So much procrastination

I have two exams to study for and I got to it at 11pm. What. I think I’ll do fine on them but I wish I had more time to study. Instead of studying I played Pokemon and chilled with my roommates like usual. I maxed out my team’s Evs in super training and then I beat the 3rd gym leader at like 20 hours in lol. I do have to do Pokemon Amie for three of my Pokemon but it shouldn’t take more than an hour to get them all maxed out. The best part about today is that my French exam is pushed back until Monday so after my two exams I just have to study for a French quiz and do some HW. I can’t wait until Wednesday afternoon when I can take a day to myself and just game. 

The most disappointing console reveal in history.

Welcome to team Xbox.

Today has been a big day in gaming the Xbox one has been announced and shown. The conference ran an hour long and I feel like you can get the full experience from this video. I have many things to say about this conference so I’ll try to keep it short before I tire out my hands like I usually do on a rant like this. In short Microsoft does not give a shit about the core gamer any more. They spent the first 30 minutes without ever showing a single game and not a single second of game play for the whole conference. Lets start at the beginning though, the console looks good and the controller looks nice as well. They released the specs of it and its almost on the same level as the PS4 but close enough so that is good. Then we enter the realm of Xbox one being our cable box. TV TV TV TV omfg I don’t give a shit about TV. Here’s the thing this is gaming console so don’t spend 40 minutes talking about the TV apps that no one cares about, the people watching this conference live are the core gamers and they want GAMES, something to get HYPE about but yet I got some TV apps. My thing is one all that cool TV stuff is only for the US so good job Microsoft for isolating your audience. Another thing is you still have to pay for cable so its not like omg Live has cable now its more like hey if you are too lazy to switch to your TV to watch something now you can just do it on your Xbox. I mean it is cool but you can’t spend 40 minutes on it, gamers do not care. They mentioned the cloud for a sec which says to me they don’t have a plan constructed with the cloud yet and just want to say “o yea we have cloud gaming, next topic.” Then EA sports comes out and shows all their EA sports games which is cool but at the same time core gamers don’t care too much about them and also they are not exclusive titles so I can enjoy all of these on PS4 so why give them 10 minutes to talk about it? BUT WAIT THEY GOT AN EXCLUSIVE MODE IN FIFA 14, and that does not matter in the slightest. That will not change the fact that PlayStation is top dog in Europe. After EA Sports we get MORE TV TALK!!! I can’t wait to watch TV on my gaming console….another thing is less and less people have cable nowadays because they have subscriptions to things like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Itunes, HBO etc. They eventually show off the new Forza which is great, first exclusive of the show and we get a TRAILER not even game play. Car games are a great way to show off the power of a console and they couldn’t even use that to their advantage at least Sony did at their conference. Another game that they showed is Quantum Break from the people who made Alan Wake, yet again we get another trailer with no game play and I have no idea what is happening in it but thank god for a new IP. After that they say that Xbox one will be getting 15 exclusive games and 8 of those being new IPs, and they will all by out by the end of 2014 and 7 or 8 of those will be out launch day. GREAT NEWS FINALLY!!!! Too bad we didn’t see anymore games after that….o wait Call of Duty Ghost…yea…another CoD game. BUT it has DOGS! I’m so done after that. Yet again no game play and this game is coming for PS4 but the Xbox one gets exclusive DLC maps first just like before so nothing life changing. Comparing this to the PS4 conference Sony took the biggest possible dump on them. They don’t care about the core gamer and don’t tell me to wait till E3. They came in with a lot of negative hype and they left with even more negative hype. YOU HAVE TO SHOW US SOMETHING THAT IS COOL! Don’t tell me o we are too close to E3, fuck that just don’t show your biggest titles and stuff. My thinking on this is that they didn’t have anything to show that they really need everything they have for E3. Interesting news comes out after the conference like how they are going to deal with used games. It will read used games but if you want to play used games you will have to buy the game off the Xbox Live store. What. Why. Even more bad news remember when everyone said the console isn’t always online well they are VERY unclear about it, saying that you have to go online first in order to play offline. You also have to install every game you buy and you can’t replace the hard drive. Overall this is the EXACT opposite of what core gamers wanted. No games, no game play, all about TV, sports and COD. Also anyone who thinks this was a good conference needs to wash out their eyes, ears and stop being in denial because this whole thing is garbage. The console isn’t bad but how they presented everything is utter trash. Also people who say AT LEAST THEY SHOWED THE CONSOLE needs to shut up. It is a box who gives a shit its like saying when a new game is shit because they didn’t show the game case with the trailer. All that matters if what is on the inside. Also why is everyone having this Skype boner for the Xbox one? I can use Skype on my laptop, phone, tablet and even my vita like really guys its not a big deal.  Looking at E3 Microsoft has to turn things around or Sony is going to have no real competitor for the first year of the next gen. They have so much negative hype its stupid even the gaming press is like the fuck just happened and the whole internet is just SHITTING on Microsoft. I feel like Nintendo has their back against the wall but I am SO hype for their E3 Nintendo Direct because I know they have games and some new IPs. Sony for the first time in a long time is coming as the conductor of the hype train and they are not slowing down. I can not wait to see what they have in store. Another funny thing that happened today is that Sony’s stock grew by 9% during the time of the Microsoft conference. At this moment I can’t see a single reason why someone who cares about games would buy a Xbox one over the PS4. 

