I have an important announcement.

This means so much to me and maybe it will matter to you in someway or another. I did something that hasn’t happened in years, I can’t even remember the last time this happened actually. I won a game of Mario Party. I’ll give you a second to take that in and realize what has happened. I am really unlucky in general and Mario Party is pretty much a game all about luck. How the hell did I pull this off? The answer might be diligence or that I entered THE ZONE for a couple of mini games.  I was god of the dice roll, the numbers I needed always came out like I told the dice what to do. I got many a mini star which increased my lead to a stupidly high number which at the end became the perfect buffer to win it all. Even on the boss battle against and everyone teaming up against me I managed to pull out second place on the event. Marc who came in second won all the bonus mini stars besides the one he split with me which in the end matter. I won by 6 stars and if he had won that mini star bonus he would of won it all. I barely came out on the top but the stars aligned and I pulled a victory out from the heavens Gurren Lagann style. The year 2013 has been a great year and now I have another year to add to my list to see if this is the best year of my life. Now I’ll go back to season 3 of Arrested Development. 

I wish you a glorious victory in your life just like in mine. 


Joey wanted a shout out, so he doesn’t get one at all because he sucks. I went to Chipotle today with my BOYS and I got some hype ass shit you know. We ALL got quesarritos! Its really good like the cheese around the tortilla is so good, its next level lol. OUR QUESARRITOS WERE HUGE LIKE A NEW BORN BABY! I felt sick after finishing mine but was totally worth it. I wouldn’t get it again though because it cost 10 bucks but you should get it for the experience of eating it. After that I chilled with my bros and played some Mario Party 2 and holy shit do I suck dick at that game like I haven’t won a game of Mario Party in years. Of course I got last place but one day, one day I will overcome the bullshit mini games in Mario Party. I played some Magic as well and wow does my werewolf deck suck in doubles so I need to make a new deck but I really don’t want to or have the ability to at the moment. O yea I went to Gamestop today and I bought Soul Sacrifice for Vita today and I haven’t opened it yet but this will hold me off until the Last of Us on June 14th. Anyways I am exhausted and I’m sort of starting to miss VCU life…nothing against my friends but I just love being in the city of Richmond and also I can make moves back there lol. 

My friends made going back home worth it.

That Boo screwed my whole second game in Mario Party 9. 

Iwasn’t really pumped to go back home this whole time but today everything changed, I saw all my friends. We did the usual, played video games and got dinner and just did some stupid shit. I realize this every time I come back and see them but they are the only people I can have this special bond with and I love them for it. Its sad to think that these days are numbered but I just got to enjoy them as they came because I know they do. I not going to lie they make all the small things in life so much specially video games. Mario Party with them is THE GAME TO PLAY! I’ve played Mario Party with other people and honestly it sucks compared to them like we just yell a lot and do random stupid things haha. Good friends can never be replaced.

Side Note: I’m the tag team champion with Bryan in Brawl so eat it guys.