Another entry

Well 9 more days for PS4, 2 more days until my presentation and I am stressed out. I just bullshit all my work today like I don’t care right now. I’m not in a good mood more like pissed off and I guess depressed for no real good reason. Its just a lot of things bothering me at once and now it has consumed me. After my presentation I should feel a little bit better. O yea I finished watching Brotherhood with Jalen today and he loved it until the last episode, he is not a fan of epilogues. In all reality the epilogue is spot on. We will start Gurren Lagann in two weeks and I know for a fact he will like it. Its so weird that I just got into a better mode from listening to this lol kpop is greatness.

Origins and Brotherhood

17 more days I can not wait. In the mean time I’ll finish Arkham Origins which I just started tonight. It is so beautiful on PC especially the faces in this game, Batman’s face is SO detailed. I can’t wait to fight the rest of assassins and meet Joker. I’m also working on Brotherhood with Jalen and we have 17 more episodes left. Its getting hype again and it won’t stop until its over. Side note I think I did terrible on my French presentation, thankfully my professor is an easy grader. Well time to go back to studying for this exam tomorrow. 

Beat X

I beat Pokemon X today after playing it for 62 hours lol. I really enjoyed the game and plan on doing post game stuff soon but for now I’m just battling online. I can’t wait for Pokemon Showdown to get updated with all gen 6 stuff so I can really get into competitive battling. Besides that I watched some more episodes of FMA Brotherhood with my roommate. I’m enjoying it as much as my first time watching it, its just a perfect show. Lastly I didn’t so any homework haha I tried for a minute but that wasn’t going to happen so maybe tomorrow. 

Just getting by

It really feels like October now with the weather getting colder and the exams are stacking up. I got two exams this week and I am slowly working on my final project for my History of Advertising class. I am not looking forward to any of it but Pokemon X will make a nice reward this weekend. Not much happened in general besides looking at the Beyond: Two Souls reviews which are surprisingly average. I’m still going to get the game but it has to during Black Friday for like 30 or less. At this point I’m just going to take life one day at a time and just focus on all this work *sigh* I hope something great happens to me soon! 

o yea I watched the first episode of Kill la Kill which is from the makers of Gurren Lagann. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! ITS AS HYPE AS GURREN LAGANN AND FLCL!!! Its rare to have an anime at this level come out so make sure to watch it every week! 

Lots of Vita love today

A fun filled day of staring at Ebay auctions and playing my Vita. Today has been a total loss on my journey to attain these cards at a low price. I’m trying to not spend more than 17 bucks on the Trostani’s but man these magic neck beards go ham when they start bidding. Thankfully they are many more auctions for me to attempt and I am currently leading one of them so I’m praying I can win it before the shipping goes past Aug 16th. I bought two Selesnya Charms off of Amazon for a buck so today wasn’t a total lost. My friend is also going to hook me up with two Unflinching Courage so all I have to worry about is getting 3x Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice now. Back to hunting. 

Since I was quite butt hurt over losing a couple of auctions today I decided to beat Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita. The game really is Uncharted on Vita in all the good ways and the only bad stuff is some of the dumb Vita motion and puzzle crap. Once Sully comes into the story the game instantly felt like good old Naughty Dog Uncharted. The other characters in the game weren’t the interesting to me but Drake and Sully make up for them and so much more.*Spoiler* It didn’t have a super natural spin to it which really took me by surprise like the thing that was special was radioactive gold…pretty lame in my opinion*End of Spoiler*. I did really enjoy the tomb part in the later chapters and somehow they actually made climbable objects falling feel even better than the console games. There is a lot of replay value in trying to take all the pictures and collecting all the jewels etc but honestly none of that seems really interesting to me. I would give this game one of the most hated scores to ever exist, 7.9. It just didn’t have enough for me to go and say this game is great but it is really good and if you have PlayStation Plus you already own it so go play it. I honestly wouldn’t buy it though instead spend the money on PlayStation Plus and get a bunch of great games for PS3 and Vita for 50 bucks or 17 bucks if you only want a 3 month subscription. 

