The small things

The best part about life is even the small things can make you as happy as the big events in your life. I thought today was going to be a typical Tuesday and guess what, it was but I enjoyed it to the max. I managed to get all my homework done so I could go out and do things. I took a couple of walks since the weather was so perfect for me, honestly I could of walked for hours just looking at the weird shit you see around Richmond. The weirdest thing I saw had to be this giant plaster cow statue in the garbage on Harrison. Why would someone throw that away? It must of taken hours to make that but yet they threw it away like nothing, I wish I could of taken it but there is no way I would of fit it in my room. After that I decided to go to this frozen yogurt place which I have never been to. They had this 2 buck Tuesday deal so my friends and I went in and took advantage of this god tier deal. The fact that they had my two favorite flavors(Cake Batter, Irish Mint) in the same machine so I could get that perfect swirl is just perfect. Of course I went crazy with the toppings and poured 4 candy bars worth of chocolate/candy on my yogurt. In all reality my cup should of costed my 6 dollars so I am glad I got that deal, I pretty much robbed the place. Even just chilling with my friends while smoking hookah made this great although I do that a lot the appeal is still there. Lastly I got the demo for Beyond: Two Souls a week early and this game became a must buy! I love how they changed up the prompts in this game compared to Heavy Rain and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. It is also really intense at times which I love, any sort of immersion like that is the reason why I play video games. I hope the game is as good as the demo or I will be sad but for right now this is game I have to pick up by the end of the year.
Song of the day, I randomly found this on spotify and I am so glad I did. This is the official song of Anthony. 

A perfect day in the world of Anthony

I wasn’t hyped for today because I didn’t think I would be doing anything but o was I wrong. My day started off a bit weird with me going shopping for some clothes. I never go shopping in stores anymore but my dad wanted to go so I went with him and I discovered the power of retail therapy. I will never question a girl who wants to go shopping to make themselves feel better because I want some really good looking pants and I feel amazing. The feeling of just looking good is honestly powerful and I have to shop more often for sure. After that I played more Crash Bandicoot and I got past that bullshit bridge which I could never beat before. Then I went even further and beat the second island which I have never done before as well. Right now I am halfway done with the last island and of course I am on an absolute bullshit bridge level again. I swear to god the boars on the bridge are like heat seeking missiles. Next time I play I will make that level my bitch and make childhood Anthony even more proud! 
Part 2 of my day begins at my friend’s house where I brought over my PS3 and SSF4 AE 2012 so he could teach me the ways of Street Fighter. A couple of other friends came back and we played for a total of 4 hours and holy shit do my fingers hurt! I started using the stick instead of the dpad and its really weird how I can do moves better but also totally worse but I guess that is because I freak out haha. I’m still playing as Ken and I did pretty well today I learned some combos and won a bunch of games, I’m proud of myself. I honestly thought I would of given up by now. Next time I play I’m going to mess around with a bunch of other characters since I don’t think Ken is my type of fighter even though I enjoy most of his moves. Of course we had to take a break in the middle of our sesh for that crucial Taco Bell run where I discovered they took away everything I love. Where is my beefy crunch burrito and all the volcano items?! I feel betrayed I should of enjoyed it more while it lasted. Lastly we started to watch Stein’s Gate which is a really great anime about time traveling. I’ve seen it before and I love it passionately so I had to get my friends to experience and so far my friend seems to really like it!
Sometimes the most random day can be the best day.

2013 might be my best year

This is perfect.

