I went to ODU surprise my friend Joey for his 21st birthday. I am beyond done and my weekend just started, this is going to be epic. I also ate cook out and a million cookies I am a lord lol I’m so tired good night 

Need that weekend

And school sneaks up on me out of nowhere. I have this French quiz tomorrow and I am beyond terrified since I am so bad at understanding sentences. I’ll either do decent or utterly fail, I pray my studying is worth it. Then I have some online work and a study guide to fill out for tomorrow, shit I gotta research my project in advertising. All this work to do but man it will be worth it for Armin Saturday night! I am not ready for that show, just thinking about it puts me in tears. This is really random but I had noodles and company for the first time today and I fucking love it! I am going to do there once a week so I can try everything on the menu. Their BBQ pork mac n cheese is TOO GOOD! I PRETTY MUCH CRIED WHILE EATING IT! hmmmm what else….o yea there is a new Pokemon today, Doublade! IT LOOKS TO HYPE, I NEED 6! I always duel wield in any game that lets me but man I never thought a Pokemon would be two bad ass swords crossing each other. I also love the typing, ghost/steel. The ability is pretty good as well as long as it gets some moves to utilize it right, maybe a steel type or ghost type dynamic punch or something epic. 

The small things

The best part about life is even the small things can make you as happy as the big events in your life. I thought today was going to be a typical Tuesday and guess what, it was but I enjoyed it to the max. I managed to get all my homework done so I could go out and do things. I took a couple of walks since the weather was so perfect for me, honestly I could of walked for hours just looking at the weird shit you see around Richmond. The weirdest thing I saw had to be this giant plaster cow statue in the garbage on Harrison. Why would someone throw that away? It must of taken hours to make that but yet they threw it away like nothing, I wish I could of taken it but there is no way I would of fit it in my room. After that I decided to go to this frozen yogurt place which I have never been to. They had this 2 buck Tuesday deal so my friends and I went in and took advantage of this god tier deal. The fact that they had my two favorite flavors(Cake Batter, Irish Mint) in the same machine so I could get that perfect swirl is just perfect. Of course I went crazy with the toppings and poured 4 candy bars worth of chocolate/candy on my yogurt. In all reality my cup should of costed my 6 dollars so I am glad I got that deal, I pretty much robbed the place. Even just chilling with my friends while smoking hookah made this great although I do that a lot the appeal is still there. Lastly I got the demo for Beyond: Two Souls a week early and this game became a must buy! I love how they changed up the prompts in this game compared to Heavy Rain and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. It is also really intense at times which I love, any sort of immersion like that is the reason why I play video games. I hope the game is as good as the demo or I will be sad but for right now this is game I have to pick up by the end of the year.
Song of the day, I randomly found this on spotify and I am so glad I did. This is the official song of Anthony. 

Pixel Glitch official start up

I actually did something with my day for once, I kicked off the Facebook page for my new podcast Pixel Glitch. The first episode is up and it can be found here! If you like that like us on Facebook and post whatever video game/nerdy things you want.
Besides getting quite serious about the podcast I actually cooked! Not like bull shit cooking like bacon or hot dogs etc easy food. Marc and I made some amazing chicken using my Mom’s recipe. The best part is it tastes like home and it really made me realize how much I miss all the food my mom made. I wouldn’t say I’m home sick but if I could get home cooked meals once a week from my mom I would be in heaven. 
O yea I’m doing shitty in French haha I did TERRIBLE on our class assessment test. Thank god it doesn’t count for a grade but still I’m not looking forward to my teacher telling me I suck at French tomorrow morning. My other classes seem easy enough so hopefully I’ll step my game up soon. 

Side note, tomorrow is Waffle Wednesday. My apartment is clutch.