I started up Virtues Last Reward for Vita after I beat Uncharted. I didn’t know what I was going into so I read up on it first. Its a game that has a total of 24 endings and your endings are based off of your decisions in the novel part of the game and your decisions in the escape part. I started playing and I realized the game has a plot that I really love in anime, A group of people people are taken into this building and the only way to win this game is to escape and I’m pretty sure only one person can escape. You have to work together with other people to solve puzzles or you can betray them and leave them for dead. Anything that has that survival element in it is going to be great to me unless the game is utter crap. I only got to played the first puzzle and first conversation and I really enjoy the puzzle game play. The first puzzle wasn’t too hard but it did require actual effort and quite a bit time since the first puzzle room has about 10 parts to it. I’m really excited to see how the story will go and why all these people where brought here and how will I escape or will I die I don’t know so many different endings. I’m pretty sure if you get all 16 good endings then you get the real ending so I might do it if I really like the game. I still can’t believe PlayStation Plus gave this game out for free and its metacritic score is a 9.4. 

A perfect day in the world of Anthony

I wasn’t hyped for today because I didn’t think I would be doing anything but o was I wrong. My day started off a bit weird with me going shopping for some clothes. I never go shopping in stores anymore but my dad wanted to go so I went with him and I discovered the power of retail therapy. I will never question a girl who wants to go shopping to make themselves feel better because I want some really good looking pants and I feel amazing. The feeling of just looking good is honestly powerful and I have to shop more often for sure. After that I played more Crash Bandicoot and I got past that bullshit bridge which I could never beat before. Then I went even further and beat the second island which I have never done before as well. Right now I am halfway done with the last island and of course I am on an absolute bullshit bridge level again. I swear to god the boars on the bridge are like heat seeking missiles. Next time I play I will make that level my bitch and make childhood Anthony even more proud! 
Part 2 of my day begins at my friend’s house where I brought over my PS3 and SSF4 AE 2012 so he could teach me the ways of Street Fighter. A couple of other friends came back and we played for a total of 4 hours and holy shit do my fingers hurt! I started using the stick instead of the dpad and its really weird how I can do moves better but also totally worse but I guess that is because I freak out haha. I’m still playing as Ken and I did pretty well today I learned some combos and won a bunch of games, I’m proud of myself. I honestly thought I would of given up by now. Next time I play I’m going to mess around with a bunch of other characters since I don’t think Ken is my type of fighter even though I enjoy most of his moves. Of course we had to take a break in the middle of our sesh for that crucial Taco Bell run where I discovered they took away everything I love. Where is my beefy crunch burrito and all the volcano items?! I feel betrayed I should of enjoyed it more while it lasted. Lastly we started to watch Stein’s Gate which is a really great anime about time traveling. I’ve seen it before and I love it passionately so I had to get my friends to experience and so far my friend seems to really like it!
Sometimes the most random day can be the best day.

Well I’m old now

Stairs of life or some other bullshit

Today was my last day of being 19 and more importantly being a teenager, I can’t believe I’m already 20 years old. I spent my last day of being 19 by doing 6 hours of the most boring database work ever, my fingers hurt from the all the typing. I then celebrated by watching my favorite show on TruTv; South Beach Tow. That show is fucking crack to me haha. Then I finally got to watch some Gintama and now we are here are 12:04am writing my first blog post as a 20 year old. I know I’m making this a bigger deal than what it really is but like I will never ever be a teenager ever again in my life. I’m finally leaning more towards an actual adult for the first time in my existence and I’m not sure if I like it. I’m just so use to chilling and playing my games and overall just having fun, I’m not ready for the shake up. Thankfully I won’t feel the full effect of it until I graduate from VCU but still its just weird. I do however get PlayStation Plus today so its worth it but just barely. Anyways its now time to spend my first couple of hours of being 20 by watching some more anime! 
Apparently I also share the same birthday with Rosalind Franklin, thank you Google for making this day a little bit more special.

I can’t wait to get Plus back

This is blog is a real pain to write during the summer when there isn’t much going on. Today was another anime day where I have watched over 10 episodes of Gintama and I’ll still be watching episodes till 3. I guess that is the positive thing I can actually get all caught up with Gintama before class starts up. I’m just looking towards the future for some fun at this point the good thing is that I don’t have to look to far since my birthday is in 2 days. Its always nice to see family and get some delicious home cooked food on my birthday but of course I’m most hyped about is the gifts. I know for the most part I will be getting money which is one of the best gifts easily a top tier gift. Even better than that is getting your PlayStation Plus subscription renewed which I know is going to happen so I can FINALLY enjoy all these great games I have not played yet on my vita and PS3. I’m not sure what new games I will be getting on PS3 from it but I am excited to play SSF4: AE 2012 and actually try to get good at a fighting game. The vita has two games that I really want to play though which is Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush! My vita is finally going to get the love it deserves again and I could not be happier! Honestly I’m pretty simple, give me a bunch of games and I’ll be happy for a long time. The best part is the Plus subscription lasts a year so I will have it ready to go on my PS4 day one, one less thing to worry about on launch day! With Plus I will also be able to access some of my old saves that I had left up in the cloud and I can easily transfer things from my two PS3s, man this is awesome. I actually buy more Vita games since I’ll have an ever greater discount on some titles since I have Plus. This will pretty much end my gaming drought which is awesome, I hope Tomb Raider is still free but if not I’ll just borrow it from someone or do a ghetto rental from Gamestop. Lastly I hope I do something fun on my birthday like hookah with my friends, nothing flashy but something that will get out of my room if not I’ll just drown myself in video games and cake. On the real though I hope I get a huge chocolate cake with everything chocolate and for old times sake throw some Pokemon figures on it lmao. If I ever got a cake like that at this age I would cry for real that would be so awesome. Anyways its about time I got back to Gintama! 

