Where the packing time at

So I didn’t pack today or do laundry…yea I’m fucking terrible at this whole getting ready for school thing. I guess tomorrow I’ll do it? Nah that’s too much work. Instead I will wake up at a late time, go to the bank and then draft magic cards with all my friends. It sucks how I have a bunch of friends here who play Magic like I wish I could take them to VCU with me so I can have a huge play group. Speaking of Magic I should have my complete deck by the 16th unless Amazon will deliver my cards on the last possible day which is right after I leave. I should get my most important cards tomorrow though so hopefully I get to play them here with all my friends. Anyways I am having issues with this Taco Bell in me so I’ll go fix that right now. 

That pre-packing stress

That feeling that summer is almost over, it makes me a bit sad. It really hit me today that I am going back to VCU in 3 days. After hanging out with my friend Matt who got me this awesome Metal Gear Solid wall scroll I feel even sadder. Honestly its the perfect gift for me, I would never buy one but I always wanted one and I don’t have a single MGS related wall item. My biggest issue with leaving is that I have to make time to pack and hang out with my friends so I really have to pack some stuff up. After I get my clothes all packed I should be ready for an easy packing session the day I leave. I can still feel the stress storm coming. The mad running around my house looking for things to put into the car and then unpacking it all at the apartment. The crucial Walmart trip right after that so I can have food to eat and other important items. Then getting something to eat with my Dad, I hope it doesn’t longer than 3 hours honestly. Well that just stressed me out…good night. 

5 days left

The final countdown has begun I will be going back to VCU in 5 days. I’m really to excited to go back since my new apartment is great and I miss all my VCU friends. I am not excited to pack though and then unpack *sigh* both of those things make my top 5 most hated things to do. I guess I’ll go through some of my stuff tomorrow and throw away junk I don’t need and start making a list of items I should pick up. A lot of cooking supplies will be bought and make school supplies as well. I also should do laundry before I go so maybe on Monday I’ll get that done. Of course I need to see my friends before I go and play a bunch of games of Magic with them since I bought all these new cards. I’m at the point though where leaving home isn’t a big thing anymore since I’m so use to it now. Packing and unpacking were really bad freshman year but as a junior not so much like it still sucks but I learned the tricks of the trade by now. I’m also looking forward to my apartment not being dorm, FINALLY!!!! Dorms suck and having to sign in guest makes you feel like a baby >.> The hype is real and almost here! 

Back home

What I do whenever I see my friend Matt

Still drained from one of the best experiences in my life last night but I feel like I’m going back to normal. I went back to Richmond and packed all my stuff and now I am home just chilling. I wish I didn’t have to unpack and it would just do itself but I can’t be that lucky sigh. I guess tomorrow I’ll unpack and complete this one last thing for my French class so I can get an A. I might go on the job hunt tomorrow but if I don’t then Tuesday for sure because I really need the cash flow for all the games I’ll buying in the fall. It honestly feels so weird to be back in Burke like everything is so nice and clean. I do need to see my friends, o shit I’ll do that tomorrow. Yea this is awesome making up plans while writing this post lets go.