Last day of my lazy break

Last day before I go back to school and I barely left room and I feel great. I love those days where you just wake up at 1, play pokemon and watch netflix until early in the morning. I’m pretty excited to get back since I have finals to study for and classes to not fail lol. Its so weird that its December 1st its almost been a full year on this blog, times moves so fast. At this point I just have to finish strong in all aspects like study, finish this blog and do other personal life things. I do have to play Dragon’s Crown and Killer is Dead before the end of the year. I could beat them before the end of finals maybe over the next weekend but I do have a PS4 to play like Killzone online and maybe some more Resogun. I can beat everything else over winter break. I should also stop neglecting my Vita and play it more, hopefully I’ll get Tearaway for Christmas so I have a real reason to play my Vita again. O yea I’m also back into Pokemon Showdown and I suck at making teams >.> I’m not doing terrible but I really have to step my game up and get better ranking. Well its about that time I start packing up my things for 2 more weeks of college this semester. 

Pixel Glitch official start up

I actually did something with my day for once, I kicked off the Facebook page for my new podcast Pixel Glitch. The first episode is up and it can be found here! If you like that like us on Facebook and post whatever video game/nerdy things you want.
Besides getting quite serious about the podcast I actually cooked! Not like bull shit cooking like bacon or hot dogs etc easy food. Marc and I made some amazing chicken using my Mom’s recipe. The best part is it tastes like home and it really made me realize how much I miss all the food my mom made. I wouldn’t say I’m home sick but if I could get home cooked meals once a week from my mom I would be in heaven. 
O yea I’m doing shitty in French haha I did TERRIBLE on our class assessment test. Thank god it doesn’t count for a grade but still I’m not looking forward to my teacher telling me I suck at French tomorrow morning. My other classes seem easy enough so hopefully I’ll step my game up soon. 

Side note, tomorrow is Waffle Wednesday. My apartment is clutch.

It feels GREAT to be home.

Today has been fantastic! I finished the last of my French work, I took all my things out of the car and I got to see the greatest people in the whole world, my close friends. These people are so awesome like whenever I go back home I appreciate them even more than the last time. They are SO FUNNY and crazy like I feel like I can truly be myself like all 200% of myself lol. The question is which one is going to be my best man at my wedding, for some reason I think about this a lot which might be really girly but this is like a crucial thing to think about. It really isn’t easy so they all might have to be my best man I guess best men at that point. We did our usual crazy stuff which is pretty hard to describe because no one thinks a normal person would do these things. Some of the normal stuff though is we played Brawl which I use to be pretty good at but now I just suck dick at lol yea I haven’t played that game in a year and wtf is a gamecube controller. Its all good because I got to slip into Joey’s organs..yea we are a bit crazy. I also played Magic the Gathering and wow my old deck isn’t bad at all but HOLY SHIT is Bryan’s deck fucking broken. If Bryan dies tomorrow he deserves it like that deck is cancer. I might actually get back into it like I want to complete my werewolf deck but I don’t want to spend money so we will see if I get a job. Also I got an interview on Friday at Safeway so hopefully this will work out because I need that cash flow. I am glad I am back home like for real though, this Summer is going to be epic.  

Back home

What I do whenever I see my friend Matt

Still drained from one of the best experiences in my life last night but I feel like I’m going back to normal. I went back to Richmond and packed all my stuff and now I am home just chilling. I wish I didn’t have to unpack and it would just do itself but I can’t be that lucky sigh. I guess tomorrow I’ll unpack and complete this one last thing for my French class so I can get an A. I might go on the job hunt tomorrow but if I don’t then Tuesday for sure because I really need the cash flow for all the games I’ll buying in the fall. It honestly feels so weird to be back in Burke like everything is so nice and clean. I do need to see my friends, o shit I’ll do that tomorrow. Yea this is awesome making up plans while writing this post lets go.

My hands hurt so much…

Grimer is really gross. The fact that it is pollution and sludge o god why does it exist. Kristel was a great name for it.

