less than 2 weeks

Feeling better today I had time to clear my head and just think. I also worked on a bunch of homework and I’m still not done…On the positive side I totally forgot it was Saturday so I have all of tomorrow to get things done. One more paper to write and two projects to work on. Side note 12 more days until PS4! The countdown is too real, its all I really have to look out for. I guess I’ll be lame now and go to bed since I have nothing better to do besides listen to Sound Remedy. 


Well I have no idea if I’m ready for this French midterm tomorrow morning so I’ll just wing it. On the bright side I have nothing else to do after that so I can actually catch up on all these videos I’m behind on. The next problem would be getting bored over the weekend *sigh* I need more things to do besides play video games. Anyways I’m going to go back and waste my time on the cookie clicker game. Why do I do these things smh. I need some sort of motivation in my life. 

Same old same old

Managed to get my project part done and completed my Energy work. I also got an 85 on my Energy midterm which is great since I thought I failed it since I didn’t study. All I have to worry about is learning a whole chapter of French tomorrow for my midterm on Thursday. I wish something exciting would happen in my life, at least I’m not stressed out but I just feel like I’m going through the same routine everyday. At least I get my PS4 on Nov 15th. I really do need another game to play before then, maybe Kingdom Hearts or something from PlayStation Plus. 

Already half way done

Its been two days since I got GTAV and I already have over 20 hours in the game, I need to find something else to do haha. I can’t believe I’m 49% done with the entire game and 3/4 done with the story like this is all I do. Honestly I will beat this game before the online gets released so I might actually have to find another game to play. Overall I love the game but I don’t think its perfect and the story is really good but at the same time has some awkward pacing. I know the ending is going to be great so I’m not worried but I do want the game to pick up soon because I am getting sort of bored. 
Its official that I have no idea what is going on in French and I wonder how long I can bullshit while getting good grades. I feel like it will start to hurt me in November, hopefully I can just get a B and not care. On the bright side I got a 96 on my Sociology exam which means I’m going to get an easy A in the class since all the tests are on blackboard. 4 easy classes and one super hard one, thankfully my French teacher isn’t that bright so I’ll manage. 
I wish I had things to do this weekend, I feel like everything is so boring and I have nothing to do. I wonder how I can fix that, but the thing is do I really want to fix that or do I just want people to hang out with me and not do any work. I might go to the Theros prerelease on Saturday so that is at least one plan. Anyways I gotta sleep even though it doesn’t matter since I have no class tomorrow!

Work OP

I’m just tired of looking at screens right now and typing. I did the usual of watching a lot of anime but I also started to do some work today and it sucks. I never get work to do since I don’t have a real job but man 2-3 hours of work already and I am complaining. I pretty much have to enter a lot of data into a data base and its just time consuming and repetitive.The fact that I have to use two laptops for this like come on I have a hand on each one of them. I feel like I’m done working on it tonight I rather watch some videos and sleep at this point. It pretty much killed all motivation to write a decent post today on the bright side I’m one day away from my birthday and I just want my Plus so I an enjoy my Vita again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something to talk about. 

I can’t wait to get Plus back

This is blog is a real pain to write during the summer when there isn’t much going on. Today was another anime day where I have watched over 10 episodes of Gintama and I’ll still be watching episodes till 3. I guess that is the positive thing I can actually get all caught up with Gintama before class starts up. I’m just looking towards the future for some fun at this point the good thing is that I don’t have to look to far since my birthday is in 2 days. Its always nice to see family and get some delicious home cooked food on my birthday but of course I’m most hyped about is the gifts. I know for the most part I will be getting money which is one of the best gifts easily a top tier gift. Even better than that is getting your PlayStation Plus subscription renewed which I know is going to happen so I can FINALLY enjoy all these great games I have not played yet on my vita and PS3. I’m not sure what new games I will be getting on PS3 from it but I am excited to play SSF4: AE 2012 and actually try to get good at a fighting game. The vita has two games that I really want to play though which is Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush! My vita is finally going to get the love it deserves again and I could not be happier! Honestly I’m pretty simple, give me a bunch of games and I’ll be happy for a long time. The best part is the Plus subscription lasts a year so I will have it ready to go on my PS4 day one, one less thing to worry about on launch day! With Plus I will also be able to access some of my old saves that I had left up in the cloud and I can easily transfer things from my two PS3s, man this is awesome. I actually buy more Vita games since I’ll have an ever greater discount on some titles since I have Plus. This will pretty much end my gaming drought which is awesome, I hope Tomb Raider is still free but if not I’ll just borrow it from someone or do a ghetto rental from Gamestop. Lastly I hope I do something fun on my birthday like hookah with my friends, nothing flashy but something that will get out of my room if not I’ll just drown myself in video games and cake. On the real though I hope I get a huge chocolate cake with everything chocolate and for old times sake throw some Pokemon figures on it lmao. If I ever got a cake like that at this age I would cry for real that would be so awesome. Anyways its about time I got back to Gintama! 

I’m all about marathoning

shows on Netflix. Summer is the season of marthoning shows and Netflix just makes it so easy. Its been a bit over a day when I started Parks and Recreation and I’m half way done with season 3. The show is actually perfect, 10/10 I need more shows like this. Since I have a lot of free time to burn in general since I don’t have a job yet and my friends are usually busy I decided to spend the rest of my Summer watching everything I ever wanted to watch. Might as well and its really fun! The best part is my days just go by so fast which really helps when you are waiting for things to come in the mail…I need my copy of The Last of Us! I feel like I’m the only person in the world who does not have it and I do not want to get spoiled!!! It should be here on Tuesday and once that happens I will beat it and say it is game of the generation because I know it is lol. Then I will write up a post about my top 10 favorite games of this past gen. After that I figure I will play the online for it and just wait out the rest of the Summer since I am bored. The moment I get back to Richmond is when I truly start enjoying myself and actually I have exactly 2 months before I move in again and then I will pop some bottles.  

Nothing much to say

I’m not going to lie I haven’t been feeling good today. I didn’t get The Last of Us yet since the shipping I got sucked so the latest I’ll get it by is Tuesday. I didn’t really do anything today besides get a job app for the dollar tree and watch Park and Recs all day. I have to say that show is really funny like its natural kind of funny where the actors are just being themselves. I guess being in a dark room all day hasn’t really put me in the best of moods *sigh*. That overall feeling of loneliness is my state of mind at the moment, I guess I could play some games while I wait for Last of Us. I guess its natural to not always be happy but still it sucks and its depressing like your mind can really be your worse enemy when things aren’t working out the way you want them to.  I really do the weekends wrong when I’m back in NOVA, smh. 

Well I’m already pretty bored.

Its going to be one of those weekend where I just chill inside and do some homework but really just play video games and listen to music. I just don’t feel the hype right now since I’m pretty damn bored, where the plans at? haha. Its sort of a good thing though since I have to redo my carmax ad and I had a book to finish this weekend. I just wish I had more exciting things to do though, MAYBE I will find something…I just wish my best friend didn’t leave for the weekend *SIGH*. Tonight is the night I start my dream journal so I hope I can dream on command like two nights ago since it would be pretty awesome to be able to share my dreams with you guys. I feel like writing a post on some of my favorite games this generation because I was thinking today that there are so many awesome games this gen that have affected me in many different ways. I don’t know if I can choose my favorite game for this generation but maybe I’ll do a top 10 list or something. 
*sigh* I just wish this weekend wasn’t going to be SOOOO lonely -_-. I got way too much free time like I gotta work on that job search and even with a job I still might have a bunch of free time, I might need to start something else up besides this blog and my podcast…