Us online with my friends and after that I started up the latest Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep. I feel like I’m almost halfway done with the DLC and I’ve played it for about 3 hours now so it has pretty good length to it. I’ve played all the DLCs so far this is easily the best one yet. It has more different types of enemies than all the other DLCs combined. It hasn’t bored me for a sec and the jokes are extremely funny. This really is one of the best DLCs I have ever played, its up there with Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption. My favorite thing had to be the Dark Souls side quest where you had to collect souls for this guy who is from Dark Souls and then when he comes back you have to help  get revenge on the guy who invaded his world and killed him. I honestly died from laughter. Gearbox has a real sense of humor and I really do appreciate all these references! I also want to say is that I have a gun that shoots swords which then explodes into more swords which explodes again. I fucking love Borderlands! 

Pokemon and Soul Sacrifice

I did so much French homework and studying that I actually feel like I’m going to great on my test tomorrow morning. It was so intense like I actually cared about how well I would do and I just kept on going over the class work and such, I’m just really proud of myself! In all reality studying is totally lame and the real fun of today came from nuzlocking White 2 and playing the Soul Sacrifice demo on Vita. 
Today has been in a very sad day but also a very joyous day in the world of Pokemon. I was training the team in the city park, and by training I mean farming the shit out of Audinos which give a stupid amount of experience. Marc and Pasco completed their training like it was child’s play but HEEM WHY HEEM WHY???!?!?!?!? Heem the Elekid got hit 5 times by an Audino’s double slap and two of those hits crit…if it didn’t hit 5 times he would of lived or even if the last one didn’t crit he could of lived BUT NO THE AUDINOS GOT THEIR REVENGE AND MURDERED HIM IN COLD BLOOD! I was in shock, I can’t believe this happened to A BABY POKEMON, THEY KILLED A BABY A CUTE LITTLE ELECTORAL PLUG BABY!!! I had to put Heem in the hell box just because I’m too lazy to make a heaven box, so that is TWO dead Pokemon already. Marc and Pasco though were PISSED so they decided to take their revenge out on the 3rd gym leader. This gym is a tough gym though considering that half the bugs there know razor leaf so Marc can’t do jack shit and Pasco is weak to bug since he is half grass BUT types don’t mean SHIT on team Anthony! Pasco who is now a Leavanny has some shit to settle with the gym leader since the gym leader’s main Pokemon is a LEAVANNY. The hypest match up of this early game nuzlocke happened, Leavanny on Leavanny ACTION! Marc killed the the stupid Dewebble and Pasco killed the Swadloon but then the match came and Pasco was clearly prepared. HE KNEW HE IS THE RIGHTFUL KING OF THE BUG TYPE THRONE!!! First turn Pasco BUG BITES HIM IN THE FACE and almost kills him but the BEST THING is Pasco TOOK HIS STRIUS BERRY AND ATE IT RIGHT INFRONT OF HIM! That was some rude ass shit but he knew he is king pimp of bug types. He pretty much ripped it from his dying hands and called him a bitch. The second turn Pasco finished him off and that is how I got the 3rd gym badge. After that we went on a scouting party because we need someone to take over Heem’s spot. ENTER THE DESERT we did and holy shit was that place hot thank god for Marc for providing fresh water using water pulse. The first Pokemon we encounter is a Scraggy which only has a 5% encounter rate, it was one of those moments where the Pokemon chooses you and I’m so glad Scraggy choose me! We catch it and it is a female so of COURSE I had to name it after my good old friend Joanna. I’m not going to lie after training Joanna for a bit she learned some awesome moves like payback and brick break and at this moment I have to say she has replaced Pasco as the MVP! Pasco is pretty butt hurt about it and Marc gives no fucks because he looks the coolest and nothing will ever change that. In the next area I caught a Sandile who I had to name after my bro JALEN! I had to add him to the bench though because I hate having two dark types but ITS OK JALEN you are a swag Pokemon and if Joanna dies or if I need something with some god tier power you can make the front lines of this team! I also forgot to say I caught a Petilil who I named after the always wonderful and beautiful Tori BUT I had to bench her as well since I hate using two grass types so if Pasco dies I’ll throw her on the team. The good thing is that she is the official mascot of the team and cheerleader because you know all the guys on my team need to get all amp up by someone and I can only picture Tori doing that. I might play tomorrow, we will see. 
I wrote so much holy shit but I have to talk about Soul Sacrifice for a bit! This game is on the Vita and a demo just came out today on the PSN so if you are any bit interested try it out. This game plays like monster hunter but not with shitty controls and not with a shitty item/inventory system. It is a dark fantasy game where you play as a sorcerer. You can play however you want, you have 6 moves slots and you can put different magic in each one. There are different types of magic like ones with different elements, range, types like support etc. For example you can transform your arm into a giant sword and attack people with it or you can summon a giant fist from the ground to knock enemies up or even throw projectiles. The magic is varied and I love it and the combat is very easy to understand. You can run, roll, cast magic and interact with the environment. You interact with the environment to attain items, recharge the amount of uses on your spells and regain health or even create weapons/shields in the environment. This game is also has a game mechanic all about sacrificing. Whenever you defeat an enemy you have the option to save it or sacrifice it and if you save it you can gain health or if you kill it you gain a damage increase. If you did one or the other enough times you level up your overall stats either defensively or offensively. If you do that to bosses you gain their powers or if you save them they can become your ally later on. You also sacrifice yourself and help out the party with an ultimate attack or sacrifice a part of yourself like your skin for a crazy attack. The missions last like a good 10 minutes at max so its a good portable game. It also has a deep combination system so you can create new skills and such. Honestly I am forgetting a bunch of stuff but my hands hurt so much right now that you might as well just download the demo on PSN and give it try because you might be very happy with what you play, just like I am. 

