End of an era

Tomorrow night at this time I will have GTAV and I am REALLY excited. I honestly had nothing to do this weekend besides wait for GTAV to come out. Thankfully I don’t have much work to do this week so I will get a lot of game time in. I’ll talk about it on my podcast and on here. Speaking of my podcast I did not record today and mostly because I didn’t really have anything to say besides GTAV is going to be great.  In other news I found out the people who live above us are really crappy. My roommate and I went up there and these two girls were hating on us for how loud our music is. They were blowing everything out of proportion like saying their room shakes from the sub.  They didn’t even give us hours to work with , how can you expect to live in an apartment and not deal with other people’s music?! This ends an era of blasting music with the bass.
Side note, I am terrified of going to French tomorrow since he sent out an email saying everyone did terrible on the exam. I hope I wasn’t one of the really shitty people.

I live for these chill days

Well Waffle Wednesday was terrible. My complex has failed me, these people need to do BETTER! I might check out the next event though which is the double dash tournament. Its been a chill day for the most part, I had 3 classes and hung out with my roommates like usual. I discovered that chilling in the courtyard is really enjoyable especially with all the random music you hear from people’s rooms. I’m thinking about doing homework out there since its really nice and its right next to my room. I could of studied French out there but it closes at 10 which is LAME! At least give me midnight so I can actually enjoy it on the weekends. I should be studying for French but I have to look at the newest Magic cards. Theros is TOO HYPE!!! I have to make a post about the set soon because all these daily card spoilers have been perfect. Lastly tomorrow should be fun since we are celebrating my friend’s 21st birthday a day early since he has to go home so I guess turn up haha. 

Puppy power

When I woke up this morning I didn’t even think of the possibility of having a puppy see the apartment, This puppy named Hugo is TOO adorable omg. The face he makes when his run towards you is to die for. I wish I was allowed to have pets in the apartment…I would either get a small dog or a cat and I’m leaning towards the cat honestly. I feel like I am the lion among cats and they all just love and respect me. I am way too happy about all of that right now. The best part is I saw him again when I was out on a night trip in front of 7-11. One day I will get a pet and it will be the greatest pet of them all. I’ll even get a crown for it. I’m not going to lie the rest of my day doesn’t compare to that puppy, besides hanging out with my friend earlier.
Its 1am what else could I talk about…This semester I realized how important hanging out with my roommates is. Its too much fun just chilln’ having no worries etc. It really helps me get over all that shit that makes me sad. I sort of feeling like I’m evolving into a new version of Anthony and I really like it. Looking into the future the ether of endless possibilities.
side note The Weeknd is singing my mood right now. The beat to The Morning is blessing my ears. O YEA I rediscovered a song I love, Void by Konec. Its sort of dark but I really like it, I don’t know maybe I’m just a little dark.
side note 2.0 I really need to stop being lazy and get my school work going for real.

It got better

That view on top of my building

Another long day and its only been my third day of class haha. French was the usual bull shit that we always did, still waiting for him to become lazy so he cuts class on Friday again. Sociology got really interesting and my teacher is great. I might be falling in love with her since she said she loves to play her PlayStation haha I’m too easy for real. Lastly I had Law and Ethics for the first time today, I was reading what the class was about before I got to class and I almost dropped it SO HARD! It seriously looks like a hard ass 400 level class until I got there. My teacher is cool and he pretty much lets us bullshit our papers. The test should be easy and they are not cumulative so I should hopefully get that easy A. The cool thing is we have to go to two different court houses and record what we see, I hope I get some domestic dispute cases haha.  I realized after today that I only need to pick up one book so thank god I didn’t want to spend over 200 dollars again on books I never use. Besides the lame school part of my day I hung out with my friend and we had a good time. She took me to Cook Out which I haven’t had in forever so it was a BIG deal for me haha. We explored my apartment and for the first time we got access to the roof top terrace and its gorgeous. You can see a good portion of sky line and the couches are comfy. Its weird like this morning I was feeling like real shit but hanging out with a couple of friends really makes you forgot about the bad times. Its going to get to the point where I will have to cut myself off from my own problems but the question is how do I do it without making a huge deal out of it? I guess I need more time to think about it anyways I hope I can type some better posts because the last few have been shit tier. 

