That feel when you beat a game

Don’t you feel accomplished when you beat a game? The feel of experiencing this world, story and characters like you went on an epic journey while just sitting in your living room. The reason I’m feeling this is because I just beat Virtues Last Reward on my Vita and I 100% it so I got platinum trophy as well! I gotta brag about my trophy level for a sec, I am level 17 with 21 platinums!!! Anyways, if you have a Vita or a 3DS you should play Virtues Last Reward I give it a 9.5/10. The puzzles are hard but not bullshit in my opinion and the story is a mind fuck and had me on the edge of my seat. I didn’t play the first game in series 999 which is on DS but I’m going to fix that ASAP so I would say play 999 first then VLR. I realized I’ve been beating a lot of games recently like The Last of Us, Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and now Virtues Last Reward. The next game I’m going to play is Dokuo which is a Vita puzzle game so hopefully I’ll like it. After that I might have to buy Dragon’s Crown or Tales of Xilia but I do want to buy them on sale…If I can’t find them on sale I guess I’ll go back to my The Last of Us survival run. While I think about this I gotta start packing….*sigh* 


I did it, I survived my finals and my nuzlocke

Marc you are the king of all Pokemon ever, thank god for your Bold nature you beautiful creature.

The double final, the quiz, lab work and French homework have been completed and I am exhausted. I couldn’t study for any of my  tests because I was to busy being sick as shit last night thanks to midnight breakfast. I get part two of my French final and I have to say I winged the fuck out of it and I knew how to do half the stuff but honestly I don’t care I am TOO HAPPY that I am done with this class. I then had some more shitty cafeteria food which actually made me feel sick again but I wouldn’t say that was the only reason why I felt sick at lunch, some people just have the power to make me feel physical ill feel maybe just one person but it doesn’t matter I’m mostly over that shit. Anyways here comes the History final and out of no where she says the final is 100 questions WTF 100 QUESTIONS! All of our tests so far have been 50 so I was NOT READY for this shit and half the test had errors in it and it just was not a good experience but yea fuck history I am done with that shit for good. I then complete my French lab work and I don’t care how that went either since my teacher never taught me how to speak in French so I just winged it. I proceed to Story and we have a little party thing which is awesome because I love free food especially free home made cupcakes and Papa Johns. I take that quiz with my friend and we aced it and now I am done with that class forever as well. I hang out with my friend for a bit and it was pretty fun and then I get some CHIPOTLE! Chipotle is the food of gods and I deserve it like I did so much work today I had to get yummy mexican food in me. The only issue is that it made me throw up in my mouth a little bit so I am pretty sure Shafer broke my digestive system and now I will never be able to enjoy food ever again. I finished my nuzlocke and that will be talked about in the next section and now here am with nothing to do until the weekend…maybe I should buy some more games? I don’t know but all I do know is that I am SO TIRED of all this school work! I did it though somehow, I am a survivor and I will live on to see another day. 

