Killzone thoughts

Here we are two weeks away from being done with the semester and then finals. Time has gone by so fast, it felt like it was October yesterday. I can’t believe it smells like Christmas outside and people are starting to put lights up. I hope I don’t have to help this year with lights for my dad, I’ll try to act really busy over Thanksgiving break. In the mean time before I get to all the yummy food and shopping later this week I’ve been giving my PS4 a whole lot of quality time. I played a whole lot of Killzone online and I have to say I like it a lot. It is not as great as 2’s but I believe it is a step up from 3. It plays a lot more like COD but less bullshit and not as fast, the controls are the same and it even has a slide. I like how all the guns are unlocked right when you start and you only have to work for attachments. The game modes are fun but I wish they still had assassination but they do have player made modes and game types so community could make some great modes. I like most of the maps I’ve played and camping hasn’t been an issue either. I just wish that some people weren’t so bad at the online since Killzone is a team shooter and not one person can carry. I can’t wait to see how this game will be in a couple of months and hopefully the free DLC will be out by then. I give Killzone Shadowfall a 3/5 since the single player let me down especially in the last 3rd and the online is really solid but nothing revolutionary.

Anthony Jr is having a Pokemon field day

When I woke up this morning I did expect 10 year old Anthony aka Anthony Jr to have his dreams come true. I wake up this morning to the hypest image in Pokemon history, a picture of Mega Charizard X!!!!! Its black/blue and totally bad ass. The fact that it lost its flying type for an awesome dragon typing omg FIRE DRAGON IS SO GOOD! It is getting an attack increase an a new ability which gives all physical attacks that make contact an extra damage boost, pretty much reverse iron barbs. It looks bad ass, its stats are bad ass and you can only get it in Pokemon X. This confirms my purchase for X honestly and its not like I hate the other mega charizard form but its just not as cool as the one for X. The best part is only charizard is getting these two forms which means GameFreak’s favorite gen 1 starter is CHARAMANDER!!!!! YOU KNOW WHY!?! BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST!!!! 
Part 2 of this awesome day for Anthony Jr is that I watched Pokemon: Origins which got released in Japan today. Even though it wasn’t subbed I watched all 120 minutes of it and it is the greatest Pokemon anime. It follows the story from Pokemon Red and takes you through the whole game. They do cut some corners by not showing all the gym fights and all areas but they do show everything important. The best part is of course the battles! THEY ARE THE HYPEST BATTLES HONESTLY! THEY THREW THE RICE AT THIS ONE, THEY EVEN USE THE BATTLE MUSIC FROM POKEMON!!! Red also has a cool team of Pokemon and is slightly different for each battle so a lot of variety. The last part, part 4 is the best by far. You get to see Mega Charizard X go ham on Mewtwo, it left me tears how perfect it is. I love Pokemon to death and today was just so good to me. I even met this random girl who works in my apartment who was talking to me about her Pokemon nuzlocke. So much Pokemon in one day. 
Lastly the last stages of the starters got leaked and WOW I am 2/3s disappointed. They didn’t try with Fennekins final evolution, Delphox. Chespin’s final evo, Chesnaught has a great name but it should look better honestly. At least it is Grass/Fighting which is great typing. Last but not least is Greninja!!!! Which is my favorite of the bunch, it looks so cool and the typing is water/dark which I like. I can’t wait to get Pokemon X and I have Mega Charizard X and Greninja on a team!!!!!!! 9 DAYS HURRY UP!!!!! 

GTAV over hyped

GTAV has been beaten today and I have come to a sudden realization about GTA, I grew out of it. GTA is just not fun for me even though I completed 75% of the game I just couldn’t fall in love with it. I do respect GTAV and it does deserve it’s 10/10 but it is not where close to The Last of Us in all reality. GTAV is the best GTA game to date but it doesn’t do anything to change gaming its just the same drive from point A to point B shit and not enough mechanics to make it feel interesting. I did have fun with GTAV at times but overall it was just boring and easy besides the helicopter parts which are TOO HARD TO PLAY GOD DAMN! Every second that passes I get more hurt on my purchase of GTAV so I decided to trade it in towards Pokemon X or Y so I will be getting Pokemon for pretty much free. I do want to try out the online before I trade it in but I don’t think it will be enough for me to not trade it in. I wish the narrative and the characters were better or more developed, I feel like The Last of Us ruining gaming for me since everything I compare it to is just garbage. Only a few series can stand next to The Last of Us but most of them still can’t even think about being better than it. I feel so dumb that I bought into the hype, never again. 

