Well I am beyond exhausted. I didn’t even do much today besides eat lunch with a friend, watch some Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and went to a magic draft. The draft was alright I went 1-2 my cards were ok overall. I can’t wait to work on this research project and clean my room/clothes tomorrow. *yawn* bed time. 

prerelease hype.

I went to the Theros prerelease at the game store and did pretty well overall. I thought I wasn’t going to do well since I haven’t played in over month and it was only my third time making a sealed deck. We got these game boxes each with a different color and I really wanted the blue one but I got called last to choose, so hurt and I got one I didn’t want, green. I did have some sick pulls like my lion, satyr unblockable helm. No win conditions in my deck but I pull off some crazy shit with my lion. I got him to a 10/10 hexproof, indestructible, unbloackable, life link god. I’m proud I went 3-1 it could of gone so bad in that last round. The best part is I won 4 packs and got another lion and other rares I want. O yea I pulled the U/B planeswalker so I made my money back haha. If only I didn’t get soaked on the way back from the shop. I need to look at the weather more often so I could of worn a jacket. At least I made cash on this! 

yay games

Another day of GTAV and I am 9 main missions away from beating the game so most likely I will beat it by tomorrow. Since I didn’t have class today I caught up on video game news from TGS and I saw that SEGA bought Atlus, new MGSV gameplay is awesome and I need Deep Down for PS4. Deep Down is also going to be free to play and its exclusive to PS4 so I can NOT WAIT! It looks like Dark Souls combined with Assassin’s Creed but its also a rouge lite game which means every level is randomly generated. Speaking of Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 got a release date for March 11 2014. I will have to bring out the good old PS3 for it unless they can somehow port it over for PS4. After watching the latest video and impressions from people in the Dark Souls community I can say I am TOO HYPE!! They are fixing all the things that were flawed and exploited and yet it stays true to the Souls tradition. I can’t wait to record another episode of Pixel Glitch on Sunday since I have all these things to talk about. 
Even though I didn’t do anything tonight I am still hype for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow I should be going to the Theros prerelease with my friend and I can not wait for some new cards. I hope I can pull some god cards or other really rare cards to put into my current deck or start making new decks. Magic is so much fun I just needed a reason to play again and tomorrow I will have my reason. 
Time to go back to GTAV. 

Take your mind off

I can easily say another great weekend has occurred. Chilling with the roommates is great but then Marc step the game up by setting up his lasers and LED strip. I cried when he gave me a light show there. The best part is the song was by Armin so there is a good chance that I will have the greatest rave experiences ever! I’ve also been eating EVERYTHING today like I had three dinners over the course of today, I feel so fat haha. Side note the latest Magic set got completely spoiled and I am beyond hype! It looks like one of the best limited sets ever. Its totally balanced and everything so I will have a great time at prerelease. I might try to make a green/blue and mono green deck after looking at all these new cards. Next weekend is about to get intense. 

Drowning in French

I’m so hurt by all the French work I have to do this week, it might of ruined it until the weekend. My teacher is going to give us an exam on Thursday but then he also assigns an oral presentation on Wednesday and of course he gives us lab work due on Friday. It really is some bull shit especially since none of my other classes are doing this to me. Its a 102 class and I have more work in it than my 300 and 400 level classes…I’m just salt for real, I don’t know enough French to save my life this week. This week just hasn’t been good for me like both the Ravens and Redskins lose, come on. The Pre TGS PlayStation conference wasn’t as hype as I wanted it to be even though Deep Down looks hype as fuck. Thankfully the spoilers for the new Theros Magic cards have been AWESOME! At this point I really want to run mono green and keep working on my Selesyna deck. I feel like green has the best god and legendary artifact even though that black artifact is fucking hype. I’m 90% sure I am going to my local card shop for the prerelease with my friend Isaac. Well its time to get back to my eternal struggle with French *sigh*. 

I love it here

Almost 2 full days and I’m back in love with the Richmond area. My new apartment is next level and I’m having a great time with my roommates. I’ve been seeing a bunch of friends and just chilling honestly this is the life. I hope the semester doesn’t kill the greatness at is happening in my life. I can’t wait until my other roommate Marc gets here that is when things are going to get crazy. I also went to Cary town today to draft at the local game shop and I didn’t do terrible. I wish we had more than 4 people for the draft but no randoms came in this morning so next Friday I am about to slay all the neck beards. Pretty much my life is almost perfect right now besides the fact I need to buy a side table for my room. I still haven’t cooked yet but I’ll get to the point where I crave some pasta haha 

Last day feels

What will the future hold

This happens every time I move back and forth from Richmond and NOVA I always get sad. It really sinks in once you drive away and start packing up your belongings. I’m actually so happy my friends got me back into Magic again because I’m REALLY into now and I feel like I’m quite knowledgeable maybe even good. Hopefully I’ll see them a lot more this semester with them visiting me and maybe I’ll go back to see them. Its actually so weird, tomorrow I will be hanging out with a bunch of other friends but with barely any overlap between the two groups *sigh*. This is so bittersweet. I also spent my last day at Nationals Park with my family in some swag club seats. I’m not a big fan of baseball unless I am at the ballpark the whole experience is wonderful. The best part about this particular experience was that I had unlimited amounts of food to consume for no extra cost. I over 20 wings honestly and I got the dreaded meat sweats, so much meat sweat. If you didn’t know what meat sweat is its when you eat a lot of meat and you just start sweating since meat has a lot of salt in it. I am not looking forward to moving in with everyone in my family though cause its just stressful and I get easily annoyed so I hope the whole process is really quick. After that I can shit stomp my friend in Magic and get turnt haha.