I COMPLETED my Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke. My team going into it is Marc(sammurot), Joanna(scrafty), Conner(reninclus) Sara(chandlure) Matt 2.0(metagross) and Isaac(exadrill). The overall team sounds solid but in all reality it could be so much better. All my Pokemon are level 60 besides Marc who is 62 and Joanna who is 61, the highest Pokemon in the Elite 4 is 59 so it sounds like I will have an easy time but trust me I don’t. To make this hard I change the settings to set battle which means I don’t get the option to switch out my Pokemon when I destroy my opponents Pokemon. The first 3 members of the elite 4 are beyond easy, Marc and Joanna sweep the Ghost, Dark and Psychic members no sweat. The first issue comes up when I have to face the fighting member. Everything is fine until I realize Conner can’t stay in against the Conkeldurr or he will die. He keeps on using fighting attacks so I decide to switch in Sara who is a ghost type so he can come in unharmed, WELL HE PREDICTS THE SWITCH and goes for bulk up, FUCK! His attack is increased but I said fuck it and went for a flamethrower and I got him down to last than half BUT HE HITS LITTLE BABY SARA WITH A STONE EDGE!!! The life bar went down TOO FAST and she died. R.I.P. you died defending your trainers honor. Marc came in and finished him off. CHAMPION TIME! Iris this little dragon brown slut THINKS SHE CAN BE A CHAMPION?!?!?! Well she can be because she is a tough bitch who probably grew up in the south side of Chicago. Her Hydreigon vs Marc and holy shit did she out speed Marc and sponged the ice beam to the brain. Thank god Marc works out and was about to take two dragon pulses and finish her off with an ice beam. She then throws out a Lapras so I heal Marc up and switch in MATT 2.0 who METEOR MASHED THE FUCK out of its face. Then this bitch thinks a shitty Aggron can beat a METAGROSS WHAT SIKE, HAMMER ARM TO THE DICK YO! At this point I am pretty sure I can win this match SO SURE I CAN WIN…well she brings out the king of her team HAXSORUS! I hit it in the face with a meteor mash and it LIVES with a good amount of health left but I get the attack boost but SHE GOES FOR DRAGON DANCE! This is a fucking issue since Haxsorus has base 148 attack….I think that is the 3rd best attack stat in the game…AND NOW THIS THING CAN MOVE FASTER THAN ANYTHING ON MY TEAM! I go for a bullet punch because there is no way I can out speed it so priority moves are the way to go here. I hit it and IT LIVES IN THE RED FUCK! It goes for earthquake and Matt 2.0 is DEAD! R.I.P. you beautiful 4 brained super computer of destruction and rape. For some dumb reason I think Conner can live a +1 Haxsorus WELL IT CAN’T 1 SHOT X SCISSOR!!!! At this point I wanted to give up like there is no way I can win this. MY ONLY HOPE IS MARC MY BEST FRIEND AND FIRST POKEMON! Marc is at half health but he has aqua jet and a splash plate so  he will hit first and get some more damage on his hit…HAXSORUS LIVES WITH 1 HP I SWEAR TO GOD WTF WHY FUCK! It hits me with a earthquake AND MARC LIVES HE FUCKING LIVES WITH 12 HP! Marc has a Bold nature which lowers his attack and increases his defense…I thought he was a shitty Pokemon for having that nature and I honestly thought that it would never pay off with I was SO WRONG it paid off IN A HUGE WAY HERE! Marc I don’t talk about how awesome you are but honestly you are THE KING POKEMON! Marc hits it with another aqua jet and proceeds to sweep the rest of the team. I used Isaac at one point since it was the only Pokemon that didn’t get any action but yea holy shit this nuzlocke was tough as shit. Marc is the MVP of the nuzlocke for never giving up and for living with 12 hp when it mattered the most. This nuzlocke has been a journey and maybe I will do another one day but damn I wrote a lot like I’ve been writing this post for almost 30 minutes holy shit.

Well what is next…I guess I’ll just chill and study for a bit….bye. 

Just a lot going on

Where do I begin? The amount of things I have to learn this weekend for three of my finals on Tuesday is stupid. I’m going to be studying for hours on hours and days on days o boy I love finals. I already feel the stress griping at me waiting to absorb my being. To add on to that I have been feeling quite shitty today. A bit sad, depressed the usual for me every once and while and that mixed with stress is never good. I just feel a bit broken like I always had this impression that time heals all wounds. I want to believe it but in reality that doesn’t happen because wounds scar. Scars are the life time reminder of your wound whether mentally or physically wounded. Maybe I will feel better in the morning and this feeling sort of came out of no where today but I do know what was the catalyst to this feeling. I just wish I had someone I could talk to like a good listener who wouldn’t be sick of me talking about it. I guess I do lack a real emotional outlet but what can you do life isn’t fair and it probably won’t ever be at least for me. I can’t believe I feel all these shitty feelings like jealously, sorrow and hatred like what is wrong with me haha I guess sleep is the only thing that will make me feel better. 

In the world of my Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke it started off as a sad day. Matt the Gigalith died in a triple battle today. His sturdy got broken and then a Vibrava hit him with a super effective critical hit earth power. I REALLY miss Matt since Gigalith is one of my favorite Pokemon of 5th gen. I really wish I could of beaten the game with good old Matt like he was SO ready to use explosion in the Elite 4. I caught and evolved a lot of things today. Sara is officially a Chandulure and Helena became a Drapion and both of them RUN TRAIN. Sara only knows how to kill and she is quite fast which is nice. I caught a MALE COMBEE TODAY which is THE WORST Pokemon to ever exist since it can’t even evolve because it is a male, so I had to name it after Bryan because Bryan is a male Combee. I caught a Jellicent and named it Kwasi, caught a Wailmer and named it Kathy and I caught a Diftblom and named it Alexis. I might of caught more things O YEA I CAUGHT A Dusion who is named after Conner! I am so pump for it to become a Reniclus. Since Matt died I replaced Matt with Isaac the Excadrill who has a perfect move set and will hopefully win this nuzlocke for me. I finished playing after I beat the 7th gym which wasn’t hard at all since Excadrill sponges all dragon hits like it is his job. I took Donnie off the team and replaced him with Conner because Donnie just can’t survive the Elite 4 and I have this huge fighting weakness on my team so this switch up fixes that. 

