what a pain

Well I already can’t wait for this week to be over since I have three finals this early…At least I’ll get them out of the way but in general I just don’t want to do them. French is going to be super hard same with law and ethics since I don’t have all the notes I need. I have no idea what my history of ad final is on or when it is so I’ll find that out tomorrow. I just can’t believe the semester is in its last two weeks and I couldn’t be happier. I just want to sleep and game all winter even though that is what I’ve been doing this entire time. Hopefully I won’t be so damn lazy next semester but I won’t count on it. All I did today was work on some study guides and play Killer is Dead. I really like it I just suck at it right now but maybe because I don’t have the parry unlock yet. Tomorrow is going to be filled with law and ethics studying, an energy quiz and French studying *sigh* I need my break. 

Almost here

I was so dead from Adventure Club that I didn’t wake up until 1 today and I did not go to any classes. I sort of feel sick right now but I don’t believe it is that serious. I still have to get my body ready for the PS4 and the PS4 all access event tomorrow night. I wish most of my games were coming this week by 3 of them are coming in by next Friday. I am mostly happy with the review scores for the games I will be playing, everything except for Knack which got crappy scores. All I have to do is take a quiz and an exam tomorrow and I can get ready for the future of gaming, lets go. 

Another entry

Well 9 more days for PS4, 2 more days until my presentation and I am stressed out. I just bullshit all my work today like I don’t care right now. I’m not in a good mood more like pissed off and I guess depressed for no real good reason. Its just a lot of things bothering me at once and now it has consumed me. After my presentation I should feel a little bit better. O yea I finished watching Brotherhood with Jalen today and he loved it until the last episode, he is not a fan of epilogues. In all reality the epilogue is spot on. We will start Gurren Lagann in two weeks and I know for a fact he will like it. Its so weird that I just got into a better mode from listening to this lol kpop is greatness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVgkNW2cENQ

just moving along

I can’t wait until Thursday afternoon so I don’t have to worry about these projects anymore. After this week I should have a good amount of free time and time to play with my PS4. In the mean time I’ll just watch a lot of tv and movies. I just finished watching Ping Pong Playa and Its a great movie, its like an adult Disney movie but they can say things. I give it a 4/5 lol. 

less than 2 weeks

Feeling better today I had time to clear my head and just think. I also worked on a bunch of homework and I’m still not done…On the positive side I totally forgot it was Saturday so I have all of tomorrow to get things done. One more paper to write and two projects to work on. Side note 12 more days until PS4! The countdown is too real, its all I really have to look out for. I guess I’ll be lame now and go to bed since I have nothing better to do besides listen to Sound Remedy. 

14 days

14 more days until my PS4 comes in. At this point I’m just trying to survive until it comes out. In the mean time I have 2 projects and a paper to write for next week ugh. After next week I should be fine for a while in all my classes so hopefully during PS4 day I won’t have shit to do. It is Halloween night and I didn’t do shit because I barely have any friends who like to do things lol. I did walk outside though just to see what people were doing and yea it was kray out there. The homeless people were rabid lol. Hopefully I’ll find something to do for the weekend.  

what a good time.

I was not expecting the weekend to be this hype and I really needed it. Unfortunately tomorrow is Monday and I actually got to prepare for a law and ethics test on Wednesday. Even better I have to go to court again tomorrow so I can complete this paper for that class. I have to work on a French presentation as well so I’m not having fun until Thursday. 
I do have to say I am so happy my friends Matt and Luke came last night for this party. If was easily surprise of the year like I did not calculate that at all. I think its so funny how they just entered Marc’s room and raided his food and slept in there lol. I’m also happy I got to play 10 minutes of SFIV and the fact that I got better since I last played with them is awesome. Like I said in my last post 10/10, moves for days. 


Thank god I did not have my French exam today. He pushed it back until Thursday so hopefully that will give me plenty of time to learn everything I need to know. I’m also another third closer to finishing my part in the group project so by the end of tomorrow I should have it done. Besides doing homework I got really hype about catching shiny pokemon in X and Y. I read a guide on how to easily get shinies through chain fishing and after an hour of doing it I got a shiny Clawizter! I actually LOVE this pokemon and the shiny looks great! I got it fully EV trained and now I’m trying to get it to lvl 50 so I can use it online. The second shiny I caught which happened 5 minutes after I got the Clawizter is a shiny little Luvdisc lol. It is a cool shiny because its all gold but I wish it could be used competitively.  This shiny Luvdisc would have to go to a future gf who loves pokemon or something, I feel would like she would like it lol. Anyways I got a big day of homework tomorrow, sleeeeeeeppp timeeeeee. 

Why Kone

And just like that fall break is over and I barely did anything besides play Pokemon and complete some homework. I am looking forward to a surprise French midterm tomorrow morning if its still going to happen which I doubt. My professor (Kone) really doesn’t know what hes doing so I might have it next week. I don’t know why he thinks its OK to give us homework on Sunday via email and make the homework 7 pages long. The fact that its due tomorrow morning is so dumb and since I got that assignment randomly I only got to finish a 3rd of my history of advertising project. I hope I’m doing that project correctly but I’m more worried if the rest of group is actually doing the project. Group projects should not exist and the fact that my professor wants us to dress nice for it, just why. Tomorrow should involve more project work and maybe French hw but overall nothing too stressful, maybe I’ll start up a video game idk. 

ok time

I had an interesting day today since I went to federal district court today for a class project. It was weird seeing all these people get sentences. This one lady started crying right when court started for a good minute. I hope I never have to go to court it seems like such a hassle. The weirdest thing had to be how all the lawyers and the people who work at the court are so friendly with each other. After court I just chilled and waited for Rusko. I thought it as an alright time, I wish it wasn’t an all ages show. It ended too early for me and he didn’t play long enough, I just couldn’t get completely in to it. It didn’t help that I was so use to echostage that I don’ t think I can go to anything that is less than it. Time to sleep in till 1.