The Sony stock picture time lined with the Xbox one reveal.
A good read. 

QUOTE OF THE DAY! From Microsoft’s Phil Harrison
 Here’s how the system works: when you buy an Xbox One game, you’ll get a unique code that you enter when you install that game. You’ll have to connect to the Internet in order to authorize that code, and the code can only be used once. Once you use it, that game will then be linked to your Xbox Live account. “It sits on your harddrive and you have permission to play that game as long as you’d like,” Well fuck the Xbox One for sure then. 

Pat from Two Best Friends Play review of the conference. “That was, without a doubt, the most flaccid, aggressively disappointing console reveal I have ever seen. Wired is reporting that the system uses a cd-key account system that blocks used games, the name is TERRIBLE, kinect for everyone! And they didn’t show any fucking games. Wow. WOW.” 


I also had a great job interview today at Safeway and I believe I will get the job! I also worked on my Green/White deck a lot today and by next week I should have a good deck going! Today has been fantastic! 

It feels GREAT to be home.

Today has been fantastic! I finished the last of my French work, I took all my things out of the car and I got to see the greatest people in the whole world, my close friends. These people are so awesome like whenever I go back home I appreciate them even more than the last time. They are SO FUNNY and crazy like I feel like I can truly be myself like all 200% of myself lol. The question is which one is going to be my best man at my wedding, for some reason I think about this a lot which might be really girly but this is like a crucial thing to think about. It really isn’t easy so they all might have to be my best man I guess best men at that point. We did our usual crazy stuff which is pretty hard to describe because no one thinks a normal person would do these things. Some of the normal stuff though is we played Brawl which I use to be pretty good at but now I just suck dick at lol yea I haven’t played that game in a year and wtf is a gamecube controller. Its all good because I got to slip into Joey’s organs..yea we are a bit crazy. I also played Magic the Gathering and wow my old deck isn’t bad at all but HOLY SHIT is Bryan’s deck fucking broken. If Bryan dies tomorrow he deserves it like that deck is cancer. I might actually get back into it like I want to complete my werewolf deck but I don’t want to spend money so we will see if I get a job. Also I got an interview on Friday at Safeway so hopefully this will work out because I need that cash flow. I am glad I am back home like for real though, this Summer is going to be epic.  

Pod casting update! Bioshock Infinite and MGSV talks with a bunch of other stuff

I know I have been pretty behind on uploading the podcast episodes but here are Ryan and I’s recent two episodes. I don’t even rememeber what we talked about in the second to last one but in the last we talk about MGSV and I ramble about Bioshock Infinite and how perfect it is. 
We still need a better podcast name so any suggestions would be great! 

God of War, Ninja Gaiden and other stuff 

Bioshock Infinite and MGSV and random things 

Also right now I feel pretty good, I hope it lasts a while but I did find some hope and I am going to hang on to it as long as I can. 

Ni No Kuni is a magical journey.

After playing for 3 hours I have a grasp on the basic feel of the game. I’m still doing early game stuff but I feel like I’m going to do a big dungeon soon. I did however get to explore part of the world map, complete a forest dungeon and talked to many people in the first town. The game looks beautiful and the writing is on point. I love the character Drippy, the things he say are also a bit to much for the situation but that is why I like him. I also like the story so far, its different than any other JRPG I have played in a while since the main character is a little boy trying to bring back his mom by going to the other world. 
Game play is addicting. It plays like a turn based RPG but you can the enemies can move around. Its not like Tales in the sense that you press buttons to do combos and try to dodge roll shit. Its more like a turn based RPG without the boring standing still. You can move around to pick up health orbs/magic orbs and dodge some attacks but its usually better just to run up to them and fight. The battle system is easy to understand since the game breaks it down pretty nicely. You can either fight as Oliver(the main character) who mostly casts spells to fight or use a familiar which is pretty much like a pokemon. You can carry up to 3 familiars with you at a time and they can vary in shape, size and ability. You start of with Mity who is an physical damage familiar also he looks adorable. You can switch between you and the familiars in combat easily by pressing L1. You will have to do that since familiars can lose stamina and will be unable to attack so when their bar gets low you can switch them out for another one or yourself to wait for their bar to become full again. 
The game looks like a Miyazaki movie, its because the art for the game is made by studio Ghibli which is responsible for making the Miyazaki films look like they do. It actually feels like you are playing one of his movies as well. Everything looks like it came from one specially the characters. The characters feel like they are from something like Spirited Away, it is different from your usual JRPG but that is why I love this game. Its nothing like any JRPG before or even any RPG to ever exist. 
Hopefully I’ll play it more this week but I doubt I will tomorrow, well for sure I won’t play more than an hour since I have two test on Thursday but we will see…

I love item descriptions.