I finished watching season 2 of Shameless. This show is the most surprising thing I have ever seen on TV like no one ever talks about it but yet this show is perfect and deserves more attention from the world. This show can break me down to tears, it has already done it 4 times which is pretty damn crazy since at the max a show can make me cry like twice. The shit that happens is too crazy and the characters are so well written, like no one is really black or white it is all different shades of grey. I also love the connection I have with the different characters like with Karen I actually hate her so much, if I ever the actress who plays her in public I would call her a worthless bitch. Please do yourself a favor and watch Shameless it is the most under appreciated show on TV! 

Pokemon and Soul Sacrifice

I did so much French homework and studying that I actually feel like I’m going to great on my test tomorrow morning. It was so intense like I actually cared about how well I would do and I just kept on going over the class work and such, I’m just really proud of myself! In all reality studying is totally lame and the real fun of today came from nuzlocking White 2 and playing the Soul Sacrifice demo on Vita. 
Today has been in a very sad day but also a very joyous day in the world of Pokemon. I was training the team in the city park, and by training I mean farming the shit out of Audinos which give a stupid amount of experience. Marc and Pasco completed their training like it was child’s play but HEEM WHY HEEM WHY???!?!?!?!? Heem the Elekid got hit 5 times by an Audino’s double slap and two of those hits crit…if it didn’t hit 5 times he would of lived or even if the last one didn’t crit he could of lived BUT NO THE AUDINOS GOT THEIR REVENGE AND MURDERED HIM IN COLD BLOOD! I was in shock, I can’t believe this happened to A BABY POKEMON, THEY KILLED A BABY A CUTE LITTLE ELECTORAL PLUG BABY!!! I had to put Heem in the hell box just because I’m too lazy to make a heaven box, so that is TWO dead Pokemon already. Marc and Pasco though were PISSED so they decided to take their revenge out on the 3rd gym leader. This gym is a tough gym though considering that half the bugs there know razor leaf so Marc can’t do jack shit and Pasco is weak to bug since he is half grass BUT types don’t mean SHIT on team Anthony! Pasco who is now a Leavanny has some shit to settle with the gym leader since the gym leader’s main Pokemon is a LEAVANNY. The hypest match up of this early game nuzlocke happened, Leavanny on Leavanny ACTION! Marc killed the the stupid Dewebble and Pasco killed the Swadloon but then the match came and Pasco was clearly prepared. HE KNEW HE IS THE RIGHTFUL KING OF THE BUG TYPE THRONE!!! First turn Pasco BUG BITES HIM IN THE FACE and almost kills him but the BEST THING is Pasco TOOK HIS STRIUS BERRY AND ATE IT RIGHT INFRONT OF HIM! That was some rude ass shit but he knew he is king pimp of bug types. He pretty much ripped it from his dying hands and called him a bitch. The second turn Pasco finished him off and that is how I got the 3rd gym badge. After that we went on a scouting party because we need someone to take over Heem’s spot. ENTER THE DESERT we did and holy shit was that place hot thank god for Marc for providing fresh water using water pulse. The first Pokemon we encounter is a Scraggy which only has a 5% encounter rate, it was one of those moments where the Pokemon chooses you and I’m so glad Scraggy choose me! We catch it and it is a female so of COURSE I had to name it after my good old friend Joanna. I’m not going to lie after training Joanna for a bit she learned some awesome moves like payback and brick break and at this moment I have to say she has replaced Pasco as the MVP! Pasco is pretty butt hurt about it and Marc gives no fucks because he looks the coolest and nothing will ever change that. In the next area I caught a Sandile who I had to name after my bro JALEN! I had to add him to the bench though because I hate having two dark types but ITS OK JALEN you are a swag Pokemon and if Joanna dies or if I need something with some god tier power you can make the front lines of this team! I also forgot to say I caught a Petilil who I named after the always wonderful and beautiful Tori BUT I had to bench her as well since I hate using two grass types so if Pasco dies I’ll throw her on the team. The good thing is that she is the official mascot of the team and cheerleader because you know all the guys on my team need to get all amp up by someone and I can only picture Tori doing that. I might play tomorrow, we will see. 
I wrote so much holy shit but I have to talk about Soul Sacrifice for a bit! This game is on the Vita and a demo just came out today on the PSN so if you are any bit interested try it out. This game plays like monster hunter but not with shitty controls and not with a shitty item/inventory system. It is a dark fantasy game where you play as a sorcerer. You can play however you want, you have 6 moves slots and you can put different magic in each one. There are different types of magic like ones with different elements, range, types like support etc. For example you can transform your arm into a giant sword and attack people with it or you can summon a giant fist from the ground to knock enemies up or even throw projectiles. The magic is varied and I love it and the combat is very easy to understand. You can run, roll, cast magic and interact with the environment. You interact with the environment to attain items, recharge the amount of uses on your spells and regain health or even create weapons/shields in the environment. This game is also has a game mechanic all about sacrificing. Whenever you defeat an enemy you have the option to save it or sacrifice it and if you save it you can gain health or if you kill it you gain a damage increase. If you did one or the other enough times you level up your overall stats either defensively or offensively. If you do that to bosses you gain their powers or if you save them they can become your ally later on. You also sacrifice yourself and help out the party with an ultimate attack or sacrifice a part of yourself like your skin for a crazy attack. The missions last like a good 10 minutes at max so its a good portable game. It also has a deep combination system so you can create new skills and such. Honestly I am forgetting a bunch of stuff but my hands hurt so much right now that you might as well just download the demo on PSN and give it try because you might be very happy with what you play, just like I am. 