I love it here

Almost 2 full days and I’m back in love with the Richmond area. My new apartment is next level and I’m having a great time with my roommates. I’ve been seeing a bunch of friends and just chilling honestly this is the life. I hope the semester doesn’t kill the greatness at is happening in my life. I can’t wait until my other roommate Marc gets here that is when things are going to get crazy. I also went to Cary town today to draft at the local game shop and I didn’t do terrible. I wish we had more than 4 people for the draft but no randoms came in this morning so next Friday I am about to slay all the neck beards. Pretty much my life is almost perfect right now besides the fact I need to buy a side table for my room. I still haven’t cooked yet but I’ll get to the point where I crave some pasta haha 

That pre-packing stress

That feeling that summer is almost over, it makes me a bit sad. It really hit me today that I am going back to VCU in 3 days. After hanging out with my friend Matt who got me this awesome Metal Gear Solid wall scroll I feel even sadder. Honestly its the perfect gift for me, I would never buy one but I always wanted one and I don’t have a single MGS related wall item. My biggest issue with leaving is that I have to make time to pack and hang out with my friends so I really have to pack some stuff up. After I get my clothes all packed I should be ready for an easy packing session the day I leave. I can still feel the stress storm coming. The mad running around my house looking for things to put into the car and then unpacking it all at the apartment. The crucial Walmart trip right after that so I can have food to eat and other important items. Then getting something to eat with my Dad, I hope it doesn’t longer than 3 hours honestly. Well that just stressed me out…good night. 

5 days left

The final countdown has begun I will be going back to VCU in 5 days. I’m really to excited to go back since my new apartment is great and I miss all my VCU friends. I am not excited to pack though and then unpack *sigh* both of those things make my top 5 most hated things to do. I guess I’ll go through some of my stuff tomorrow and throw away junk I don’t need and start making a list of items I should pick up. A lot of cooking supplies will be bought and make school supplies as well. I also should do laundry before I go so maybe on Monday I’ll get that done. Of course I need to see my friends before I go and play a bunch of games of Magic with them since I bought all these new cards. I’m at the point though where leaving home isn’t a big thing anymore since I’m so use to it now. Packing and unpacking were really bad freshman year but as a junior not so much like it still sucks but I learned the tricks of the trade by now. I’m also looking forward to my apartment not being dorm, FINALLY!!!! Dorms suck and having to sign in guest makes you feel like a baby >.> The hype is real and almost here! 

8am is too soon

Besides today feeling like it was over 100 degrees I would say today has been alright. I chilled with some friends, played magic and discussed anime. I did make a crappy sliver deck out of the M14 cards I pulled and it won a game which I’m surprised about. I just wished it didn’t need shocklands or more like I wish shocklands didn’t exist so I could have an easier time making a tournament ready deck. On amazon they are like 10 bucks and I’m just not at the point where I am willing to spend 10 bucks for a single card and of course I have to get 4 of them so in all reality 40 bucks. I really do want to run a naya sliver deck and just a regular naya deck but right now mono colored looks good to me. Apparently in the new block mono colored decks will be better so I hope that is true because I really want to make a classic mono green deck. Magic is something I still want to have fun with so I don’t want to become a total asshole with it and just buy all the the best cards and spend tons of cash so mono colored sounds good for me. Unfortunately I’m an asshole about video games lmao If I don’t respect your knowledge on video games then just don’t argue about gaming with me because I will not see your point of view. Thankfully I have a decent amount of friends who I can talk to about games and actually enjoy their thoughts and opinions. 

The only thing that sucks is I have to wake up at 8am tomorrow to go to my old apartment and pack up the rest of my stuff. A total of about 4 hour ride to and from so I’ll get some solid sleep from that but it won’t be in a comfy bed. The awesome thing about this is I’m 29 days away from moving into my brand new apartment with my friends! One of my friends wants me to make an anime list for us to watch and he wants to watch me play through all the Metal Gear Solid games! I can not wait the hype is too much. i’m more excited for this than my birthday which I sort of don’t care about anymore but maybe that is because I’m getting older. I do hope I get to do something fun for that day instead of being trapped inside with family. At least go to a hookah bar and enjoy each others company. Well its time to sleep *sigh* 8am is too close.