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Typical weekend before finals for me, pretty much all I did today was study and watch anime. I just want to Tuesday to come so I can be over all this studying for a little bit until my next two finals which is like a week later. 
I finished re watching Code Geass today and holy shit is that anime really good like TOO good! If you have any interests in anime you have to go watch it, it is like watching a really intense chess match but it isn’t boring. The whole last episode I had chills and I almost cried you really do get attached to the characters. 
I played a good amount of my White 2 nuzlocke today and I beat the 8th gym pretty easily. Marc, Joanna and Helena did some work and took the trash out. I almost finished all the team plasma bullshit and what not so once I finish that I will enter the final stretch of this epic nuzlocke journey. If I lose in the Elite 4 I am going to be PISSED I have over 30 hours on this shit, I would be crushed if I lost.
I recorded another episode of my podcast today and it should go up on Monday so look forward to that. We talked about Nintendo not being at E3, 720 rumors and some PS4 stuff. Also random Capcom hate at the end from Ryan haha. 
I will be spending the rest of my night studying and watching Shameless, I might even finish season 3 tonight!