almost done

I completed my Sociology final and I got a perfect score so I feel great. I only have two more this week and I just completed the study guide for my Hist of Advertising. I am a bit worried for Energy since I haven’t been trying for the past 5 chapters so lets hope I can pull off a B on the final. I’m so happy I have no more classes, just two more finals and then I can do nothing for a month. I actually get to sleep in tomorrow for the first time in a long time. Studying and video games all week, I can get behind that! 

weak finish

Well I missed 4 days in a row but for important reasons like studying for finals and other personal ventures which didnt end up so well. I did well in Law and Ethics and got a B but that French final smh. I know for a fact I failed it since I failed the first part and part 2 was way harder. I hope I can maintain my B >.<. I really needed this weekend just a couple of days to chill and focus on my other finals. Honestly i just want next semester to come with all the new opportunities it’ll come with, At least I will never take French or Law again! 

what a pain

Well I already can’t wait for this week to be over since I have three finals this early…At least I’ll get them out of the way but in general I just don’t want to do them. French is going to be super hard same with law and ethics since I don’t have all the notes I need. I have no idea what my history of ad final is on or when it is so I’ll find that out tomorrow. I just can’t believe the semester is in its last two weeks and I couldn’t be happier. I just want to sleep and game all winter even though that is what I’ve been doing this entire time. Hopefully I won’t be so damn lazy next semester but I won’t count on it. All I did today was work on some study guides and play Killer is Dead. I really like it I just suck at it right now but maybe because I don’t have the parry unlock yet. Tomorrow is going to be filled with law and ethics studying, an energy quiz and French studying *sigh* I need my break. 

Last day of my lazy break

Last day before I go back to school and I barely left room and I feel great. I love those days where you just wake up at 1, play pokemon and watch netflix until early in the morning. I’m pretty excited to get back since I have finals to study for and classes to not fail lol. Its so weird that its December 1st its almost been a full year on this blog, times moves so fast. At this point I just have to finish strong in all aspects like study, finish this blog and do other personal life things. I do have to play Dragon’s Crown and Killer is Dead before the end of the year. I could beat them before the end of finals maybe over the next weekend but I do have a PS4 to play like Killzone online and maybe some more Resogun. I can beat everything else over winter break. I should also stop neglecting my Vita and play it more, hopefully I’ll get Tearaway for Christmas so I have a real reason to play my Vita again. O yea I’m also back into Pokemon Showdown and I suck at making teams >.> I’m not doing terrible but I really have to step my game up and get better ranking. Well its about that time I start packing up my things for 2 more weeks of college this semester. 

The hypest night!

My face from every picture from tonight.

Its 3:30 and I don’t give a shit. I had a great fucking day! I found out I got a C on my econ test which I thought I fail so I AM BEYOND HAPPY!!!! I also destroyed my international relations final with EASE! I then had my last party night in Richmond with all my friends and I had a great time! I am so turnt up and I meet some real cool people and heard some awesome music tonight! I can’t believe I am a junior in college now like holy shit 2 years have gone by so damn fast!!! I am afraid of the real world but you know what I’ll survive with all my friends! I also ate some Bodillaz and I am going to miss the crown jewel of Richmond food!!!!! UGHHH I don’t want to go home but I got to, I got some of the best people in the whole world waiting for me! See you later space cowboy.

Well that final went great…

finals reaction.

WELL I hate my econ teacher with the passion of thousand suns. The notes/study guide for the final was honestly not helpful, it contained like 30% of the test. I even learned things that were not on the final even though he said they would be like really you made me waste my time and you couldn’t even tell me what would be on the final. A lot of it was things from my midterm which I did not look at since it didn’t say anywhere that it was going to be cumulative…I’m pretty sure I bombed the test and I am hoping for a big ass curve so I maybe just maybe get a C in the class. If I get a C I will be SOO HAPPY but if I don’t I will most likely have to re take it over the summer…sigh fuck my teacher what a shit lord. I was going into the test thinking I would get an A and then he throws all these bullshit at me. Also the answer choices are so DUMB its like a,b,c a&b, b&c, all of the above, none of the above like come on. Maybe I am a really good guesser?  But yea that final destroyed me and I am currently studying for International Relations and I think I will get higher than a 76 so I will get my B. I also broke my mouse in rage while I was playing Pokemon online….yea today has not been my day and Marc moved out as well…sigh. SIGH! WELL If I do great on my last final and my plans go through tomorrow night then I give no fucks! Last night of studying for the semester, lets do this. 


