Beat X

I beat Pokemon X today after playing it for 62 hours lol. I really enjoyed the game and plan on doing post game stuff soon but for now I’m just battling online. I can’t wait for Pokemon Showdown to get updated with all gen 6 stuff so I can really get into competitive battling. Besides that I watched some more episodes of FMA Brotherhood with my roommate. I’m enjoying it as much as my first time watching it, its just a perfect show. Lastly I didn’t so any homework haha I tried for a minute but that wasn’t going to happen so maybe tomorrow. 


Well I am beyond exhausted. I didn’t even do much today besides eat lunch with a friend, watch some Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and went to a magic draft. The draft was alright I went 1-2 my cards were ok overall. I can’t wait to work on this research project and clean my room/clothes tomorrow. *yawn* bed time. 

ok time

I had an interesting day today since I went to federal district court today for a class project. It was weird seeing all these people get sentences. This one lady started crying right when court started for a good minute. I hope I never have to go to court it seems like such a hassle. The weirdest thing had to be how all the lawyers and the people who work at the court are so friendly with each other. After court I just chilled and waited for Rusko. I thought it as an alright time, I wish it wasn’t an all ages show. It ended too early for me and he didn’t play long enough, I just couldn’t get completely in to it. It didn’t help that I was so use to echostage that I don’ t think I can go to anything that is less than it. Time to sleep in till 1.


Fall Break has begun and I am so proud of myself that I survived exam week. I managed to get through my French quiz this morning and sat through my boring classes. The rest of the day I played Pokemon haha like usual. I have 7 badges now and I’m on route to the 8th gym now. My team is actually quite solid even though I only have 5 members. I beat my friend Joey again today and he used 6 pokemon while I only used 5, this kid is hot garbage lmao. We need have an epic Ageislash battle in the beginning but none of that matter because mega charizard x exists lol. I can’t wait for tomorrow, more Pokemon and Rusko!!!! If only I didn’t have to go to court tomorrow morning for my law and ethics law *sigh* 


I survived the two exams today and I figured how to connect to wifi on my 3DS so I’ve been great. I’ve been trading and battling a lot in Pokemon and I even crushed my friend Joey. I completed 3 gyms today so the game’s pacing is a lot faster now. The fairy gym was actually tough since her Sylveon out leveled my team. I really do love that typing now, its s nice to have a type that just destroys dragons. Well its time to go back to studying my quiz in the morning. 

So much procrastination

I have two exams to study for and I got to it at 11pm. What. I think I’ll do fine on them but I wish I had more time to study. Instead of studying I played Pokemon and chilled with my roommates like usual. I maxed out my team’s Evs in super training and then I beat the 3rd gym leader at like 20 hours in lol. I do have to do Pokemon Amie for three of my Pokemon but it shouldn’t take more than an hour to get them all maxed out. The best part about today is that my French exam is pushed back until Monday so after my two exams I just have to study for a French quiz and do some HW. I can’t wait until Wednesday afternoon when I can take a day to myself and just game. 

Pokemon Amie

17 hours in and I have only beaten the second gym haha. I’ve been spending a lot of time training my team up in various ways. I also got an Eevee so now I have five Pokemon to level up. I got tired of super training today and started up Pokemon Amie and wow this shit is actually addictive. Its Nintendogs but with Pokemon and its way better. I have to do this for Eevee to get it to evolve into a Slyveon but then I realized there are so many other perks in max affection for my team. Pokemon with max affection crit 25% more often, can survive a 1HKO, a permanent 10% evasion boost, and has a better chance at avoiding status effects. O yea most importantly a permanent EXP boost! I got my frogaider and Eevee maxed out and will work on the rest through out the week. I will do some more super training on everyone soon. Its so weird but I actually care about my team and is willing to do this side mini game shit lol. If only I had more time this week *sigh*. My three exams are starting up on Tuesday. I will be studying a lot tomorrow unless I get too distracted by Pokemon which could easily happen.
I also recorded a new episode of Pixel Glitch today and I forgot the one from last week so now you have two great episodes to listen to! The latest one is all about my impression on Pokemon X.

Pokemon lived up to the hype

I played Pokemon X all day and I am still currently playing it. This game is easily the best Pokemon game for this main reason. Game Freak has made enough Pokemon at this point where they can make every route have 10 different pokemon and be vastly different from other routes. They even let you catch good Pokemon early on like a bagon or an axew. I am addicted to super training which is the mini game for your Pokemon’s EVs. I do it whenever I get bored battling or need a boost for a gym battle. Speaking of games I’ve only done one so far, the gap between the first and second gym is HUGE! My Pokemon are 24-26 so I wonder if the second gym will be around that. I have a Frogadier, Charmeleon, Hondege and I just caught a Helioptile. I really do feel like a little kid exploring a new region with all these new Pokemon and great visuals/animations. If only I didn’t have 3 exams early next week…