Last night I felt like talking to everyone I knew so when I woke up this morning I had like 10 fb messages to read, learn learned I will not talk to everyone I know just because I can o god. I honestly couldn’t leave my computer for like 2-3 hours because the conversations got so good and I didn’t want to hurt that perfect convo flow. While this is happening my friend hits me up and tells me that Armin is going to be playing at EchoStage in September and tickets went up 7 minutes ago. I flipped a table when I found out it only cost 46 dollars to see him! I got my ticket and convinced a bunch of people to go and now I have this huge Armin group now. It feels like I won the lottery because Armin’s concert is like getting baptized by the gods of trance. I know I’ve said this before and I have to say it again, 2013 is greatest year in my life so far. I get to see Armin, PS4 comes out this year, so many great video games like The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite came out , my Vita is getting mad love, the Ravens won the Super Bowl and a bunch of other awesome things I can’t remember!!! The best part is I’m only halfway done with the year and I have a whole other semester to experience! My new apartment is going to be so sick and my roommates are all real chill so no drama and I’m staying away from shitty women so I should have the best semester yet! I also get to see Rusko later in the year and maybe even Dash Berlin, I am so blessed to have all of this happen in one year! What if I become amazing at Magic the Gathering as well?! I just start winning all these drafts o man this is going to be sick! The fact that I found a lot of good anime this year is also great and I watched plenty of fantastic TV shows, I know it isn’t special but I guess I really do enjoy every single last thing in my life. This year really can’t get any more than this but it might and that is the crazy part! 
The only bad thing that has happened to me today is that they only spoiled one new magic card tonight and its ok nothing really special in my opinion.  Lets keep this 2013 hype train going! WOOOO! 

What a good day

I have to say I had a fucking awesome 4th of July. I played 10 games of Magic with my friend today and I reached a perfect level, I truly did ascend. I watched more Great Teacher Onizuka and there is this one episode where the math teacher is trying to get the cute female teacher and the math teacher is SO FUCKING CREEPY! His house has a telescope/camera where he stares the teacher in her house and he can hear all her conversations the fuck. His room is covered in pictures of her like why do people like this exist?! Does he jizz on these pictures or what how could you bring your mom over?! I fucking love anime and all the weird shit it has shown me.

Still today has been an intense magic day we have to look at every single last one of these new magic cards they showed today. The first one is Voracious Wurm for 1G its a 2/2 which enters the battlefield with +1/+1 counters for as much health you got back this turn. I actually like that card a lot! I run white/green so that would work perfectly in a life link type of deck and combine that with savage summoning. Next card is a 1 drop Black card called Tenacious Dead which is a 1/1 that can come back to the battlefield tapped if you pay 2 mana. Its like a worse version of grave crawler but I think its a solid zombie card. Barrage of the Expendables is a 1 drop red enchantment that lets you sacrifice a creature which does 1 damage to target player or creature. I wonder if you can sacrifice your opponents creatures?  If you can that is a great card for red. Encroaching wastes is a land that adds 1 mana to your side of the field but if you pay 4 mana you can destroy target land and this card. It can be great but 4 does cost a lot imo. Blue got this card called Rewind which cast 2UU and its an instant that lets you untapped 4 lands and cancel target spell. O WOW I JUST REALIZED HOW FUCKING GOOD THAT IS!!!! I just figured out why the card is called that, I’m slow as shit. Briarpack alapha comes back but I really didn’t think it was that good of a card. The other cards look so boring to me besides Verdant Haven which can make a land you control into any control land you want it to be which could work great on a sliver deck but I won’t need it if I have that one sliver out. Anyways tomorrow I will sign up for the prerelease and then start studying up on some  M14 combos.

Life works in mysterious ways

Isn’t this animals so majestic? Also it gets me so hungry just looking at it…

Yesterday I was in a crappy depressed mood over things that are not worth being sad over anymore but today I pulled an 180 on that shit and I am TOO happy. The first time in a long time I actually explored parts of Richmond I have never been to before. I went to Maymont park with my friend and we have a great time. I never knew the place had a petting zoo and a regular zoo filled with a bunch of North American animals. The fact that I saw 4 bison today 4 BISON LIKE I LOVE BISON SO MUCH it taste GREAT! The Japanese garden and the Roman garden place thing I really don’t remember the actual name is absolutely beautiful. Then her and I got dinner at the hill cafe which I have never been to before and I have to say that place has some delicious food. I LOVE the crab meat sandwich I got and the special sauce they put on it was heavenly. The little bit of pasta I got with it was next level, even better than what a mom would make. After hanging out with my friend I chilled with Marc and then we went to our friend’s place for a little bonfire thing and it was pretty chill. The most important thing is that right now I am eating Cook Out right now and Cook Out has the best fast food deal ever. You can get like 3 things and a shake for about 7 dollars. It is the ultimate drunk food, also I got a Cheerwine float since everyone in my ad class was talking about it and holy shit is this next level, Cheerwine needs to be everywhere so people can experience the glory. I am BEYOND tired since it is 3 am and I am a bit toasty but I do have to say again that today has been awesome and everything in life happens for a reason. 

