I need more Sound Remedy

Sound Remedy has changed music for me. I’ve listen to him non stop and most of his songs are absolutely perfect. The songs have this crazy emotional feel to it that I just totally understand, also the longer the song the better 7 minute songs are glorious. Besides that I feel like I did well on my law and ethics exam so it feels like the weekend has begun. Even though it is Halloween weekend I can tell I’m going to be really bored, if only more people would visit me. I guess I’ll just sleep through all weekend. 

End of an era

Tomorrow night at this time I will have GTAV and I am REALLY excited. I honestly had nothing to do this weekend besides wait for GTAV to come out. Thankfully I don’t have much work to do this week so I will get a lot of game time in. I’ll talk about it on my podcast and on here. Speaking of my podcast I did not record today and mostly because I didn’t really have anything to say besides GTAV is going to be great.  In other news I found out the people who live above us are really crappy. My roommate and I went up there and these two girls were hating on us for how loud our music is. They were blowing everything out of proportion like saying their room shakes from the sub.  They didn’t even give us hours to work with , how can you expect to live in an apartment and not deal with other people’s music?! This ends an era of blasting music with the bass.
Side note, I am terrified of going to French tomorrow since he sent out an email saying everyone did terrible on the exam. I hope I wasn’t one of the really shitty people.

Feeling the Night

I hate how I have to do these all the time haha. I am so done right now and Feeling the Night by Kaskade is the song of my life! Tonight has been fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got back at 2am and I am exhausted hahaha. I can’t feel my face so it is one of those weekends but I really needed this. I’m trying to break out of my shell of shyness and I believe it is working but I need to work harder! I can’t wait for the day I am 100% confident in myself and I will be able to do whatever I want to do without caring. I got a glimpse of my final form tonight which means I will work even harder to get there since I love it so much! Water you are my best friend, you and Kaskade are making my sleep wonderful haha! Night guys!!!

Puppy power

When I woke up this morning I didn’t even think of the possibility of having a puppy see the apartment, This puppy named Hugo is TOO adorable omg. The face he makes when his run towards you is to die for. I wish I was allowed to have pets in the apartment…I would either get a small dog or a cat and I’m leaning towards the cat honestly. I feel like I am the lion among cats and they all just love and respect me. I am way too happy about all of that right now. The best part is I saw him again when I was out on a night trip in front of 7-11. One day I will get a pet and it will be the greatest pet of them all. I’ll even get a crown for it. I’m not going to lie the rest of my day doesn’t compare to that puppy, besides hanging out with my friend earlier.
Its 1am what else could I talk about…This semester I realized how important hanging out with my roommates is. Its too much fun just chilln’ having no worries etc. It really helps me get over all that shit that makes me sad. I sort of feeling like I’m evolving into a new version of Anthony and I really like it. Looking into the future the ether of endless possibilities.
side note The Weeknd is singing my mood right now. The beat to The Morning is blessing my ears. O YEA I rediscovered a song I love, Void by Konec. Its sort of dark but I really like it, I don’t know maybe I’m just a little dark.
side note 2.0 I really need to stop being lazy and get my school work going for real.

Live for

Well the lack of sleep is killing me and I finally finished up my homework. Junior year is really bringing the heat now. I did however practice a lot of French and I feel like I did alright I do need more help but at least I’m not clueless. The worst thing is that its 1:08 and already on the track of losing a lot of sleep. I can’t even sleep in anymore on the weekends to make up for it. I’m so hurt. O yea I’m better at Street Fighter 4 now I can beat both of my VCU friends now with a winning a ratio! All that practice pays off even if they don’t admit it. You can tell the salt is real. Lastly I’ve been listening to a lot of R&B and hip hop recently and I love it. It honestly might be better than EDM in general. The newest The Weeknd and Drake song, Live for is AMAZING!!! Also a big fan of Shabba! 

Another lazy Saturday

I wish he was my teacher *sigh*

Another day of my beautiful lazy summer. I don’t even know what day of the week it is to be honest without checking my phone. A bunch of my friends are gone for the weekend so I did what any normal 19 year old would do, I read manga and watched a massive amount of kpop music videos. The kpop videos are a lot different then what I usually do but my friend she just really wanted to show me all these vids and wow I have this new found respect for kpop. The music videos are so crazy I honestly thought I was tripping at one point haha. All the songs are really catchy and I have to say kpop singers are so sexy! I honestly need to go to Korea and get myself in the kpop industry so I meet these goddess. If I could be surrounded by these women I could die happy. Besides that I stopped watching Great Teacher Onizuka because I was reading how the manga is so much better and its a lot longer. My real reason to stop watching GTO is because the animation is really old and it sometimes hurts to watch haha I rather read and so I did and now I am passed where I was in anime. That is my day in a nut shell also no magic spoilers since it is the weekend…that sucks, I hope they release the last 47 cards on Monday! I should really sign up for that prerelease tourney huh hahaha I am so lazy, maybe on Monday? 

2013 might be my best year

This is perfect.

Last night I felt like talking to everyone I knew so when I woke up this morning I had like 10 fb messages to read, learn learned I will not talk to everyone I know just because I can o god. I honestly couldn’t leave my computer for like 2-3 hours because the conversations got so good and I didn’t want to hurt that perfect convo flow. While this is happening my friend hits me up and tells me that Armin is going to be playing at EchoStage in September and tickets went up 7 minutes ago. I flipped a table when I found out it only cost 46 dollars to see him! I got my ticket and convinced a bunch of people to go and now I have this huge Armin group now. It feels like I won the lottery because Armin’s concert is like getting baptized by the gods of trance. I know I’ve said this before and I have to say it again, 2013 is greatest year in my life so far. I get to see Armin, PS4 comes out this year, so many great video games like The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite came out , my Vita is getting mad love, the Ravens won the Super Bowl and a bunch of other awesome things I can’t remember!!! The best part is I’m only halfway done with the year and I have a whole other semester to experience! My new apartment is going to be so sick and my roommates are all real chill so no drama and I’m staying away from shitty women so I should have the best semester yet! I also get to see Rusko later in the year and maybe even Dash Berlin, I am so blessed to have all of this happen in one year! What if I become amazing at Magic the Gathering as well?! I just start winning all these drafts o man this is going to be sick! The fact that I found a lot of good anime this year is also great and I watched plenty of fantastic TV shows, I know it isn’t special but I guess I really do enjoy every single last thing in my life. This year really can’t get any more than this but it might and that is the crazy part! 
The only bad thing that has happened to me today is that they only spoiled one new magic card tonight and its ok nothing really special in my opinion.  Lets keep this 2013 hype train going! WOOOO!