less than 2 weeks

Feeling better today I had time to clear my head and just think. I also worked on a bunch of homework and I’m still not done…On the positive side I totally forgot it was Saturday so I have all of tomorrow to get things done. One more paper to write and two projects to work on. Side note 12 more days until PS4! The countdown is too real, its all I really have to look out for. I guess I’ll be lame now and go to bed since I have nothing better to do besides listen to Sound Remedy. 

Why Kone

And just like that fall break is over and I barely did anything besides play Pokemon and complete some homework. I am looking forward to a surprise French midterm tomorrow morning if its still going to happen which I doubt. My professor (Kone) really doesn’t know what hes doing so I might have it next week. I don’t know why he thinks its OK to give us homework on Sunday via email and make the homework 7 pages long. The fact that its due tomorrow morning is so dumb and since I got that assignment randomly I only got to finish a 3rd of my history of advertising project. I hope I’m doing that project correctly but I’m more worried if the rest of group is actually doing the project. Group projects should not exist and the fact that my professor wants us to dress nice for it, just why. Tomorrow should involve more project work and maybe French hw but overall nothing too stressful, maybe I’ll start up a video game idk. 


Well I am beyond exhausted. I didn’t even do much today besides eat lunch with a friend, watch some Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and went to a magic draft. The draft was alright I went 1-2 my cards were ok overall. I can’t wait to work on this research project and clean my room/clothes tomorrow. *yawn* bed time. 

Live for

Well the lack of sleep is killing me and I finally finished up my homework. Junior year is really bringing the heat now. I did however practice a lot of French and I feel like I did alright I do need more help but at least I’m not clueless. The worst thing is that its 1:08 and already on the track of losing a lot of sleep. I can’t even sleep in anymore on the weekends to make up for it. I’m so hurt. O yea I’m better at Street Fighter 4 now I can beat both of my VCU friends now with a winning a ratio! All that practice pays off even if they don’t admit it. You can tell the salt is real. Lastly I’ve been listening to a lot of R&B and hip hop recently and I love it. It honestly might be better than EDM in general. The newest The Weeknd and Drake song, Live for is AMAZING!!! Also a big fan of Shabba! 

one week done

Its been over a week now and I’m back in the grove of things for the most part. Overall its been a lot more chilling but I feel like that will disappear once I really get into French which will hopefully happen tomorrow. Already having homework is a huge bummer especially when you don’t know what exactly you have to do. That will be my Sunday, I might go out and buy textbooks as well. I should also start working out since all I’ve eaten here is junk. So much fast food, I really need to get that cooking game going. Lastly I’m at the point where I might want to cut off certain people because I can’t deal with their games. 

and I already have homework

First day of class and I already got myself French 102 homework, why. The fact that I don’t even remember French makes this one paragraph assignment tough. The worst part is my professor is going to be speaking in French for the most part. I have no idea how I will do in this class. Energy is a child’s play class and I’m not sure if I want to go to it or just take it online, one more class and I will see. Lastly History of Advertising was interesting, my teacher is really something. He has a lot of personality and seems cool the only thing I really don’t like about that class is how the seats are combined with the desks and its small. Overall a good day besides the longer walk I have to do this semester and that summer heat. I hope my sociology class tomorrow will be easy so I can actually talk to people. Well I gotta go and catch up on gaming news. 

The cycle of school continues.

Today has been a pretty good day, nothing really good or bad happen so I consider that a win in my book. I did however study for the majority of the day which isn’t something I do often. I had about 8 French assignments and most of the things on the homework we haven’t learned so I had to teach it to myself. One big thing I don’t get about my French class is how my professor doesn’t even teach of us how to say the Alphabet in French. It seems like a minor thing but we had some really stupid homework where we heard this person spell out last names but I had no idea how these letters were supposed to sound so yea I had to learn all of that. 
I also read 3 chapters in my Story book and its called hey whipple, squeeze this! and its about how to create good advertisements. I find this book to be the most interesting thing I have read in college which is a good thing since creative ad is my major. This is also the first time that I truly care about me reading each page word for word. There is this one quote I want to share since I just found it to be really interesting, it was said by Doyle Bernbach who started the creative revolution in advertising. 

“The truth isn’t the truth until people believe in yo, and they can’t believe in you if they don’t know what you’re saying, and they can’t know what you’re saying if they don’t listen to you, and they won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting , and you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly.” 

I also beat the 5th dungeon in Persona 4 Golden so I’m getting pretty close to the end now, I hope. I also carried two games today as Dr.Mundo so I’m better at my role as jungler. 

Also I have a new tab now called Video Game Podcasting and I would like everyone to check it out since that is where I will be uploading my weekly podcast with a couple of other guys. I have the first one uploaded for this season so go check it out and I hope you can give me some feedback on it!