Pixel Glitch official start up

I actually did something with my day for once, I kicked off the Facebook page for my new podcast Pixel Glitch. The first episode is up and it can be found here! If you like that like us on Facebook and post whatever video game/nerdy things you want. https://www.facebook.com/pixelatedglitch
Besides getting quite serious about the podcast I actually cooked! Not like bull shit cooking like bacon or hot dogs etc easy food. Marc and I made some amazing chicken using my Mom’s recipe. The best part is it tastes like home and it really made me realize how much I miss all the food my mom made. I wouldn’t say I’m home sick but if I could get home cooked meals once a week from my mom I would be in heaven. 
O yea I’m doing shitty in French haha I did TERRIBLE on our class assessment test. Thank god it doesn’t count for a grade but still I’m not looking forward to my teacher telling me I suck at French tomorrow morning. My other classes seem easy enough so hopefully I’ll step my game up soon. 

Side note, tomorrow is Waffle Wednesday. My apartment is clutch.

Gravity Rushing

Another day without my training friends so I only trained for about an hour doing the same combos over and over again. I practiced doing double quarter circles and I had it down for 2 minutes and I couldn’t do it again…This shit is hard its like you have to do it really fast but not before you the punch button ughhhh. Street Fighter is one of those games where you will always suck at until you are at the top but the thing is you will never be on top at that EVO stage. Instead of just getting mad at myself I decided to enjoy my Vita and play a good amount of Gravity Rush. I’m on chapter 13 out of 21 now so I’m past halfway and the game keeps on getting better and better. I just love Kat’s character and how she reacts to situations. The game is still mysterious at this point so I’m not totally sure what exactly is happening but its very interesting to follow. My biggest compliant is combat can be a bitch at times when you keep missing enemies with your gravity kick because the aiming sort of sucks. Even worse is the fucking slide parts in the game honestly fuck tilt controls and any sort of motion bullshit it just fucks everything up. Besides that I love this game and my current score for it would be an 8/10. Once I get through this I’ll go through Uncharted then Virtues Last Reward. After those titles I’ll have to either get Dragon’s Crown or Tales of Xila and I’m still not sure which one will give me more bang for my buck. I haven’t seen a Tales of Xila review yet but all the Dragon’s Crowns reviews seem to be around an 8.5 so I will have to get the game at one point or another. So yea my life right now is Street Fighter 4 and some Gravity rushing, life is easy when all you do is stay home and play games haha. 

These games are so hard.

I spent most of the day playing XCOM and the other part of my day playing Street Fighter 4 with my friends. I suck at both a lot but a lot more at Street Fighter. My issue with XCOM is that it got hard out of no where and I wasn’t prepare for such tough enemies. MY equipment needs to be upgraded but I just don’t have the time to prep for that. I really am stuck in XCOM maybe I will figure something out tomorrow. Street Fighter on the other hand is just frustrating for me. I can not do my inputs correctly I just either do a different accidentally or I give up entirely on the move. I really am going to look at other characters besides Ken because I don’t think he is that perfect fit for me. I also have to learn how to block like I’m too aggressive and I do a lot of random bullshit that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I can do 3-4 hit combos and look cool but that doesn’t last long. I want to get good enough so I can beat my friend at VCU so I have 17 days left before I go back. 17 more days of training hopefully I will find my character. Its honestly feels weird to suck at games when I’m usually pretty good at them.