Sundays are either the most relaxing day in the week or the most stressful and thankfully mine is pretty damn chill. I woke up at 2, watched YouTube videos, finished my book reading and studied for my History test. I had Shafer with some friends today with some good conversation about video games and random shit.  
Since I beat Persona 4 Golden I’ve been wondering what I should do next and I decided to pick up Walking Dead again. I stopped half way done with season 2 so I started on episode 7 and finished it all in one sitting. I am behind on watching it since Season 3 just started again but damn I wish I had someone to talk to about how season 2 ended. People were dying and shit went crazy and I went on an emotional roller coaster. It is almost tear worthy haha but yea I think after I write this blog entry I’ll start up season 3 and get all caught up by the end of tomorrow. 

Also isn’t it funny when you play a video game and like the equipment towards the end of the game gets ridiculous. For example I picked up this piece of armor in the last dungeon of Persona 4 Golden and the description said something like this armor is main out of the skin from the god of the earth. LOL WUT! I love shit like that because you start off a game with some really shitty wooden sword and a t-shirt and at the end you are wielding a sword that is made out  the claws of a space time dragon god. Weapons and armor in video games specially RPGs are very unique and funny to me. I love when a game developer uses them to tell a story or be funny as shit with them since to me it really gives that piece of a equipment some sort of character. In the game Dark Souls item descriptions pretty much is the only way you can figure out the whole lore and plot of the game and for some reason I love that shit. That little bit of extra information gives so much more depth to the world that I am currently playing in.

I hope you guys enjoy your week!

I finally did it.

I completed Persona 4 Golden today. I have to say that one of the best boss to ever happen in a JRPG. Also if you get the “True” ending you the best ending an a epilogue. That extra closure at end wrapped this whole package beautifully. It honestly feels like I just said good-bye to some good old friends, I’m happy I completed but I am quite sad that it is over. The good thing is that their is a lot more things to on new game +. I feel like my next game will either be MGS2, Jax and Daxter collection or Ni No Kuni, which I really want. haha I might even play the new game + right now instead of later. I am pretty pumped for the new things in new game + as well so idk we will see. 
I also had fresh Krispy Kreme for the first time today and damn, that shit is amazing. I can’t even describe the taste of it, sort of tasted like heaven. I got a dozen and the dough nut holes for about 8 dollars. Totally worth it and amazing weekend/party food. 
I also happened to buy a shirt from this local art and apparel place today. Its called KolorSpun. It says “Make Moves Son” in graffiti. It looks great and I love the saying since back home we would always say it. 

I do have to say I had a pretty awesome day today!

I’m about to pass out.

I am beyond tired, I had a hype Monday night so I guess its understandable but damn its still Monday. This week needs to be over already. It feels great to be a winner after last night when the Ravens won the Super Bowl, that is bragging rights for the whole year and then some. With the Super Bowl hype carrying me this whole week I feel like I can do anything. I feel like I aced my Map quiz in International Relations today and I completed my ad for Sriracha sauce today which I am very proud of, I just hope my teacher doesn’t destroy my idea in front of the whole class >.>. 
I saw the new information on The Last of Us today and the gameplay footage and holy shit does it look like game of the year. This game has the best sound design in gaming to date, the noises that one clicker was making is beyond creepy and felt to real for a video game. I was totally creep out from just watching the game play video. April needs to step aside so May can get here because April has no shit for games but May has everything going for it right now. 

Sleep well guys.

My new addiction: Jetpack Joyride.

On January 1st PSN released a free game for PS Vita called Jet Pack Joyride. It was already on the store before for 3 dollars but since its just port of a mobile phone game they made it free just like on other devices. This game is plain and simple you have a jet pack and just keep going right while avoiding all the obstacles and you want to get as far as possible. While playing this game you want to collect coins so you can buy upgrades to your character, skins, one time boots and abilities. The game also gives you a lot of reward in the sense of challenges which are usually easy to complete but there are many of them, for example you have to 500 meters on foot or collect 100 coins on one run. When you complete enough challenges you rank up and get a coin bonus so you get buy more things from the shop. 
The game play is simple but it does get changed up like there are different vehicles you can get into in a middle of a level like a giant frog mech or a gravity suit and even a giant Chinese dragon for example. There are also slot machine tokens to collect and once your run is finished you use them to get more coins or increase the distance of your current run or a boost in coins or distance for your future run. This game gets harder and harder the more you play it since you are trying to complete challenges but it also makes the game more fun and it never gets me bored. The guys at Half Brick know how to make a great pick up and play game that you can play for 5 minutes or even a couple of hours. If you have a smart phone or a PS Vita you must get Jet pack Joyride since it all it will cost you is memory space on your device.