weak finish

Well I missed 4 days in a row but for important reasons like studying for finals and other personal ventures which didnt end up so well. I did well in Law and Ethics and got a B but that French final smh. I know for a fact I failed it since I failed the first part and part 2 was way harder. I hope I can maintain my B >.<. I really needed this weekend just a couple of days to chill and focus on my other finals. Honestly i just want next semester to come with all the new opportunities it’ll come with, At least I will never take French or Law again! 


Well terrible things happened today; the government is shut down, GTAV online did not work and I am getting sick, why. At least I got chipotle and watched Wreck it Ralph for the first time. That movie is honestly made for me, so many video game references and its so touching. It makes my top 5 favorite movies of all time. I also got a B on my law and ethics exam and an A on my French quiz so actually it hasn’t been a bad day. The sick thing is an issue though unless I get better by Thursday so I can enjoy the whole weekend. Also it feels so weird that its October. This year feels like it went by so fast which sucks because its my favorite year so far. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to play some GTAV online and then decide if I want to trade it in towards Pokemon. 

Study study study


is my current mind set right now. It is really boring but it is worth it. I have managed to understand a good amount of Econ today and all I need to memorize is some facts and then I can ace that final. I didn’t really study international relations today but I did the math and all I need is a 76 in order to keep my B so I can only miss 12 questions. I figure if I focus on econ and I get an A and then use the night before my international relations test to study for the final I can for sure get above a 76. The boredom is real and I am tried of not having food in my place. Thank god for the cash my dad gave me so I didn’t stave today, that Chipotle Coldstone combo makes a great dinner. On my study breaks I watched Breaking Bad and I finished season 4 and right now I am half way done with season 5. The season 4 finale had me on the edge of my side from beginning to end like I couldn’t believe what happened. Season 5 is really good as well but now I just think Walt is turning into like an evil guy. I hope some Deathnote shit doesn’t happen where he turns fully evil in the end and he has to die. But yea one more day of complete studying and I enter panic mode. I just want Friday night to come…and more importantly E3 to come!!! I NEED MY PS4 YO