Lazy Sundays.

I live for these days where I do nothing at all haha. All I really did was finish up a project, read some of my book for my class and then nuzlocke some more and end the day off with Game of Thrones. I have to say that Game of Thrones episode was TOO FUNNY! I loved every second of it. It did have a theme of rape though and I’m glad how all of the rape in this episode didn’t actually happen because no one likes rape. Podrick though is such a swagger hound like he has sex with three whores and he didn’t have to pay them like holy shit I hope you win the iron throne. I’m also really happy we didn’t have to watch Theon get raped like o god I wouldn’t be ready for that. The scene with Tyrion dragging the chair to the other end of the table is priceless  like the whole scene is beyond funny but its such a power play by Tyrion to show his Tywin that he isn’t fucking around. Honestly I love tension between characters haha. Also the scene in the beginning with the arrows missing the body like I died of laughter I just love how this show has a lot of human elements to it and the look on Robb’s face I couldn’t handle it! Lastly I have to mention how much I love Jamie like what a guy for not letting Birenne get raped but damn did he pay the price. I wonder what the hell he is going to do now without that hand like he can’t fight for shit now. I can not wait for the next episode!

Today in my White 2 nuzlocke I made it to the second gym but first I tried in the fields below the city. The first Pokemon I saw was a Elekid and I caught the shit out of it haha. I named him after my friend Fred but used his nick name Heem and I just thought they matched perfectly. I trained Marc, Pasco and Heem to level 18 and then we faced Roxie. Pasco(the Sewaddle) is weak to poison types but that didn’t stop him from running train on that Koffing! Pasco wanted to prove that types don’t matter and that the only thing that matters is whats on the inside. It was such an inspirational speech that I had to let him do it. After giving that speech he used Return (the power of love) on the Koffing and gets A CRITICAL HIT 1 SHOT CITY YO, SO MUCH HYPE! Then I Marc and Heem clean up the Whirlipede and that is how we won our second badge! Also Marc evolved from an Oshawott to a Dewott which means my best friend is now a ninja otter so that is pretty rad. Honestly I really like my team right now which is surprising for a nuzlocke and if any of them died now I might cry T.T

Sike I don’t have boring weekends

He only knows how to kill, was never taught to love.

Well I thought this weekend would be boring but who am I kidding, I’m me and my life could never be boring. At VCU you have to start off your Saturday with the crucial Chic-fil-a run because its the only way to really enjoy your weekend. I watched a bunch of anime today with my friend Isaac and then he convinced me to start a Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke challenge. If you don’t know a nuzlocke is a set of rules you put a Pokemon play through with 3 simple rules. If a Pokemon faints it can not be used anymore, you can only catch the first Pokemon you see on a route and lastly you must nickname every Pokemon you capture. You can add more rules to that but you have to have those. 

