weak finish

Well I missed 4 days in a row but for important reasons like studying for finals and other personal ventures which didnt end up so well. I did well in Law and Ethics and got a B but that French final smh. I know for a fact I failed it since I failed the first part and part 2 was way harder. I hope I can maintain my B >.<. I really needed this weekend just a couple of days to chill and focus on my other finals. Honestly i just want next semester to come with all the new opportunities it’ll come with, At least I will never take French or Law again! 

Origins and Brotherhood

17 more days I can not wait. In the mean time I’ll finish Arkham Origins which I just started tonight. It is so beautiful on PC especially the faces in this game, Batman’s face is SO detailed. I can’t wait to fight the rest of assassins and meet Joker. I’m also working on Brotherhood with Jalen and we have 17 more episodes left. Its getting hype again and it won’t stop until its over. Side note I think I did terrible on my French presentation, thankfully my professor is an easy grader. Well time to go back to studying for this exam tomorrow. 

Why Kone

And just like that fall break is over and I barely did anything besides play Pokemon and complete some homework. I am looking forward to a surprise French midterm tomorrow morning if its still going to happen which I doubt. My professor (Kone) really doesn’t know what hes doing so I might have it next week. I don’t know why he thinks its OK to give us homework on Sunday via email and make the homework 7 pages long. The fact that its due tomorrow morning is so dumb and since I got that assignment randomly I only got to finish a 3rd of my history of advertising project. I hope I’m doing that project correctly but I’m more worried if the rest of group is actually doing the project. Group projects should not exist and the fact that my professor wants us to dress nice for it, just why. Tomorrow should involve more project work and maybe French hw but overall nothing too stressful, maybe I’ll start up a video game idk. 


Great news! I did amazing on the French quiz I thought I was going to fail! Today has been just perfect. I saw so many people I knew and had a double lunch haha. I just wish I didn’t have that study guide to do before Armin. At least Armin is 1 DAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly I reached 100 subs! I still can’t believe 100 people are willing to follow this blog haha. 

Need that weekend

And school sneaks up on me out of nowhere. I have this French quiz tomorrow and I am beyond terrified since I am so bad at understanding sentences. I’ll either do decent or utterly fail, I pray my studying is worth it. Then I have some online work and a study guide to fill out for tomorrow, shit I gotta research my project in advertising. All this work to do but man it will be worth it for Armin Saturday night! I am not ready for that show, just thinking about it puts me in tears. This is really random but I had noodles and company for the first time today and I fucking love it! I am going to do there once a week so I can try everything on the menu. Their BBQ pork mac n cheese is TOO GOOD! I PRETTY MUCH CRIED WHILE EATING IT! hmmmm what else….o yea there is a new Pokemon today, Doublade! IT LOOKS TO HYPE, I NEED 6! I always duel wield in any game that lets me but man I never thought a Pokemon would be two bad ass swords crossing each other. I also love the typing, ghost/steel. The ability is pretty good as well as long as it gets some moves to utilize it right, maybe a steel type or ghost type dynamic punch or something epic. 

Already half way done

Its been two days since I got GTAV and I already have over 20 hours in the game, I need to find something else to do haha. I can’t believe I’m 49% done with the entire game and 3/4 done with the story like this is all I do. Honestly I will beat this game before the online gets released so I might actually have to find another game to play. Overall I love the game but I don’t think its perfect and the story is really good but at the same time has some awkward pacing. I know the ending is going to be great so I’m not worried but I do want the game to pick up soon because I am getting sort of bored. 
Its official that I have no idea what is going on in French and I wonder how long I can bullshit while getting good grades. I feel like it will start to hurt me in November, hopefully I can just get a B and not care. On the bright side I got a 96 on my Sociology exam which means I’m going to get an easy A in the class since all the tests are on blackboard. 4 easy classes and one super hard one, thankfully my French teacher isn’t that bright so I’ll manage. 
I wish I had things to do this weekend, I feel like everything is so boring and I have nothing to do. I wonder how I can fix that, but the thing is do I really want to fix that or do I just want people to hang out with me and not do any work. I might go to the Theros prerelease on Saturday so that is at least one plan. Anyways I gotta sleep even though it doesn’t matter since I have no class tomorrow!

End of an era

Tomorrow night at this time I will have GTAV and I am REALLY excited. I honestly had nothing to do this weekend besides wait for GTAV to come out. Thankfully I don’t have much work to do this week so I will get a lot of game time in. I’ll talk about it on my podcast and on here. Speaking of my podcast I did not record today and mostly because I didn’t really have anything to say besides GTAV is going to be great.  In other news I found out the people who live above us are really crappy. My roommate and I went up there and these two girls were hating on us for how loud our music is. They were blowing everything out of proportion like saying their room shakes from the sub.  They didn’t even give us hours to work with , how can you expect to live in an apartment and not deal with other people’s music?! This ends an era of blasting music with the bass.
Side note, I am terrified of going to French tomorrow since he sent out an email saying everyone did terrible on the exam. I hope I wasn’t one of the really shitty people.


Am I ever tried for real. The French exam didn’t feel as hard as I thought it would be. I feel like I got a B. Everything after that was just chilling which I love. Only having one class on Friday feels fantastic! I really have to sleep now, I’m so sleepy *yawn*. 

Late night study

A lot of chilling and all of the French studying. I feel pretty good about this upcoming exam and I feel like I did fine on my oral presentation today so overall a good day. Classes were alright I just wish it wasn’t 93 degrees like come on I’m sweating buckets. I saw the latest Pokemon news and Froakie is easily the best starter and the release of fairy type info and updated steel type info changed the whole meta hopefully for the better. After this exam I am going to chill so hard and not care until Monday. 

I feel less awkward

When I woke up this morning I didn’t believe that my day would turn out to be this great. I pretty much saw every single person I care about and actually got to have some decent conversation with most of them. It is sort of lame that I consider this to be a great day but did it feel great hanging out in the compass just chilling. I even talked to a good amount of random people which I never ever do since I am crappy when I deal with strangers. This might of been the confidence boost I needed to make me less awkward. Haters will still hate but at the end of the day what they say doesn’t matter. If I can get through my French exam and presentation then this week will be perfect. If only I could get more sleep, getting less than 8 hours kills me half way through the day.