Last day of my lazy break

Last day before I go back to school and I barely left room and I feel great. I love those days where you just wake up at 1, play pokemon and watch netflix until early in the morning. I’m pretty excited to get back since I have finals to study for and classes to not fail lol. Its so weird that its December 1st its almost been a full year on this blog, times moves so fast. At this point I just have to finish strong in all aspects like study, finish this blog and do other personal life things. I do have to play Dragon’s Crown and Killer is Dead before the end of the year. I could beat them before the end of finals maybe over the next weekend but I do have a PS4 to play like Killzone online and maybe some more Resogun. I can beat everything else over winter break. I should also stop neglecting my Vita and play it more, hopefully I’ll get Tearaway for Christmas so I have a real reason to play my Vita again. O yea I’m also back into Pokemon Showdown and I suck at making teams >.> I’m not doing terrible but I really have to step my game up and get better ranking. Well its about that time I start packing up my things for 2 more weeks of college this semester. 

Just getting by

It really feels like October now with the weather getting colder and the exams are stacking up. I got two exams this week and I am slowly working on my final project for my History of Advertising class. I am not looking forward to any of it but Pokemon X will make a nice reward this weekend. Not much happened in general besides looking at the Beyond: Two Souls reviews which are surprisingly average. I’m still going to get the game but it has to during Black Friday for like 30 or less. At this point I’m just going to take life one day at a time and just focus on all this work *sigh* I hope something great happens to me soon! 

o yea I watched the first episode of Kill la Kill which is from the makers of Gurren Lagann. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! ITS AS HYPE AS GURREN LAGANN AND FLCL!!! Its rare to have an anime at this level come out so make sure to watch it every week! 

The small things

The best part about life is even the small things can make you as happy as the big events in your life. I thought today was going to be a typical Tuesday and guess what, it was but I enjoyed it to the max. I managed to get all my homework done so I could go out and do things. I took a couple of walks since the weather was so perfect for me, honestly I could of walked for hours just looking at the weird shit you see around Richmond. The weirdest thing I saw had to be this giant plaster cow statue in the garbage on Harrison. Why would someone throw that away? It must of taken hours to make that but yet they threw it away like nothing, I wish I could of taken it but there is no way I would of fit it in my room. After that I decided to go to this frozen yogurt place which I have never been to. They had this 2 buck Tuesday deal so my friends and I went in and took advantage of this god tier deal. The fact that they had my two favorite flavors(Cake Batter, Irish Mint) in the same machine so I could get that perfect swirl is just perfect. Of course I went crazy with the toppings and poured 4 candy bars worth of chocolate/candy on my yogurt. In all reality my cup should of costed my 6 dollars so I am glad I got that deal, I pretty much robbed the place. Even just chilling with my friends while smoking hookah made this great although I do that a lot the appeal is still there. Lastly I got the demo for Beyond: Two Souls a week early and this game became a must buy! I love how they changed up the prompts in this game compared to Heavy Rain and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. It is also really intense at times which I love, any sort of immersion like that is the reason why I play video games. I hope the game is as good as the demo or I will be sad but for right now this is game I have to pick up by the end of the year.
Song of the day, I randomly found this on spotify and I am so glad I did. This is the official song of Anthony. 

Some game thoughts

Solid day of chilling and watching my friend beat Bioshock Infinite. After watching him play it I have to give that game a near perfect score, even though the combat felt felt a bit weak especially in the middle sections. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won game of the year but honestly in my eyes The Last of Us is WAY BETTER! The twist in Bioshock Infinite is really good but honestly the overall story in Last of Us is just better in every way. I also love Ellie more than Elizabeth mostly because Ellie actually fights in combat and truly feels like my daughter in real life. 2013 really has been a great year for games with Last of Us, Infinite and GTAV, even a bunch of lesser known but great games came out this year. I wish I had the money to buy all the games I missed but I guess I have to wait for black Friday to play them. The next game I have to look forward to is Pokemon Y and I know I will pump in over 50 hours easily. After that I’ll get Beyond Two Souls if the demo is everything I hope it will be. I just wish I had something to play now since I’m done with GTAV forever, I might have to ghetto rental some PS3 for a week and get my money back. I could try to get Metal Gear Rising…
Side note I got sick from Nao and Zen, the Asian place on campus. I should just stop eating Asian food in general because I keep dying, never forgot P-Day, Panda Express Day. Well I gtg my gut is killing me -__-

