Almost here

I was so dead from Adventure Club that I didn’t wake up until 1 today and I did not go to any classes. I sort of feel sick right now but I don’t believe it is that serious. I still have to get my body ready for the PS4 and the PS4 all access event tomorrow night. I wish most of my games were coming this week by 3 of them are coming in by next Friday. I am mostly happy with the review scores for the games I will be playing, everything except for Knack which got crappy scores. All I have to do is take a quiz and an exam tomorrow and I can get ready for the future of gaming, lets go. 

Origins and Brotherhood

17 more days I can not wait. In the mean time I’ll finish Arkham Origins which I just started tonight. It is so beautiful on PC especially the faces in this game, Batman’s face is SO detailed. I can’t wait to fight the rest of assassins and meet Joker. I’m also working on Brotherhood with Jalen and we have 17 more episodes left. Its getting hype again and it won’t stop until its over. Side note I think I did terrible on my French presentation, thankfully my professor is an easy grader. Well time to go back to studying for this exam tomorrow. 


Fall Break has begun and I am so proud of myself that I survived exam week. I managed to get through my French quiz this morning and sat through my boring classes. The rest of the day I played Pokemon haha like usual. I have 7 badges now and I’m on route to the 8th gym now. My team is actually quite solid even though I only have 5 members. I beat my friend Joey again today and he used 6 pokemon while I only used 5, this kid is hot garbage lmao. We need have an epic Ageislash battle in the beginning but none of that matter because mega charizard x exists lol. I can’t wait for tomorrow, more Pokemon and Rusko!!!! If only I didn’t have to go to court tomorrow morning for my law and ethics law *sigh* 

So much procrastination

I have two exams to study for and I got to it at 11pm. What. I think I’ll do fine on them but I wish I had more time to study. Instead of studying I played Pokemon and chilled with my roommates like usual. I maxed out my team’s Evs in super training and then I beat the 3rd gym leader at like 20 hours in lol. I do have to do Pokemon Amie for three of my Pokemon but it shouldn’t take more than an hour to get them all maxed out. The best part about today is that my French exam is pushed back until Monday so after my two exams I just have to study for a French quiz and do some HW. I can’t wait until Wednesday afternoon when I can take a day to myself and just game. 

Pokemon and Dark Souls 2

Two more days and the greatest thing of childhood Anthony comes out, Pokemon X. I have my team all planned out and all of them are new Pokemon besides Charizard but I do plan on using the new mega x form Another great thing happens on that day, I got into the Dark Souls 2 beta! I didn’t even expect this but it happened! Pokemon and Dark Souls 2 this is the shit I live for, My only hope is that I do not have my French exam on Friday, he might forgot about it. I also got a perfect score on my Sociology exam. This weekend I have to work on my History Advertising project and then start studying for my Energy midterm. I just wish I had more lazy days. 

Just getting by

It really feels like October now with the weather getting colder and the exams are stacking up. I got two exams this week and I am slowly working on my final project for my History of Advertising class. I am not looking forward to any of it but Pokemon X will make a nice reward this weekend. Not much happened in general besides looking at the Beyond: Two Souls reviews which are surprisingly average. I’m still going to get the game but it has to during Black Friday for like 30 or less. At this point I’m just going to take life one day at a time and just focus on all this work *sigh* I hope something great happens to me soon! 

o yea I watched the first episode of Kill la Kill which is from the makers of Gurren Lagann. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! ITS AS HYPE AS GURREN LAGANN AND FLCL!!! Its rare to have an anime at this level come out so make sure to watch it every week! 

X hype

Another day where I didn’t do anything of actual importance or value. I could of worked on my research project but honestly wrestling and other things are just so much more fun. It did rain today more like stormed and my umbrella almost broke, I looked stupid trying to save my umbrella from Zeus. The worst part is my bag got soaked so I had to dry out my binder. I did have a good day even with all that rain. I went to Gamestop and traded in my GTAV since I don’t like the game and preorder Pokemon X! The best part is my Gamestop is opening up at midnight for the launch! I’m going to be around all the Richmond Pokemon nerds and I am going to love it or hate it passionately. This whole weekend is going to be about playing Pokemon, I am not going to see Dash anymore like the first 3D Pokemon game is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT! This week would be perfect if I didn’t have a French exam on Friday…I am absolutely AFRAID! I did not know anything at the moment and I won’t until the night before, god dammit. Tomorrow I really should work on my research homework…I’ll try my best but first time for sleep. 

Already half way done

Its been two days since I got GTAV and I already have over 20 hours in the game, I need to find something else to do haha. I can’t believe I’m 49% done with the entire game and 3/4 done with the story like this is all I do. Honestly I will beat this game before the online gets released so I might actually have to find another game to play. Overall I love the game but I don’t think its perfect and the story is really good but at the same time has some awkward pacing. I know the ending is going to be great so I’m not worried but I do want the game to pick up soon because I am getting sort of bored. 
Its official that I have no idea what is going on in French and I wonder how long I can bullshit while getting good grades. I feel like it will start to hurt me in November, hopefully I can just get a B and not care. On the bright side I got a 96 on my Sociology exam which means I’m going to get an easy A in the class since all the tests are on blackboard. 4 easy classes and one super hard one, thankfully my French teacher isn’t that bright so I’ll manage. 
I wish I had things to do this weekend, I feel like everything is so boring and I have nothing to do. I wonder how I can fix that, but the thing is do I really want to fix that or do I just want people to hang out with me and not do any work. I might go to the Theros prerelease on Saturday so that is at least one plan. Anyways I gotta sleep even though it doesn’t matter since I have no class tomorrow!

End of an era

Tomorrow night at this time I will have GTAV and I am REALLY excited. I honestly had nothing to do this weekend besides wait for GTAV to come out. Thankfully I don’t have much work to do this week so I will get a lot of game time in. I’ll talk about it on my podcast and on here. Speaking of my podcast I did not record today and mostly because I didn’t really have anything to say besides GTAV is going to be great.  In other news I found out the people who live above us are really crappy. My roommate and I went up there and these two girls were hating on us for how loud our music is. They were blowing everything out of proportion like saying their room shakes from the sub.  They didn’t even give us hours to work with , how can you expect to live in an apartment and not deal with other people’s music?! This ends an era of blasting music with the bass.
Side note, I am terrified of going to French tomorrow since he sent out an email saying everyone did terrible on the exam. I hope I wasn’t one of the really shitty people.