I am back home for the first time in a while and its actually nice to see all the people I love again. If only it wasn’t pouring all day, it was pretty much a tsunami’s worth of rain. The sidewalks and roads are flooded and no one was safe when my friends and I were running to the car, I almost got lost out there. I had to get Glory Days for dinner because I haven’t had amazing cheese fries in such a long time. In general though today was greatness I got to see most of my friends from back home and they’re the main reason why I come back every few months. I hope the rest of break is this good!

How do you just forget someones name.

 I hate being a sad panda

I don’t get how someone get just simply forgot someones name like that blows me away. I remember everyone I have met in my life, specially the people I have met in high school. Everyone knows everyone in high school like you and if you didn’t meet them you’ve seen them or heard about them somehow. The worst part is how do you forgot someones name that you had a project with in your senior year of high school, and you even remember doing the project but not the person’s name.

I have a story to tell today, it happened to me earlier tonight and honestly I’m emotionally hurt by the outcome. I go to Glory Days which is this local sports bar to eat dinner with all my friends, so we get seated and we wait for our waitress to take our order. Our waitress happens to be this really good looking girl who went to our high school so she takes our orders and acknowledge that we all went to the same high school and that it’s been a while since she has last seen us all. Dinner goes by and a thought enters my mind, what if she doesn’t know our names. She didn’t say any of our names and some of my friends remember her name so I felt like I had to ask her the question, what is everyone’s name at the table. She comes back to the table and I ask the question and she walks away and ignores me. I was so mad and I turned red, I hated my existence for a bit. The second time she comes back I ask her the question and she responds with well I think I could name everyone but i’m not totally sure. I keep telling her that she can do it and that it doesn’t matter if she gets someones name wrong, I just want to see if she can do it and most importantly get my name. She tells me that she doesn’t want to play this game of mine and walks off. The last time she comes back I ask her, what is my name? I trick her into saying that she knows my name and that she remembers having that project with me in 12th grade but yet she doesn’t say my name. After fighting with her about it she leaves to another table and then all my friends and I come to realization that she doesn’t know my name. She was lying the whole time to me and I felt really bad like how do you not remember me. I felt like shit and I still feel bad because I wasn’t relevant to her at all in any way shape or form, and yet she was to me in someway even if it was just a little I still knew her name. I hope other people in high school remembers me because if they don’t they it’s like I never existed.