Guacamelee Impressions.

I didn’t think that this game would be this good but Guacamelee proved me wrong, I love this game, most of the time. You play as Juan, an everyday worker who happens to be really strong and has a dream to be a luchadore. One day the president’s daughter gets kidnapped by this undead guy who says he rules the underworld and now wants to rule the land of the living. You then attain a luchadore mask which makes you an incredible fighter and the ability to save the president’s daughter. The narrative is simple but it gets deeper as you go on, it is also pretty funny at times since all the characters in this game are a bit crazy. This game has such a beautiful 2D art style which I would say is original in a sense. It has that spanish feel and very vibrant colors everywhere which is a lot different than most games on the market today. Guacamelee plays like a metroidvania type of game where you can go wherever you want and go back to past areas and uncover things. MY favorite part of this game is the combat. I LOVE the combat in this game. Its a 2D side scroller beat them up. You can do a basic combo with square and throws with triangle, special moves can be done with the circle button. This game has such a deep combo system, its really surprising. You can pretty much combo anything into anything all you have to do is make sure you know what you are doing and you can easily get a 100 hit combo, the best part is you don’t need a 100 combo to beat enemies but you do get more money for bigger combos and its cool so why not haha. The game has many unique game play mechanics like the ability to transform into a chicken to reach small places and the ability to switch worlds, from the living to the undead. Changing worlds are used to fight enemies and to solve puzzles. Sometimes you will encounter enemies that you can’t hit, the only way to hit them is to either break their shield if they have one with the correct move or switch worlds so you can see them instead of a black or white silhouette. Some of the platforming can get frustrating at times like this one part I’m at right now where I have to wall jump a lot but keep switching worlds so different platforms appear. It is satisfying though once you do beat a puzzle and the treasures are always worth it, like a health/stamina upgrade. 
Overall I say buy this game on PSN, it is 15 bucks but it comes with the Vita version as well so two copies of the game with cross save is pretty awesome. The game also has drop in drop out co-op and has a bunch of replay value once you beat it. It also happens to be a great speed run  game. Do yourself a favorite an enjoy this hilarious lucha libre game! 

http://imgur.com/a/jcsCd This game also has a lot of great references to other games and memes so check it out! 

