I am back home for the first time in a while and its actually nice to see all the people I love again. If only it wasn’t pouring all day, it was pretty much a tsunami’s worth of rain. The sidewalks and roads are flooded and no one was safe when my friends and I were running to the car, I almost got lost out there. I had to get Glory Days for dinner because I haven’t had amazing cheese fries in such a long time. In general though today was greatness I got to see most of my friends from back home and they’re the main reason why I come back every few months. I hope the rest of break is this good!

Rediscovering Breaking Bad and Cream Cheese


Day two of my finals break and after a long well thought decision I decided to spend my time on watching Breaking Bad again. I would of played video games but I didn’t feel like playing Borderlands 2 until the newest DLC comes out which actually got announced today for June 25th so I am pretty stoke. I tried to play Gran Turismo 5 again and I am surprised I got 70% done with that game like realistic driving with no cool cars at the beginning sucks so I dropped it after two races. But yea Breaking Bad, I started it a while back but I stopped half way done with season 2 and just didn’t keep on going, I’m not sure why but I am glad I am watching it again. After one day of watching it I completed season 2 and I am halfway done with season 3 so I’ll be done with it soon enough if I keep up this pace. I really like the show but it can be too slow for me at times but I do understand the hype behind it. This show is really good at getting me mad at the characters though like everyone does some stupid irrational shit and it just bothers me but I guess that is what they wanted to do so yea it worked. I still like The Walking Dead so much more though but I guess zombies are more interesting to me than meth but this could change once I get all caught up since The Walking Dead had a shitty season 3 finale. Breaking Bad doesn’t even come close to Game of Thrones though which is pun intended the king of TV. I also happened to rediscover cream cheese today. Cream cheese might be the most underrated thing you can put on bread. It is honestly perfect like it is fluffy and have this whipped taste of cream and cheese. I just had some on toast and damn the days I don’t eat cream cheese are not good days because cream cheese is hand crafted by god. The moment I go back home I am going to this one bagel place everyday until I get tired of bagels because I need some quality bread for my cream cheese. 

TL;DR I love cream cheese.