yay games

Another day of GTAV and I am 9 main missions away from beating the game so most likely I will beat it by tomorrow. Since I didn’t have class today I caught up on video game news from TGS and I saw that SEGA bought Atlus, new MGSV gameplay is awesome and I need Deep Down for PS4. Deep Down is also going to be free to play and its exclusive to PS4 so I can NOT WAIT! It looks like Dark Souls combined with Assassin’s Creed but its also a rouge lite game which means every level is randomly generated. Speaking of Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 got a release date for March 11 2014. I will have to bring out the good old PS3 for it unless they can somehow port it over for PS4. After watching the latest video and impressions from people in the Dark Souls community I can say I am TOO HYPE!! They are fixing all the things that were flawed and exploited and yet it stays true to the Souls tradition. I can’t wait to record another episode of Pixel Glitch on Sunday since I have all these things to talk about. 
Even though I didn’t do anything tonight I am still hype for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow I should be going to the Theros prerelease with my friend and I can not wait for some new cards. I hope I can pull some god cards or other really rare cards to put into my current deck or start making new decks. Magic is so much fun I just needed a reason to play again and tomorrow I will have my reason. 
Time to go back to GTAV. 

Too easy

Life is too easy right now, all I do is go to class, play GTAV and sleep. I know I have to enjoy this to the fullest since this will not last forever but most likely for the rest of the semester. I discovered I was actually 20% done with the game last night instead of 10% and now I’m at 23%. The game is SO LONG with a total of 69 missions and then 20 stranger missions and 42 activities to part take in. I sort of want to 100% it but I know for a fact I have to complete all the main and side missions, maybe not the activities and other random stuff. GTAV also manages to get hyper every single mission, I finally got to do a mission where I got to use all three of the main characters and it was TOO COOL! Rockstar is such an amazing game company, I didn’t think it would play/look this great. I do really want to play online and the wait until October 1st is some real bullshit and people should be MAD about this…I am for sure. Tomorrow is going to be great since I only have 2 classes and an online exam which I will ace since its child’s play. Pretty much its GTAV all weekend and I seriously might beat it if I have no other plans haha. 

First day with GTAV

I feel like I played GTAV for 8 hours today and I love every minute of it. I’m now completing missions with Trevor who I just got introduced to. I have to say he is my favorite character because he is so fucking crazy. I completed one heist so far and it was amazing and the fact that its the first one really gets me hype for the ones towards the end of the game. Another mission I love is the one where you have to assassinate this guy on live TV  by using a cellphone bomb, it left my mouth wide open. I love how this game doesn’t give any fucks and it pushing everything to its limits and maybe even pass them. I do have to say that I’ve been to the strip club and it did not disappoint me and we even got boobs which surprised me. Side note, flying is SO easy in this game! I feel like I’ve done so much but I’m only like 10% done, Rockstar you guys made one hell of a game.

Exploring that Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is a fantastic must have PSN game when priced at 3.75. These PlayStation Plus deals are TOO GOOD! I always wanted to buy the game but just never got to it but I’m making up for that lost time now. I’m still in the early game so I only have three animals unlocked but its still a hell of a lot of fun. My favorite animal so far is the first one, the Pomeranian. ITS TOO CUTE!!! The jump it has makes me cry for real its honestly perfect. I also love the fact that I can kill hyenas and other animals with a small ass dog. It is scary when you see a top tier animal like a gator or an elephant. The longest I’ve lasted with one character generation is 30 years. The game is pretty easy but at the same time if you are trying to complete all the challenges it can be a real rough time. O shit I almost forgot to talk about my favorite part. The game lets you find females so you can mate with them. Females have 3 different tiers; prime, average and desperate lmao! Honestly this could be related to real life most of the time. I can’t wait until I unlock a dinosaur, it will make my semester. 

Got that Tokyo Jungle

These classes get longer and longer every semester. The weird thing is I actually enjoy all my classes besides French which overall is great. This is going to be one of those posts where I could fall asleep mid sentence but I’ll try to make it short. The highlight of the day had to be buying Tokyo Jungle on PSN for 3.75! Its not even a year old and its that cheap! PlayStation Plus is fantastic. I will talk more about the grand adventure that is Tokyo Jungle soon. 

November 15th come now.

Another day of no worries and a bunch of greatness. I had the most clutch Chipotle for lunch today, it was heavenly. Then we played some more Street Fighter. That game always gets more fun even if you are losing since you are always getting better. I actually went out tonight with a couple of friends and saw some familiar faces! Overall a fantasy day. The best part was the day HAD TO BE Sony’s Gamescom conference. They did everything perfect, cut the vita price, cut the price of the vita memory cards, show a bunch of new games including Minecraft and THE MOST IMPORTANT RELEASE DATE FOR PS4!!!! November 15th is the day I ascend into the next generation of gaming. I still can’t believe how great this year is besides one slip up everything else has been on point. I doubt I’ll even go to class when the PS4 comes out it honestly is more important. Side note I need more EDM in my life! I’m about to go crazy at the next show I go to. Honestly right now I’m too hype for everything, what a great day.