Nothing good comes from being sad, so lets get hype!

“The day I get to cuddle with 3 PS4s in my profile picture will be the greatest day of my life. I can not wait untill next semester.” – Me

I’m not going to lie yesterday wasn’t one of my better days as you can tell from my previous post. One of the many awesome things about me is that after one good night of sleep I can reach an incredibly high level of happiness but just being me and enjoying life.  In all reality last night didn’t suck at all it was more like something I foresaw and nothing bad came out of it, things could of gone so much worse. 
I had a fantastic day today. I woke up and got some Chic-Fil-a with my bro Isaac and had a great talk about random shit. I then watched VCU attempt to play a game of Basketball, they totally got the shit kicked out of them which sucks but hey they were supposed to get destroyed. I then played some God of War online which is still fun. I went out after that and recorded a new episode of the podcast and I have to say this episode is one of the better ones that I have been part of. i went to get some Shafer after that with Isaac and I would rate today’s Shafer day a 9/10. Pizza, corn dogs, hot dogs and some BOMB ASS QUESSDILAS yea I say quessdilas, sound so much cooler. I watched two episodes of Code Geass and we are two episodes away from the end of season 1 which I vaguely remember what happens so it will be a nice surprise for me as well as for Isaac who has never seen it before. I knocked out a bunch of French studying and then when I finished I started to sing and dance and throw out some Tae Kwon Do moves for no reason. I am still singing and vibing right now! Also I am having great facebook conversations with my friends right now about next semester and how life will be PERFECT! 
O SHIT i FORGOT I bought 7 really cool looking t-shirts today for only 75 bucks, call me the online shopping god king. 

Pretty much what I’ve been trying to say is why feel shitty? Just have fun and live every day to the fullest because you only live once HAHA YOLO JOKE but for real though no one likes a sad depressed person, just be happy and have a good time and then good things will happen to you! 

It’s over 1,000…views. YES!

Title says it all, I reached over 1,000 views on my blog today all within a month. It feels that people are actually reading my blog entries and most of the people who read them aren’t even from my Facebook which is pretty awesome. I made it a whole month doing this blog and I glad I did it because this feeling of reaching this milestone is pretty rad. I want to thank everyone who has read my blog so far and whether you like it or not, as long as your reading it that is all that matters. 
Today was a day of studying again because of my French quiz tomorrow morning and I did play a good amount of Persona as well. 
Today has been awesome since I there were some trailers that were released  earlier today one being Killzone: Mercenaries for the Vita and the other being Teraway which is created by Media Molecule who made Little Big Planet.  Also Soul Sacrifice got dated for the US and that will come out in April so now I have games to buy for my Vita which makes me so happy since I wasn’t sure the next time I would play my Vita once I beat Persona 4 Golden. 

I got into a Facebook argument about Video games and Gun violence and damn was the guy I was arguing with pretty dumb.  What started it was my status,
“U.S. senator Lamar Alexander (a Tennessee Republican) set a new benchmark for insanity by claiming that games are worse than guns.
“I think video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people.”
How the hell did this guy get voted in and if anyone believes this guy then you are the issue with this country, the amount of stupidity.” 

The thing is there is no correlation between Video games and violence and this whole thing is just a bunch of politicians who don’t want gun control so they just scapegoat video games. This country needs to stop avoiding the issues about gun control and how this country needs with people who have mental issues. You can read more about video games and violence here. 

I also read this article on Gawker about how cats kills 2 billion birds a year and there was this one funny ass comment. 
“Birds are such pussies (no pun). You can FUCKING FLY, for Christ’s sake. If cats were taking out penguins that’s one thing, but you can FUCKING FLY. You sit on a telephone wire all day. If you can’t keep an eye out in your five minutes on the ground eating some old woman’s stale Wonder Bread and FLY AWAY when you see a cat, I have no sympathy. Good riddance, you winged jerkoffs.” 
I died reading that because it is 100% true haha. 

Cats are pretty cool. 2 billion birds, they are assassins.