I need more sleep

Back on that grind welcome back Monday. Projects and exams are coming up again but at least Its almost November. Instead of studying I celebrated my roommate’s birthday so I’m pretty good right now. I wish I didn’t have to present tomorrow morning for French, I’m going to feel so tired in the morning. *Yawn* its about that time.

Monday can be awesome?

Somehow yea it can be awesome. How? Well I got an A on my French project which I only worked on for about 30 minutes. I can’t believe that happened like my teacher did half the presentation for us since one of our group members wasn’t there. He even did like half of stuff, I can’t believe it but I am so happy it all worked out. Apparently I destroyed my last French exam as well so I MIGHT actually get an A in the class! I also just now got a great idea for my Cheerwine Ad so I hope my teacher likes it, I just wish I understood what she wanted because she isn’t really consistent. This is also my last ad for the year which is BEYOND amazing like I was so tired or making these ads. I can’t believe I only have a week left of classes and then finals begin, time goes by so fast. I sort of can’t wait to be done but I am going to miss living in the Richmond but a break from here could be a good thing since I get to see my friends but honestly I can not wait for August 16th to come back. Next semester will be the best semester no doubt.
I nuzlocke a bit today and I am trying to get the whole team up to lvl 40 for this fight since I don’t trust ANYONE on living so we gotta get buff. I evolved Matt today into a Giggialith WHO HAPPENS TO HAVE A BIRTHDAY TODAY/TOMORROW SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! Matt is a pretty much the wall of this team like NOTHING gets passed him, he only knows how to take hits and then hit like a truck from space. I also caught a cubchoo today who I named Donnie because Donnie has the biggest boner for this fucking Pokemon when Pokemon White/Black came out and I don’t know why because Beartic(cubchoo’s evolution) LOOKS SO DUMB and doesn’t really get to learn that good of moves. He is on the starting line up though since the rest of my bench is absolute trash so Donnie do not fail me and I might respect polar bears.