Puppy power

When I woke up this morning I didn’t even think of the possibility of having a puppy see the apartment, This puppy named Hugo is TOO adorable omg. The face he makes when his run towards you is to die for. I wish I was allowed to have pets in the apartment…I would either get a small dog or a cat and I’m leaning towards the cat honestly. I feel like I am the lion among cats and they all just love and respect me. I am way too happy about all of that right now. The best part is I saw him again when I was out on a night trip in front of 7-11. One day I will get a pet and it will be the greatest pet of them all. I’ll even get a crown for it. I’m not going to lie the rest of my day doesn’t compare to that puppy, besides hanging out with my friend earlier.
Its 1am what else could I talk about…This semester I realized how important hanging out with my roommates is. Its too much fun just chilln’ having no worries etc. It really helps me get over all that shit that makes me sad. I sort of feeling like I’m evolving into a new version of Anthony and I really like it. Looking into the future the ether of endless possibilities.
side note The Weeknd is singing my mood right now. The beat to The Morning is blessing my ears. O YEA I rediscovered a song I love, Void by Konec. Its sort of dark but I really like it, I don’t know maybe I’m just a little dark.
side note 2.0 I really need to stop being lazy and get my school work going for real.

Its all about perspective and my dead fish is Calvin Harris.

This is the lesson I learned today, it is all about perspective. I thought I was having a really shitty day today well in all reality I did have a terrible start to my day but their is a certain situation that was hurting me and I pulled a 180 on it. 
This morning at 8 am, the fire nation attacked. No they didn’t but they might as well since the FIRE ALARM WENT OFF FOR THE WHOLE BUILDING. I thought I was dreaming but in reality I was not and I got super pissed. I threw on some clothes and just left, no shower or anything and my FRO IS HUGE. We had to wait outside for 30 minutes and everyone is in their night clothes. We finally get back into the building and I have a good hour of sleep I can get before I got to wake up. I couldn’t go to sleep though which made me even more pissed but I figured I go back to sleep after my French class, I get into the shower to get ready for class at like 10ish and THE GOD DAMN FIRE ALARM GOES OFF AGAIN! I’m done with VCU housing FOREVER. The amount of rage. Pretty much I didn’t take a shower today and I felt grimy BUT on the bright side my hair looked pretty damn good so I plan on washing it less. 

The thing that ruined my day is well I going to be very vague about it because even on this blog I know I can’t say everything I want to say without people finding out. Pretty much their is this situation where I was rushing into things to soon into my head and it could of only led me to disappointment. I did change my perspective on it to like well I have more time to enjoy this whole thing and I’ll have more fun with it whether things work out or not. My emotions and feelings didn’t change but my view did and from being a bit depressed I’m pretty joyful now. I’m not going to lie CHIPOTLE AKA “THE FEST OF GODS” got me feeling good vibes. 
It’s all about perspective. If you think your life sucks, think about it in a different way and maybe things will get better. It worked for me so maybe it will work for you!

Also my dead fish named Calvin who died in Middle School is ACTUALLY Calvin Harris. Just accept this because I don’t want to go over the long process of connecting the two but pretty much my fish killed himself in order for me to love music and he knew my favorite music has always been electronic. He died in order to save my life from a lack of music and he then FUSED  HIS SPIRIT ENERGY WITH CALVIN HARRIS and made him into a MUSICAL GENIUS. He then MADE MUSIC THAT I LOVE BECAUSE MY DEAD FISH TAUGHT HIM HOW TO.

Everything makes sense.