I actually feel like an adult today, I made a legitimate resume and I’m pretty proud of it. My original plan was to start applying for jobs around Richmond today but then I realized things about my lease and how I would have to miss 3 weeks of pay and shit. I decided that I might as well go home and work which is awesome for my back home friends because I know they miss me and I miss them as well. Also a bunch of my friends are leaving Richmond for the summer so I rather be home with my family and friends and not be bored in my dorm room. Its not like anyone is going to really miss me if I leave for the summer so its all good. 
I hate how finals are coming up, I have a shit ton of work to do now especially in French. I have a test this week, a project due next week and then the final the following week. French could kill me and then I have all my other classes to worry about *sigh* I need a break. 

Update on my Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke. I only played for an hour today but holy shit did a lot happen. Pasco grew up on me too fast T.T. He evolved into a Swadloon right before my very eyes and the amount of girls he picked up with that coat of his is legendary, he is the swagger hound of Castelia City. After he evolved I had to call up my girl Bianca and THE AMOUNT OF JEALOUS SHE IS OF PASCO AND I’S FRIENDSHIP, she almost cried. At that I moment I knew that Pasco loved me so much that he wanted to evolve AGAIN within in 5 minutes, it was like he knew Swadloon wasn’t the hot thing anymore but LEAVANY is where the party is at. I gave him a massage because he needed a tiny bit more love but after killing some rattatas he EVOLVED and now Pasco has reached his final form, I hope he doesn’t fail me in the next gym. I tried Marc, Pasco and Heem up in the sewers today and they all grew two levels which is real nice since we need a buff team for that gym fight. Heem is getting SO FAST like did someone put Flash on my team or some shit like he gives no fucks about those speed tiers. This is what happens when you let your Pokemon work out when you don’t play. First Pokemon on the sewer route was a female Grimer and it looks SO GROSS but I had to catch it. I had to name it after this one really gross nasty girl I knew in high school, I named it Kristel….bleh…… I will never use this Grimer like honestly it is going straight to the hell box right next to Kelsey but maybe not too close since I have to have some respect for Kelsey like o god Kristel is gross like a grease trap. I found some mystic water for Marc today and he LOVES IT. That was the moment when he realized that our friendship means something like I could of given him some shitty ass Deer Park water but I DID NOT I gave him 1 OF A KIND MYSTIC WATER which I’m pretty sure came from the heavens when the new gods were born. Tomorrow I will enter TWO yea TWO new areas and beat the crap out of the 3rd gym leader with Pasco as my led, get ready because I’m not sure if everyone will survive. 

Holy shit I just typed all of that and my hands hurt so much like how am I doing this?!?!?! Some one come to my dorm and give me a hand massage and you will be rewarded handsomely. 

Last day at home.

I leave for VCU tomorrow morning and I have to say I am pretty pumped to get back. I’m not looking forward to all the unpacking and bringing everything up to my room but after that when the dad is gone and I can just chill in my room alone. I am going to miss all the friends and familiar locations but the thing that has changed now is that I truly feel like my real home is in Richmond. I love the people, area and all the freedom I have down there, I wouldn’t exchange it for anything. Its been nice to see my friends though like you guys are the real reason why I come home and I wish you would live in Richmond with me but in reality that wouldn’t work out but we will still keep in touch and I’ll be looking forward to the next time we can hang out. 
Just remember not to die or do something stupid.


My friends made going back home worth it.

That Boo screwed my whole second game in Mario Party 9. 

Iwasn’t really pumped to go back home this whole time but today everything changed, I saw all my friends. We did the usual, played video games and got dinner and just did some stupid shit. I realize this every time I come back and see them but they are the only people I can have this special bond with and I love them for it. Its sad to think that these days are numbered but I just got to enjoy them as they came because I know they do. I not going to lie they make all the small things in life so much specially video games. Mario Party with them is THE GAME TO PLAY! I’ve played Mario Party with other people and honestly it sucks compared to them like we just yell a lot and do random stupid things haha. Good friends can never be replaced.

Side Note: I’m the tag team champion with Bryan in Brawl so eat it guys.