Killzone thoughts

Here we are two weeks away from being done with the semester and then finals. Time has gone by so fast, it felt like it was October yesterday. I can’t believe it smells like Christmas outside and people are starting to put lights up. I hope I don’t have to help this year with lights for my dad, I’ll try to act really busy over Thanksgiving break. In the mean time before I get to all the yummy food and shopping later this week I’ve been giving my PS4 a whole lot of quality time. I played a whole lot of Killzone online and I have to say I like it a lot. It is not as great as 2’s but I believe it is a step up from 3. It plays a lot more like COD but less bullshit and not as fast, the controls are the same and it even has a slide. I like how all the guns are unlocked right when you start and you only have to work for attachments. The game modes are fun but I wish they still had assassination but they do have player made modes and game types so community could make some great modes. I like most of the maps I’ve played and camping hasn’t been an issue either. I just wish that some people weren’t so bad at the online since Killzone is a team shooter and not one person can carry. I can’t wait to see how this game will be in a couple of months and hopefully the free DLC will be out by then. I give Killzone Shadowfall a 3/5 since the single player let me down especially in the last 3rd and the online is really solid but nothing revolutionary.


some impressions

Well I missed yesterday’s post and I almost missed today’s but its alright I’m here now. I was destroyed last night since it was my best friend’s 21st birthday. Apparently I was beyond done and I don’t remember some of the night and I ate everything. Tonight was a lot more chill I just played video games and watched TV with my friends. I beat Killzone yesterday and I have to say the last third of the game is garbage. I only played one match one online so I need more time in order to do a full review but the single player is a 3/5. I also started Knack today which got really bad scores but I do like it so far. I’m on the second chapter so I haven’t seen enough of it to really get any impressions. I can say that I love the look of it and the fact that I’m playing a 3D platformer that isnt Mario is refreshing. I hope I don’t think the game is a 2/5 or a 1/5 when I’m done with it. 

Killzone thoughts

My games came in three days early! What a great surprise like Amazon is the best site to order from. I started up Killzone and after playing it all day I’m on the last chapter (I think). The game is beautiful and very detailed, even objects in the backdrop look great. The game plays more like than COD than the previous Killzone games but I do welcome the lightest to my movements and easier to remember controls. The story is alright and hopefully it will have a great ending. I have not started the online play but I will once I beat the story. This will most likely happen on Friday since I have plans all of Thursday. After Killzone online I will be doing co-op in Knack. So far I would say buy this game if you have a PS4 its a great game to play and show off. 

GTAV over hyped

GTAV has been beaten today and I have come to a sudden realization about GTA, I grew out of it. GTA is just not fun for me even though I completed 75% of the game I just couldn’t fall in love with it. I do respect GTAV and it does deserve it’s 10/10 but it is not where close to The Last of Us in all reality. GTAV is the best GTA game to date but it doesn’t do anything to change gaming its just the same drive from point A to point B shit and not enough mechanics to make it feel interesting. I did have fun with GTAV at times but overall it was just boring and easy besides the helicopter parts which are TOO HARD TO PLAY GOD DAMN! Every second that passes I get more hurt on my purchase of GTAV so I decided to trade it in towards Pokemon X or Y so I will be getting Pokemon for pretty much free. I do want to try out the online before I trade it in but I don’t think it will be enough for me to not trade it in. I wish the narrative and the characters were better or more developed, I feel like The Last of Us ruining gaming for me since everything I compare it to is just garbage. Only a few series can stand next to The Last of Us but most of them still can’t even think about being better than it. I feel so dumb that I bought into the hype, never again. 

Already half way done

Its been two days since I got GTAV and I already have over 20 hours in the game, I need to find something else to do haha. I can’t believe I’m 49% done with the entire game and 3/4 done with the story like this is all I do. Honestly I will beat this game before the online gets released so I might actually have to find another game to play. Overall I love the game but I don’t think its perfect and the story is really good but at the same time has some awkward pacing. I know the ending is going to be great so I’m not worried but I do want the game to pick up soon because I am getting sort of bored. 
Its official that I have no idea what is going on in French and I wonder how long I can bullshit while getting good grades. I feel like it will start to hurt me in November, hopefully I can just get a B and not care. On the bright side I got a 96 on my Sociology exam which means I’m going to get an easy A in the class since all the tests are on blackboard. 4 easy classes and one super hard one, thankfully my French teacher isn’t that bright so I’ll manage. 
I wish I had things to do this weekend, I feel like everything is so boring and I have nothing to do. I wonder how I can fix that, but the thing is do I really want to fix that or do I just want people to hang out with me and not do any work. I might go to the Theros prerelease on Saturday so that is at least one plan. Anyways I gotta sleep even though it doesn’t matter since I have no class tomorrow!

Too easy

Life is too easy right now, all I do is go to class, play GTAV and sleep. I know I have to enjoy this to the fullest since this will not last forever but most likely for the rest of the semester. I discovered I was actually 20% done with the game last night instead of 10% and now I’m at 23%. The game is SO LONG with a total of 69 missions and then 20 stranger missions and 42 activities to part take in. I sort of want to 100% it but I know for a fact I have to complete all the main and side missions, maybe not the activities and other random stuff. GTAV also manages to get hyper every single mission, I finally got to do a mission where I got to use all three of the main characters and it was TOO COOL! Rockstar is such an amazing game company, I didn’t think it would play/look this great. I do really want to play online and the wait until October 1st is some real bullshit and people should be MAD about this…I am for sure. Tomorrow is going to be great since I only have 2 classes and an online exam which I will ace since its child’s play. Pretty much its GTAV all weekend and I seriously might beat it if I have no other plans haha. 

First day with GTAV

I feel like I played GTAV for 8 hours today and I love every minute of it. I’m now completing missions with Trevor who I just got introduced to. I have to say he is my favorite character because he is so fucking crazy. I completed one heist so far and it was amazing and the fact that its the first one really gets me hype for the ones towards the end of the game. Another mission I love is the one where you have to assassinate this guy on live TV  by using a cellphone bomb, it left my mouth wide open. I love how this game doesn’t give any fucks and it pushing everything to its limits and maybe even pass them. I do have to say that I’ve been to the strip club and it did not disappoint me and we even got boobs which surprised me. Side note, flying is SO easy in this game! I feel like I’ve done so much but I’m only like 10% done, Rockstar you guys made one hell of a game.