My wallet hurts

Well I missed another post last night but that is because I went out for black friday shopping. Thanksgiving dinner was good and all but the real fun starts when I start shopping with my friends. This year I went ham and bought a lot of clothes and some games, I spent over 200 which is scary but thankfully I got it covered. I woke up really late in the afternoon and then I hung out with my friends and now I am getting ready for my last day at home. I leave Sunday and I have to start studying for finals since I have 3 next week which is crazy. I hope I don’t open my wallet again for a while. 


I survived the two exams today and I figured how to connect to wifi on my 3DS so I’ve been great. I’ve been trading and battling a lot in Pokemon and I even crushed my friend Joey. I completed 3 gyms today so the game’s pacing is a lot faster now. The fairy gym was actually tough since her Sylveon out leveled my team. I really do love that typing now, its s nice to have a type that just destroys dragons. Well its time to go back to studying my quiz in the morning. 

Well that final went great…

finals reaction.

WELL I hate my econ teacher with the passion of thousand suns. The notes/study guide for the final was honestly not helpful, it contained like 30% of the test. I even learned things that were not on the final even though he said they would be like really you made me waste my time and you couldn’t even tell me what would be on the final. A lot of it was things from my midterm which I did not look at since it didn’t say anywhere that it was going to be cumulative…I’m pretty sure I bombed the test and I am hoping for a big ass curve so I maybe just maybe get a C in the class. If I get a C I will be SOO HAPPY but if I don’t I will most likely have to re take it over the summer…sigh fuck my teacher what a shit lord. I was going into the test thinking I would get an A and then he throws all these bullshit at me. Also the answer choices are so DUMB its like a,b,c a&b, b&c, all of the above, none of the above like come on. Maybe I am a really good guesser?  But yea that final destroyed me and I am currently studying for International Relations and I think I will get higher than a 76 so I will get my B. I also broke my mouse in rage while I was playing Pokemon online….yea today has not been my day and Marc moved out as well…sigh. SIGH! WELL If I do great on my last final and my plans go through tomorrow night then I give no fucks! Last night of studying for the semester, lets do this.