So much cardboard play

3 and half hours late on writing this post and I am tried honestly whenever I play magic I am just mentally drained. I really need my sleep haha but yea I actually signed up for the Magic 14 sealed prerelease on Saturday at my local card shop! It was my first time ever going there and I had to say I was impressed by the amount of neck beards I saw haha. I got my other friend to sign up as well and this will be his first magic experience at an event so I hope he really likes it! I am now trying to convince my friends to draft magic 14 the following weekend which would be a lot of fun since none of us have ever done a regular draft before. I found this today which lets you simulate a sealed magic 14 draft and one of the pulls I got from this had 2 planeswalkers like if I could get that at the event I’ll just cash out and go home haha. There are a couple of cards I really like from magic 14 like silence which to me is a bit op since its a 1drop white but you know you can still counter it. Honestly green and white have the best cards imo for m14 like fiendslayer paladin and witchstalker are fantastic cards. I still want to make my sliver deck but I’ll just wait to buy them as singles since I figure they will be really cheap and just focus on making a green/white life gain deck. I feel like green white is my favorite color combo with big creatures and a lot of defense! Anyways I gotta sleep because that basement I play magic in pretty much sucks your soul out. 

O yea I totally forgot to mention my friend Joey who actually has a pretty good magic deck now from help from me and another friend. He was having trouble using the Gruul deck but throughout the night he got better and better and started to win all by himself. Red/green bloodrush is some scary shit honestly but I did however sweep him 4-0 with the good old Selesyna populate party haha

Game of Thrones and Walking Dead talk.

I just finished watching both of and them and I have to say I am disappointed. I honestly thought the Game of Thrones premiere would of been better. I understand that the first episode of the season is about setting things up to come for the rest of the season but still I didn’t find most of the plot interesting. I did find it awesome that Margaery is going to have a bigger part this season plus she is the hottest girl on the show so I’m happy haha. Daenerys should become good this season if she gets that slave army which just loves to loose their nipples like wtf was that shit, how do you let someone cut off your nipple and then you say thank you without flinching, weird ass shit. I know for a fact that I won’t be disappointed this season since it is Game of Thrones and Tyrion is going to do some cool clever things.

The Walking Dead finale though was pretty awesome but had me confused at the end. I have read all of the comic at this point and this is totally different now. The fact that there wasn’t a big battle in the prison and a lot of characters didn’t die well besides half the town of Woodberry thanks to the governor. I really liked the first 7 minutes, the moment when the governor kills his people and then when OUT OF NO WHERE Andrea gets killed like this is so different than the comics. I am happy that she is dead since in the show she is a shitty character so thank god they killed her off, their was no fixing her. The moment when Carl ask what are you doing to Rick is exactly what I said at that moment, Rick bringing everyone from Woodberry to prison like REALLY why didn’t they just take over Woodberry, idk this is just so different. The worse thing is that it ends on a cliff hanger of everyone moving into the prison like where is the governor and his last two men?! I THOUGHT THIS ARC WOULD OF ENDED BUT I GUESS NOT! I’m not sure how I feel but any of this. I hope season 4 will have a strong plot since I have no idea what is going to happen now, I THOUGHT THEY WOULD GO TO DC NOW! WHERE IS ABRAHAM?!?! *Sigh* maybe next season.

Bioshock Infinite, the game that raised the bar for all video games to come.

Today I completed Bioshock Infinite and I still am in shock, when you beat the game you will understand what I mean. Infinite is a true masterpiece like Uncharted 2, Half Life series, and my all time favorite series Metal Gear. If you haven’t bought this game then do your self a favor and pick it up right now, you will not regret it and you will come to thank me once you beat it. I would give a review of the game but its so hard to do that without spoiling things like the narrative of this game is game of the year worthy. I give this game a 10/10 for having an amazing universe, smooth versatile combat and a deep narrative that I could of only dreamed of. Elizabeth is the greatest character in a game to date because she doesn’t feel like a character but a fully well thought out person.  
Bioshock Infinite could of only been done in a video game. If it was a book or a movie it wouldn’t have the same effect. It makes me glad that video games like the connections you feel the characters and the world, and how you are part of this world and get to experience first hand could of only been done through a video game. No book or movie could of let you explore the world of Columbia in a way a video game lets you. The amount of things you get to find for yourself really gives you this sense of discovery and lets you figure out the world instead of it telling you things. This is why I believe that video games are the best medium to ever exist, they are the only way to truly experience a world, a creator’s idea. 

Bioshock Infinite is one of those games that changed how people will see and create video games from now on. Bioshock Infinite really proves that video game can be art. 

I also plan on starting my 1999 hard mode run this weekend which sounds like it will be a bitch but I need the challenge haha.