I am back home for the first time in a while and its actually nice to see all the people I love again. If only it wasn’t pouring all day, it was pretty much a tsunami’s worth of rain. The sidewalks and roads are flooded and no one was safe when my friends and I were running to the car, I almost got lost out there. I had to get Glory Days for dinner because I haven’t had amazing cheese fries in such a long time. In general though today was greatness I got to see most of my friends from back home and they’re the main reason why I come back every few months. I hope the rest of break is this good!

some impressions

Well I missed yesterday’s post and I almost missed today’s but its alright I’m here now. I was destroyed last night since it was my best friend’s 21st birthday. Apparently I was beyond done and I don’t remember some of the night and I ate everything. Tonight was a lot more chill I just played video games and watched TV with my friends. I beat Killzone yesterday and I have to say the last third of the game is garbage. I only played one match one online so I need more time in order to do a full review but the single player is a 3/5. I also started Knack today which got really bad scores but I do like it so far. I’m on the second chapter so I haven’t seen enough of it to really get any impressions. I can say that I love the look of it and the fact that I’m playing a 3D platformer that isnt Mario is refreshing. I hope I don’t think the game is a 2/5 or a 1/5 when I’m done with it. 

too much hype

I’m so tried and trashed I don’t know where to start. Today was Gurren Lagan day and we watched 8 episodes of pure greatness and hype I know Jalen loved it. Then my PS4 came in and everything is working out for it. I can’t wait to get Killzone on Friday so I have something to really care about but for now roesgun and ghosts are my main fix. I got to see two of my favorite ladies tonight and drink with them! I love my friends so much they are so funny lol. Today has been perfect. 

Almost missed this one

Almost forgot to write this post which would of been terrible since I am less than 2 months away from being done. I had a great day since I got to play the dark souls 2 beta early in the morning! It was everything I ever wantes and more it is my GOTY for next year. I also got coffee with a couple of friends and enjoyed the weather instead of sitting inside like i usually do. Besides that I’ve been rewatching Shameless with my roommate and we are halfway done with season 1. It really is the best show no one has ever heard about. Lastly this is week I have been waiting for, today I had dark souls 2, Tuesday I have adventure club and bioshock DLC and friday is PS4 DAY!!!!!!!! THE HYPE IS REAL!!!

yay friends

I thought I would have a boring night since I didn’t go to Kaskade tonight but I was wrong I had a great time with my friends. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have them honestly they are life savers. Thanks to their advice I am ready for the future. Hopefully tomorrow will be great and it should be for what I have lined up lol. I’m so happy I have nothing due next week I can really do whatever I want this weekend lets go! 

I need more sleep

Back on that grind welcome back Monday. Projects and exams are coming up again but at least Its almost November. Instead of studying I celebrated my roommate’s birthday so I’m pretty good right now. I wish I didn’t have to present tomorrow morning for French, I’m going to feel so tired in the morning. *Yawn* its about that time.

what a good time.

I was not expecting the weekend to be this hype and I really needed it. Unfortunately tomorrow is Monday and I actually got to prepare for a law and ethics test on Wednesday. Even better I have to go to court again tomorrow so I can complete this paper for that class. I have to work on a French presentation as well so I’m not having fun until Thursday. 
I do have to say I am so happy my friends Matt and Luke came last night for this party. If was easily surprise of the year like I did not calculate that at all. I think its so funny how they just entered Marc’s room and raided his food and slept in there lol. I’m also happy I got to play 10 minutes of SFIV and the fact that I got better since I last played with them is awesome. Like I said in my last post 10/10, moves for days. 

How can one be this bad

Overall another day of nothing which is alright. I spent most of the day recovering from last night, way too much happened and I just didn’t want to think about it. After talking to a friend of mine I decided just to focus on myself and let things happen. If I focus on myself then I don’t need to try things would just fall in place. I’m really good at making my own life complicated as fuck when I don’t need it to be, I am the creator of all these problems and if I really wanted to I could drop them. 
The best part of my day to be when my friend Renick was playing Saints Row 4 and played like Hitler. I have never ever seen someone this BAD at video games EVER! It was worse than someone who hasn’t played video games before. He shouldn’t be allowed to play games, I cringed so much I wanted to quit life. He even needed Marc and Fred to help him beat the final mission and they don’t even play the game. The kid was asking what buttons did what at the end like really HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW!?! Renick you would make the perfect Brazilian on LoL.

Live for this

What a chill day. Today was so relaxing, after I did well on my law and ethics exam I just hung out with my roommates. Ray even came day for the day so we just smoked hookah and watch wrestling haha. I have to say I love wrestling with a passion, even though it isn’t real and not as good as it use to be its still hype. They need better wrestlers but everything is so ridiculous that it makes up for it. This is the shit I live for, a good day with my roommates.