HOW DO BEES MAKE THIS YUMMY LIQUID!?! Honestly though bees are pretty cool.

Studied for like 4 hours in the library and I KNOW ECON!!! I am so proud of myself so my reward was to get TURNT with my friends. We had a great time and honey whiskey is yummy. The things we talked about pretty much means we are all best friends. I do miss my back home friends though from all the things Marc was saying. KJ I heard what you did and I am so PROUD of you like the term dicked down will live on forever. I can’t wait to go home and see you guys! Also I can’t wait for Friday night for that hype fest! 

Study study study


is my current mind set right now. It is really boring but it is worth it. I have managed to understand a good amount of Econ today and all I need to memorize is some facts and then I can ace that final. I didn’t really study international relations today but I did the math and all I need is a 76 in order to keep my B so I can only miss 12 questions. I figure if I focus on econ and I get an A and then use the night before my international relations test to study for the final I can for sure get above a 76. The boredom is real and I am tried of not having food in my place. Thank god for the cash my dad gave me so I didn’t stave today, that Chipotle Coldstone combo makes a great dinner. On my study breaks I watched Breaking Bad and I finished season 4 and right now I am half way done with season 5. The season 4 finale had me on the edge of my side from beginning to end like I couldn’t believe what happened. Season 5 is really good as well but now I just think Walt is turning into like an evil guy. I hope some Deathnote shit doesn’t happen where he turns fully evil in the end and he has to die. But yea one more day of complete studying and I enter panic mode. I just want Friday night to come…and more importantly E3 to come!!! I NEED MY PS4 YO 

Almost forgot I wrote one of these every night.

Greatest image ever.

I finally started up the real study grind and I realized I do not understand econ or International relations. All is not lost I have a friend who is going to teach me some econ tomorrow so hopefully HOPEFULLY I’ll get my shit straight. Today I used my last meal swipe so the struggle is real and the walk to Kroger is far so….I might just live off of ramen until Sunday…maybe. I am also still addicted to Breaking Bad and I am almost done with season 4. Not much to say today I pretty much just stayed in my room and studied. YEP My life is boring…I did watch this stream for a game called Dive Kick and everyone should Google it, it looks so awesome.

Coco butter kisses

I’m always so tired when I write these maybe I should write them earlier in the day or through out the day when I actually have the energy to write about interesting stuff besides my day haha. Anyways I started studying today and it sucked…I might just get a C in International Relations and be happy with it since this final is going to SUCK but I’ll still study. I’ll start up econ tomorrow and HOPEFULLY I’ll pull an A on the test but also this is me saying that before I looked at any of the material so yea….Some good news is that I got a B in Story and a B in History which is solid. Honestly I just want these Finals to be over so I can party again ughhh I had such a great time last time. I woke up today feeling like I dropped the anchor that has been holding me back this whole time all thanks to great friends and a very lucid dream. I wasn’t expecting that dream to happen but it really did help like even in my dreams I have rejected the problem and not let it take over me. Its like I was giving it power this whole time but then I realized it was just a small pathetic worm and I stepped on it. 

I watched a good amount of Breaking Bad and I still am watching Breaking Bad at the moment. It is pretty slow right but I have feeling it is going to get hype soon. Game of Thrones tonight was pretty awesome, it started off slow but holy shit did it pick up. I just feel bad for Sansa because nothing is going to go her way, she is a pawn and yet she does not see it. Little Finger is so fucking evil like this guy is willing to do anything to get the iron throne. The Queen of Thorns is still one of my favorite characters specially when she called Lorus a sword swallower! Arya is getting to be so AWESOME. I hope Gendry doesn’t die but he might idk maybe Arya can stop this?!?! Also John Snow is just being John Snow but damn is that good view over that wall, I wonder what is going to happen next.

This whole day I have been listening to Acid Rap. I heard it for the first time today and WOW this is breathe of fresh air. Chance raps about a lot of things I can understand well I guess anyone who is 20 years old. Every song on this is awesome but the fact that there are 5 perfect songs in  row from My Favorite Song to Acid Rain like I just get lost listening to it, its so crazy. I have to say this is my 20th time listening to the mixtape today and I will reach 100 by the end of the week haha. 

but yea that study grind,,,,lets go.