It got better

That view on top of my building

Another long day and its only been my third day of class haha. French was the usual bull shit that we always did, still waiting for him to become lazy so he cuts class on Friday again. Sociology got really interesting and my teacher is great. I might be falling in love with her since she said she loves to play her PlayStation haha I’m too easy for real. Lastly I had Law and Ethics for the first time today, I was reading what the class was about before I got to class and I almost dropped it SO HARD! It seriously looks like a hard ass 400 level class until I got there. My teacher is cool and he pretty much lets us bullshit our papers. The test should be easy and they are not cumulative so I should hopefully get that easy A. The cool thing is we have to go to two different court houses and record what we see, I hope I get some domestic dispute cases haha.  I realized after today that I only need to pick up one book so thank god I didn’t want to spend over 200 dollars again on books I never use. Besides the lame school part of my day I hung out with my friend and we had a good time. She took me to Cook Out which I haven’t had in forever so it was a BIG deal for me haha. We explored my apartment and for the first time we got access to the roof top terrace and its gorgeous. You can see a good portion of sky line and the couches are comfy. Its weird like this morning I was feeling like real shit but hanging out with a couple of friends really makes you forgot about the bad times. Its going to get to the point where I will have to cut myself off from my own problems but the question is how do I do it without making a huge deal out of it? I guess I need more time to think about it anyways I hope I can type some better posts because the last few have been shit tier. 

one week done

Its been over a week now and I’m back in the grove of things for the most part. Overall its been a lot more chilling but I feel like that will disappear once I really get into French which will hopefully happen tomorrow. Already having homework is a huge bummer especially when you don’t know what exactly you have to do. That will be my Sunday, I might go out and buy textbooks as well. I should also start working out since all I’ve eaten here is junk. So much fast food, I really need to get that cooking game going. Lastly I’m at the point where I might want to cut off certain people because I can’t deal with their games. 

Bidding and cooking

is how I would describe this day. The bidding part is something new in my life, ever since my friend told me Ebay had cheap Magic cards I’ve been there all day trying to win some cards. I lost many auctions and currently still losing at auctions but I did however win two auctions and I saved about 5 bucks on cards. I just need to win one more auction and then my Selesnya deck will be complete. I won 4x Loxodon Smiters and 4x Advent of the Wurm so now my deck is going to be scary. The card set I’m trying to win now is Torstani, Selesnya’s Voice and to me they are expensive cards since I’m pretty cheap when it comes to magic but if I can get 3 for 15 bucks that would be a fantastic feeling for my wallet. This is my current deck now. I know I am going to take out Druid’s Delieverance and Collective Blessing. I want to fit in more Selesnya Charms, Rootborn Defenses and Unflinching Courage. 

I continued my cooking training with my mom and I learned how to make another pasta and a salad with homemade salad dressing. I wish my mom had a better name for the pasta besides garlic pasta, it should sound a little bit nicer than that since its delicious. It has garlic, olive oil, crushed pepper flakes, seasoning salt, milk, bread crumbs and pesto. The milk part might sound weird but we needed it to make it saucier since we accidentally drained all the pasta water out. Its such a flavorful dish I hope I can make it just as well without my mom watching over me. The second thing I made was Cesar salad which is honestly easy like come on anyone can make a salad. The special thing here is I made my own dressing which came to be pretty good maybe a little bit too strong but still good. I used mustard, egg yolk, vinegar, black pepper, and something else I can’t remember right now. The only downside is that you can’t save the dressing because it has raw egg in it so you gotta make it and finish it during the next meal.  Hopefully I’ll get to learn more recipes involving chicken soon since I need more than one. 

Lastly I want to talk about Dark Souls II. The Souls series is perfect to me and I love every single thing about it. Dark Souls easily makes my top 3 favorite games of this generation. I wish it was coming out sooner but waiting until March of 2014 isn’t bad. The bad part is that its a PS3/360 game so I gotta keep my PS3 at college with me. The reason why I wanted to talk about Dark Souls II is because I saw this amazing video on it today. It talks about changes between the two games that any hardcore fan of the series needs to see. Dark Souls II it going to make the game harder but not letting you cheese it and other mechanics.
I still need to finish Uncharted Vita so I can play the rest of back log and then start buying games. The first game I buy coming out of the summer is either going to be Tales of Xillia or Dragon’s Crown and I’ll buy the cheaper one haha where the sale at.