In a slump

Lets start this off with some good news; I feel like I’m getting better everyday and I’m hurting a lot less than before so if I keep this up then I’ll be fine by the weekend. Other than that not much has happened today like I guess I am just tired of school at this point and just want summer to begin. 21 more days and then finals week, after that we will see what happens because I’m not totally sure what will happen. Today I did realize I’m tired of big triple A games like I can’t finish my Bioshock Infinite 1999 mode run since I’m just so not into it. I couldn’t play the Jak and Daxter collection or Borderlands 2 again, maybe because I have beaten both those games before and DLC isn’t enough for me to get pumped. The next big game I am looking forward to is The Last of Us which I know will be good but after that I’m not totally sure, maybe the next Tales game but other than that I am looking at smaller games like games on the PSN. PSN games have been neglected by me like I haven’t played as many as I should of but I wanted to fix that today. I bought Guacamelee which just came out today on PSN which you should pick up since I have only seen great reviews for it. It is also a cross buy game which means you get the Vita version for no extra charge. Tomorrow I will play it and I might have impressions up for it so look forward to that. I guess I’ve been going through a low point in my life and not even games are really appealing to me, sigh…the fact that a broken heart can do this to me, emotions are unfair and suck haha. Another thing that sucks is that my phone is a paper weight now since the battery is pretty much totally dead, it can’t hold a charge for longer than 5 minutes which makes me feel naked when I leave the house and I can’t check for time for shit. I really should invest in a watch or I’ll ask for one on my birthday because not being able to tell time just ruins everything and also not being able to make plans with people since your phone is dead. I can not wait for this new battery to come in the mail, and more importantly my upgrade in June and I might get an iphone 5 since why not I haven’t heard of anyone having there iphone battery just die for no reason. 

I just want Thursday to come so I can party again, but not too hard….never again haha

I can not wait for this PS4 announcement.

Source: The PS4 Will Be Out This November, And You'll Be Able To Control It With Your Phone

Today at 6pm eastern time Sony is having a press conference in NYC about a lot of rumors and a lot of marketing and hype from Sony has everyone pretty sure that the PS4 will be announced there. I am 100% sure it will be because it makes no sense for all this hype to exist then. Since PS4 will be shown today I wanted to talk about what I think will happen. 

I do want to say before they show off the PS4 Sony will announce a price cut for the Vita and make it $200 in the US, maybe a Europe announcement but I don’t care haha. They will show the PS4 behind glass and they will also have the controller next to it behind glass. Sony will talk about the improvements to the controller and talk about what it can do especially the motion controls, the share button and the touch pad on it. Sony will show a tech demo for the PS4 and maybe it will be a tech demo for Killzone 4 or something from Square Enix (FF7 remake?). They will bring up the brand new revamped PSN and introduce Gaikai and how that will work with the PS4. Gaikai is a streaming service so I believe it will stream PS3 games to your PS4 since PS4 will not have the ability to read PS3 disc. They will introduce PlayStation World which will be PlayStation Plus 2.0 and talk about all the brand new features it will have with PS4 and it will most likely give you the ability to stream any PS3 to ever exist to your PS4 if you buy the service.  I still say that online gaming will be free to play still since that would be crazy to follow in Live’s footsteps since its such a huge staple for PlayStation to have free online. The PS4 will come with an eye toy which will work with the PS4’s built in Move controller. They will say the PS4 comes out in November and I also say that will not say a price and hopefully they will only have one model of the console since I hate multiple SKUs. I also predict something crazy will happen that I have no said yet and I can confirm this already that this will forever change my life and I will cry tears of joy. 

My body is ready. 

My new addiction: Jetpack Joyride.

On January 1st PSN released a free game for PS Vita called Jet Pack Joyride. It was already on the store before for 3 dollars but since its just port of a mobile phone game they made it free just like on other devices. This game is plain and simple you have a jet pack and just keep going right while avoiding all the obstacles and you want to get as far as possible. While playing this game you want to collect coins so you can buy upgrades to your character, skins, one time boots and abilities. The game also gives you a lot of reward in the sense of challenges which are usually easy to complete but there are many of them, for example you have to 500 meters on foot or collect 100 coins on one run. When you complete enough challenges you rank up and get a coin bonus so you get buy more things from the shop. 
The game play is simple but it does get changed up like there are different vehicles you can get into in a middle of a level like a giant frog mech or a gravity suit and even a giant Chinese dragon for example. There are also slot machine tokens to collect and once your run is finished you use them to get more coins or increase the distance of your current run or a boost in coins or distance for your future run. This game gets harder and harder the more you play it since you are trying to complete challenges but it also makes the game more fun and it never gets me bored. The guys at Half Brick know how to make a great pick up and play game that you can play for 5 minutes or even a couple of hours. If you have a smart phone or a PS Vita you must get Jet pack Joyride since it all it will cost you is memory space on your device.