Gintama is top tier

I didn’t think Gintama would be this good when I first started but at the 37 episode mark I am deeply in love with this anime.  Its on the level of my 3 other favorite anime which are Evangelion, FMA:Brotherhood and Steins Gate which you should all watch if you haven’t. The fact that Gintama is a comedy parody type anime and it makes my top tier anime list is a huge accomplishment. Every single episode so far has made laugh out loud many times some episodes make me laugh til I cry. This show has the perfect amount of crazy and weird characters and situations like how do you even write a show like this? There are arcs in the show but nothing really important has happened apparently episode 56 is when we get some heavy plot happening but even without a heavy intense plot the interactions between characters is priceless. It is a long running anime so that could be a huge turn off for people but if you give it a shot you could easily fall in love with the show. Besides watching a lot of Gintama I’ve been watching a lot of Trutv today. I have to say South Beach Tow is the show that world always needed but never asked for. I don’t care what i scripted and what is real its just pure entertainment and fun. I feel like every one is Miami is fucking crazy after watching so much of it haha. I really wish I invented the towing show trend like I would put that on my resume. Overall another lazy day and another day closer to my beautiful apartment at VCU.

Some future thinking

These days are more of the same and I truly enjoy that I don’t have a care in the world. Since I have nothing to do I started a new anime today called Danganronpa and its about 15 high schoolers trapped in a high school but the principle and they are forced to play a game where you have to each other in order to escape. I’m a huge fan of these kill and survivor type shows but this show just has some issues like the characters seem 1 dimensional and I’m not a big fan of most of the character design. I will still watch it though and I am only judging this off the first two episodes that are out. I hope it is better than Mirra Kikki which I loved but it wasn’t perfect so maybe just maybe this will better, actually no it can’t BECAUSE all the blood in the show is fucking pink. WHY?! You can tell it is blood but instead of red they used pink like they are some sort of alien bullshit like come on I’m 19 years old and I don’t even get red blood?! SMH. After that I decided to start up Gintama which is a comedy anime that takes place in the Edo period in Japan but instead aliens came and took over Japan so they have a lot of modern and futuristic stuff but the main character is still a samurai. Gin and his friends do a lot of odd jobs for money since they are very poor and after watching two episodes I can say I will love watching all 275 episodes before summer is over. I haven’t seen a good comedy anime so I could see myself marathoning this for the rest of summer. 
I also finally watched podcast Beyond 300! It is honestly the best video game podcast on the internet Greg, Colin and Andrew make a perfect team and I just love listening to their stories and opinions, I can honestly say listening to them is like hanging out with them in real life like friends. I HAVE TO fly out to San Fran for Beyond 400 so I can meet them and get a lot of cool free stuff! Then getting to party with them afterwords omg that is dream of mine. I wish I could have a podcast with guys like them. I still can’t believe the president of PlayStation came out and met with all the Beyond fans that is how all corporation heads should be like. I still can’t believe Greg and Colin are going to buy a fan a PS4 day one, if I won that I would be in TEARS! 
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm talking about all these games made me really think about my degree and what I want to do after college. I am a strategic advertising major but I really want to work in the game industry since I have the passion of a 1000 burning suns for gaming. I feel like I want to advertise for PlayStation games but not just the big triple A titles but those smaller indie titles that really need that advertising help so they can make their money back. Hell I would advertise for Vita and make the world realize that it has a bunch of amazing games and is totally worth buying! My issue is I have no idea how I will get there but if I try hard enough it could happen a guy with a strategic advertising degree enter into the gaming industry and fulfill his dreams. I guess I should just hit up PlayStation every day about how I could do that hahaha