Starting today I will be posting about my White 2 nuzlocke until I either beat the game or all my Pokemon die and I lose. One of the other rules I put on my nuzlocke is that I have to nickname my Pokemon after my real life friends, depending who fits the Pokemon the closest. I choose Oshawott as my starter and since your starter is suppose to be your best friend I had to go with Marc.(Isaac you were a close second) Marc honestly fucks everything up with his water gun, he only knows how to destroy like that Lilipup at the ranch, HE COULD OF BEEN A GREAT ADDITION TO THE TEAM! On route 19 I caught a Purrloin who I had to name Kelsey since she just loves cats. The only issue here is that Purrloin got killed by a crit tackle from a Patrat on the same fucking route. I had her for like 10 minutes and she DIED SO FAST! She is now in the dead box which I call hell since come on getting killed by a Patrat is a one way trip to hell. The following route I caught a Sewaddle who I thought it one of the shittest Pokemon of this whole generation but holy shit was I proven wrong. Pasco the Sewaddle is the pain train of destruction like he is showing up Marc who the start of my team is. Sewaddle SWEPT the first gym with his bug bite like I didn’t realize a stupid looking bug could have all this POWER stored up in him. I hope to god Pasco survives the play through because that 4x weakness to fire and flying is so scary. Tomorrow I hopefully we beat the second gym but first I got homework and Game of Thrones to watch. 

I also had a lucid dream last night after I woke up and I was mad I didn’t have one BUT I then fell asleep again for 2 hours and I had one. I didn’t record it because the dream is really awkward and I don’t want to describe but I do have to say it involves this REALLY good looking girl. 
Also I am way to lazy to get a pen and paper to record my shit like I don’t have room for that next to my bed and my phone fails like half the time to trust it. 

I also recorded an awesome podcast today which will be up on Monday so click on the podcast tab to listen to my previous episodes! 

I just want Kingler to be better.

File:Ash Kingler Crabhammer EToP.png

too cool.

You know what I dislike so much about pokemon is that some of my favorite pokemon suck even though they shouldn’t. My prime example is Kingler. I love Kingler with a passions like it is a GIANT BAD ASS CRAB with one SUPER HUGE CLAW that shit destroys dreams but yet Kingler isn’t that good of a pokemon, but why? Kingler has the HIGHEST attack stat out of any water pokemon with base 130 which is fucking massive. It has pretty high base defense with base 115 and decent speed with base 75, every other stat is lacking but still BASE 130 ATTACK STAB HOLY SHIT CHOICE SCARF THAT CRAB. Its signature move is crabhammer and it has base 90 damage and 90% accuracy with increase critical hit %, that sounds great and all and I love the name of the move but the issue is base 90 attack is not good enough. It needs to be base 100 or have 100% accuracy, I rather have the latter because missing an attack is like shooting yourself in the arm, it sucks and you look like a retard. Another issue is Kingler doesn’t get to learn waterfall which it SHOULD be able to learn like come back its a fucking giant crab why can’t I jump on its back and climb a waterfall with it. IT HAS GIANT CLAWS FOR A REASON LIKE REALLY! I’m so hurt. Waterfall is base 80 damage and 100% accuracy and has a 30% to flinch. I would take that any day of crabhammer like you won’t miss your attack and you can flinch your opponent ALSO it makes Kingler so much better IN GAME! The amount times I try to use a Kingler in game and then I have to switch him out for another water type whenever I encounter a waterfall, its so DUMB. GameFreak should either make crabhammer better, make a new physical water move or let Kingler learn waterfall. Like it even has awesome abilities like sheer force and hyper cuter. They could also increase its special defense a bit but they would never do that. *sigh* The fact that Ash has a Kingler and it swagged so hard on a cloyster and as a Krabby it destroyed an Exeggutor. Kingler makes my top ten favorite pokemon and it hurts that I never get to use him in battle since he just sucks too much, I have the same feelings for beedrill and I might do one for beedrill as well. If Kingler could learn close combat that would be awesome as well but he can’t, like REALLY there needs to be a better physical water move that is base 120. Gen 6 I am looking at you to fix this PLEASE!

File:Ash Krabby Stomp.png