what a pain

Well I already can’t wait for this week to be over since I have three finals this early…At least I’ll get them out of the way but in general I just don’t want to do them. French is going to be super hard same with law and ethics since I don’t have all the notes I need. I have no idea what my history of ad final is on or when it is so I’ll find that out tomorrow. I just can’t believe the semester is in its last two weeks and I couldn’t be happier. I just want to sleep and game all winter even though that is what I’ve been doing this entire time. Hopefully I won’t be so damn lazy next semester but I won’t count on it. All I did today was work on some study guides and play Killer is Dead. I really like it I just suck at it right now but maybe because I don’t have the parry unlock yet. Tomorrow is going to be filled with law and ethics studying, an energy quiz and French studying *sigh* I need my break. 

Gintama is top tier

I didn’t think Gintama would be this good when I first started but at the 37 episode mark I am deeply in love with this anime.  Its on the level of my 3 other favorite anime which are Evangelion, FMA:Brotherhood and Steins Gate which you should all watch if you haven’t. The fact that Gintama is a comedy parody type anime and it makes my top tier anime list is a huge accomplishment. Every single episode so far has made laugh out loud many times some episodes make me laugh til I cry. This show has the perfect amount of crazy and weird characters and situations like how do you even write a show like this? There are arcs in the show but nothing really important has happened apparently episode 56 is when we get some heavy plot happening but even without a heavy intense plot the interactions between characters is priceless. It is a long running anime so that could be a huge turn off for people but if you give it a shot you could easily fall in love with the show. Besides watching a lot of Gintama I’ve been watching a lot of Trutv today. I have to say South Beach Tow is the show that world always needed but never asked for. I don’t care what i scripted and what is real its just pure entertainment and fun. I feel like every one is Miami is fucking crazy after watching so much of it haha. I really wish I invented the towing show trend like I would put that on my resume. Overall another lazy day and another day closer to my beautiful apartment at VCU.

and even lazier Mondays.

It is mid April and I am incredibly lazy now, even my alarm clock is being lazy because it didn’t go off this morning and so I missed all my classes today…great. I did however work on my resume today and it is almost done so not all is lost today. I was so lazy today that I didn’t even play Pokemon like honestly what the hell did I do today?! I’m not totally sure but I did however start playing Jak II today. I LOVE Jak II with a passion like that game is a masterpiece. Its one of those games that have a lot of nostalgia for me but more importantly it holds up great, like it is very playable and it looks great with the HD texture upgrade. I wish more people talked about Jak II because it for sure was the best game to come out in 2003. I’ll probably play it and beat it and then start up Jak 3 which is an amazing game as well. I really love these HD collections, they let me relive a part of my childhood and appreciate where gaming has gone. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more productive and finish my resume and I have to figure out what classes to choose as well…so much fun…yea….I want the weekend to be here now!!!

Lazy Sundays.

I live for these days where I do nothing at all haha. All I really did was finish up a project, read some of my book for my class and then nuzlocke some more and end the day off with Game of Thrones. I have to say that Game of Thrones episode was TOO FUNNY! I loved every second of it. It did have a theme of rape though and I’m glad how all of the rape in this episode didn’t actually happen because no one likes rape. Podrick though is such a swagger hound like he has sex with three whores and he didn’t have to pay them like holy shit I hope you win the iron throne. I’m also really happy we didn’t have to watch Theon get raped like o god I wouldn’t be ready for that. The scene with Tyrion dragging the chair to the other end of the table is priceless  like the whole scene is beyond funny but its such a power play by Tyrion to show his Tywin that he isn’t fucking around. Honestly I love tension between characters haha. Also the scene in the beginning with the arrows missing the body like I died of laughter I just love how this show has a lot of human elements to it and the look on Robb’s face I couldn’t handle it! Lastly I have to mention how much I love Jamie like what a guy for not letting Birenne get raped but damn did he pay the price. I wonder what the hell he is going to do now without that hand like he can’t fight for shit now. I can not wait for the next episode!

Today in my White 2 nuzlocke I made it to the second gym but first I tried in the fields below the city. The first Pokemon I saw was a Elekid and I caught the shit out of it haha. I named him after my friend Fred but used his nick name Heem and I just thought they matched perfectly. I trained Marc, Pasco and Heem to level 18 and then we faced Roxie. Pasco(the Sewaddle) is weak to poison types but that didn’t stop him from running train on that Koffing! Pasco wanted to prove that types don’t matter and that the only thing that matters is whats on the inside. It was such an inspirational speech that I had to let him do it. After giving that speech he used Return (the power of love) on the Koffing and gets A CRITICAL HIT 1 SHOT CITY YO, SO MUCH HYPE! Then I Marc and Heem clean up the Whirlipede and that is how we won our second badge! Also Marc evolved from an Oshawott to a Dewott which means my best friend is now a ninja otter so that is pretty rad. Honestly I really like my team right now which is surprising for a nuzlocke and if any of them died now I might cry T.T