Thank god I did not have my French exam today. He pushed it back until Thursday so hopefully that will give me plenty of time to learn everything I need to know. I’m also another third closer to finishing my part in the group project so by the end of tomorrow I should have it done. Besides doing homework I got really hype about catching shiny pokemon in X and Y. I read a guide on how to easily get shinies through chain fishing and after an hour of doing it I got a shiny Clawizter! I actually LOVE this pokemon and the shiny looks great! I got it fully EV trained and now I’m trying to get it to lvl 50 so I can use it online. The second shiny I caught which happened 5 minutes after I got the Clawizter is a shiny little Luvdisc lol. It is a cool shiny because its all gold but I wish it could be used competitively.  This shiny Luvdisc would have to go to a future gf who loves pokemon or something, I feel would like she would like it lol. Anyways I got a big day of homework tomorrow, sleeeeeeeppp timeeeeee. 



I survived the two exams today and I figured how to connect to wifi on my 3DS so I’ve been great. I’ve been trading and battling a lot in Pokemon and I even crushed my friend Joey. I completed 3 gyms today so the game’s pacing is a lot faster now. The fairy gym was actually tough since her Sylveon out leveled my team. I really do love that typing now, its s nice to have a type that just destroys dragons. Well its time to go back to studying my quiz in the morning. 

So much procrastination

I have two exams to study for and I got to it at 11pm. What. I think I’ll do fine on them but I wish I had more time to study. Instead of studying I played Pokemon and chilled with my roommates like usual. I maxed out my team’s Evs in super training and then I beat the 3rd gym leader at like 20 hours in lol. I do have to do Pokemon Amie for three of my Pokemon but it shouldn’t take more than an hour to get them all maxed out. The best part about today is that my French exam is pushed back until Monday so after my two exams I just have to study for a French quiz and do some HW. I can’t wait until Wednesday afternoon when I can take a day to myself and just game. 

Pokemon Amie

17 hours in and I have only beaten the second gym haha. I’ve been spending a lot of time training my team up in various ways. I also got an Eevee so now I have five Pokemon to level up. I got tired of super training today and started up Pokemon Amie and wow this shit is actually addictive. Its Nintendogs but with Pokemon and its way better. I have to do this for Eevee to get it to evolve into a Slyveon but then I realized there are so many other perks in max affection for my team. Pokemon with max affection crit 25% more often, can survive a 1HKO, a permanent 10% evasion boost, and has a better chance at avoiding status effects. O yea most importantly a permanent EXP boost! I got my frogaider and Eevee maxed out and will work on the rest through out the week. I will do some more super training on everyone soon. Its so weird but I actually care about my team and is willing to do this side mini game shit lol. If only I had more time this week *sigh*. My three exams are starting up on Tuesday. I will be studying a lot tomorrow unless I get too distracted by Pokemon which could easily happen.
I also recorded a new episode of Pixel Glitch today and I forgot the one from last week so now you have two great episodes to listen to! The latest one is all about my impression on Pokemon X.   http://www.potboilervcu.com/shows/pixelglitch/

Pokemon lived up to the hype

I played Pokemon X all day and I am still currently playing it. This game is easily the best Pokemon game for this main reason. Game Freak has made enough Pokemon at this point where they can make every route have 10 different pokemon and be vastly different from other routes. They even let you catch good Pokemon early on like a bagon or an axew. I am addicted to super training which is the mini game for your Pokemon’s EVs. I do it whenever I get bored battling or need a boost for a gym battle. Speaking of games I’ve only done one so far, the gap between the first and second gym is HUGE! My Pokemon are 24-26 so I wonder if the second gym will be around that. I have a Frogadier, Charmeleon, Hondege and I just caught a Helioptile. I really do feel like a little kid exploring a new region with all these new Pokemon and great visuals/animations. If only I didn’t have 3 exams early next week…

Anthony Jr is having a Pokemon field day

When I woke up this morning I did expect 10 year old Anthony aka Anthony Jr to have his dreams come true. I wake up this morning to the hypest image in Pokemon history, a picture of Mega Charizard X!!!!! Its black/blue and totally bad ass. The fact that it lost its flying type for an awesome dragon typing omg FIRE DRAGON IS SO GOOD! It is getting an attack increase an a new ability which gives all physical attacks that make contact an extra damage boost, pretty much reverse iron barbs. It looks bad ass, its stats are bad ass and you can only get it in Pokemon X. This confirms my purchase for X honestly and its not like I hate the other mega charizard form but its just not as cool as the one for X. The best part is only charizard is getting these two forms which means GameFreak’s favorite gen 1 starter is CHARAMANDER!!!!! YOU KNOW WHY!?! BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST!!!! 
Part 2 of this awesome day for Anthony Jr is that I watched Pokemon: Origins which got released in Japan today. Even though it wasn’t subbed I watched all 120 minutes of it and it is the greatest Pokemon anime. It follows the story from Pokemon Red and takes you through the whole game. They do cut some corners by not showing all the gym fights and all areas but they do show everything important. The best part is of course the battles! THEY ARE THE HYPEST BATTLES HONESTLY! THEY THREW THE RICE AT THIS ONE, THEY EVEN USE THE BATTLE MUSIC FROM POKEMON!!! Red also has a cool team of Pokemon and is slightly different for each battle so a lot of variety. The last part, part 4 is the best by far. You get to see Mega Charizard X go ham on Mewtwo, it left me tears how perfect it is. I love Pokemon to death and today was just so good to me. I even met this random girl who works in my apartment who was talking to me about her Pokemon nuzlocke. So much Pokemon in one day. 
Lastly the last stages of the starters got leaked and WOW I am 2/3s disappointed. They didn’t try with Fennekins final evolution, Delphox. Chespin’s final evo, Chesnaught has a great name but it should look better honestly. At least it is Grass/Fighting which is great typing. Last but not least is Greninja!!!! Which is my favorite of the bunch, it looks so cool and the typing is water/dark which I like. I can’t wait to get Pokemon X and I have Mega Charizard X and Greninja on a team!!!!!!! 9 DAYS HURRY UP!!!!!