R.I.P. Pasco

I am counting down the days till I leave. It is not that I dislike Richmond but it is more like I dislike doing a bunch of dumb school work. I have 3 finals on Tuesday and I know by this weekend I am going to be super stressed out so it is only a matter of time that I break down and just give up on studying haha. Thank god for video games though, the ultimate stress reliever. I played a bunch of  Injustice again and I have to say I suck at fighters and I suck even more at using the 360 controller. I hate the dpad on it and how all the button are too big for me. Having short fingers is the worse thing ever thankfully the PS3 controller is a perfect fit for me and I hope it doesn’t change too much with the PS4 controller. On the subject of Xbox today they announced that their future of gaming conference will be May 21st. I have to say that is SOO LATE to the party like that mind share is all PS4. It is also so close to E3 that I don’t think it really matters that they have this conference and might as well do it at E3. I also heard today that Nintendo is not going to have a huge E3 conference this year. This shows to me that the mighty has fallen. Honestly how can you NOT have a E3 conference especially if you are Nintendo. I don’t think they will make it past next gen in all reality at least in the home console market. 
Today has been a very sad day in Pokemon. At 12:15 today Pasco faced a Lvl 33 Golbat. Pasco is 10 levels higher and he used return, it did not kill the Golbat. Golbat then went for the air slash and ONE SHOT KILLED PASCO! I almost cried even though Pasco in all reality sucks but that bond I had with him. I trained him up since he was a lvl 4 Sewaddle! T.T From this moment on this nuzlocke is in the memory of Pasco, the king of Leavannys. I replaced him with Helena a skorupi I caught today. Helena is pretty awesome and even better she evolved into a Draipon as well!! Drapion was one of the coolest Pokemon in 4th gen and I have never used one before so I hope things go great with her. Sara also evolved today, well actually twice and she is now a Chandlure WHO HITS LIKE A TRUCK! I love this Pokemon so much, it only knows how to kill. I also caught an Excadrill who I named Isaac because this kid loves his mole Pokemon so it only makes sense. I want to use him and replace Donnie because he is only ok but Isaac is god tier. BUT I can not replaced Donnie because him and I have this bond through icicle crashing which is our favorite past time. I managed to capture a Jellicent today and I named it Kwasi for no good reason, I don’t have a friend who has a stupidly big mustache so this was going to be off no matter what. I might be making changes to the team soon since I am only two gyms away from the Elite 4 but as for now I like my current team! 


The last day of a chill weekend

I have to say he looks a lot cooler than Deadpool to me

Successful relaxing day I had today. I completed a whole French project, completed season 1 of Shameless and I got to play some more Injustice which I have to say is too much fun. My French project in all reality was easy to do besides the fact that I have to speak in front of the class tomorrow morning. We will see how that goes…Shameless though is pretty awesome. I watched 10 hours of the show today like I love it so much. I cried at one point and after that one point the whole show changed for me. The show also has some of the best written characters like they are all so deep its crazy. You should really watch it because it might be the best thing on Showtime. Later I played Injustice and I am going to main Nightwing and Deathstroke for sure. Nightwing is SO FAST and I can naturally do some combos with him and Deathstroke is that perfect combo of quick attacks and good range. I actually might by it we will see. 

Injustice and Cheerwine

What a chill day. I finally got a day to myself to relax and get things done. By things done I mean play video games and barely do any homework. I played more of my nuzlocke and I caught a Boldore who is named Matt. I have a feeling Matt will become a MVP of my team one day after I evolve him. After playing Pokemon I went to my friend’s house and played Injustice all day. I have to say Injustice is a fucking awesome fighting game. I didn’t think it would be this good but it really is. The rooster is huge and every fighter plays differently so there is a lot of variety going on. I say it is easy to play once you go through the tutorials and understand the basic mechanics. My favorite thing about this fighter is all the stage interaction. You can kick someone into the background or pick up a piano from the background and throw it at your opponent. I also love how you can kick someone out of the stage into another stage in the same area. All the super moves I saw today look sick especially batman’s like the batmobile coming in at the end of super was not expected. In general I don’t like fighting games but I found this is one to be lots of fun and I might actually pick it up and play it over the summer. 
I wish I didn’t have to work on this cheerwine project. I have to make a guerrilla advertisement for cheerwine and it is pretty damn hard like I can’t even describe the taste of this drink. I have some ideas going for it right now but all of them are half baked so I guess I’ll just go to sleep and work on it in the morning.