Armin is a god

Sorry for the delay on this post but I was too exhausted last night to write it. I have to say that Armin is a lot better live which blows me away since he already is top tier. I went up to DC with some friends and got there around 10 and whoever was DJing at the time was terrible haha. When Armin was about to play I finally got to see all my other friends and people I’ve met at other shows. My best friend Marc gets me SO HYPE at shows, his presence just makes the music better honestly. I talked to my other friends as well through out the show and it was so funny because whenever I saw one I would say” OMG YOU ARE HERE?!!?!” and precede to freak out and start raging. I have to make some shout outs for the people I enjoyed the most at Armin. Renick honestly I don’t even remember what I said to you but it was some great bro stuff haha. Ray I feel like you are the older brother I always wanted but never had until now. Isaac I can’t believe you went that hard at Armin while sober, so proud of you for leaving your textbooks for once lol. Emily I have to say out of all the people at Armin you might of been the hypest one! More people need to rage like you do it’ll be better for the world. Helena the fact that I saw you there was just so real like I never thought we would be at a show together, we have to do this again soon! Jackie I am so happy that you gave me my first piece of kandi! The fact that it says dumb bitch means I have to wear it everyday haha. I know I’m missing a lot of people but its ok, if I talked to you last night that pretty much means I love you! I’m really happy that Marc made me an official basshead which is a group of ravers in the DC area. I really understood the ways of PLUR and just how awesome people can be at shows. Armin really did change my perspective on life through the power of music. It got to the point where I just stopped caring about what people thought and stopped caring about what was bringing me down. As long as I’m being positive I’ll have a good time. So many good vibes, I wish Armin played for longer since 4 hours didn’t feel long enough. Honestly though, I am going to go to every show I can from now on!

Can’t wait

I completed everything I had to today in order to enjoy Armin to the fullest. This is the post before Armin and I am beyond hype for it. I’ll be a changed man after this. I will forever smile even though I already do haha. Tomorrow is going to be great with chicfila, then a walk to the river and lastly ARMIN! 


Great news! I did amazing on the French quiz I thought I was going to fail! Today has been just perfect. I saw so many people I knew and had a double lunch haha. I just wish I didn’t have that study guide to do before Armin. At least Armin is 1 DAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly I reached 100 subs! I still can’t believe 100 people are willing to follow this blog haha. 

Need that weekend

And school sneaks up on me out of nowhere. I have this French quiz tomorrow and I am beyond terrified since I am so bad at understanding sentences. I’ll either do decent or utterly fail, I pray my studying is worth it. Then I have some online work and a study guide to fill out for tomorrow, shit I gotta research my project in advertising. All this work to do but man it will be worth it for Armin Saturday night! I am not ready for that show, just thinking about it puts me in tears. This is really random but I had noodles and company for the first time today and I fucking love it! I am going to do there once a week so I can try everything on the menu. Their BBQ pork mac n cheese is TOO GOOD! I PRETTY MUCH CRIED WHILE EATING IT! hmmmm what else….o yea there is a new Pokemon today, Doublade! IT LOOKS TO HYPE, I NEED 6! I always duel wield in any game that lets me but man I never thought a Pokemon would be two bad ass swords crossing each other. I also love the typing, ghost/steel. The ability is pretty good as well as long as it gets some moves to utilize it right, maybe a steel type or ghost type dynamic punch or something epic. 

The small things

The best part about life is even the small things can make you as happy as the big events in your life. I thought today was going to be a typical Tuesday and guess what, it was but I enjoyed it to the max. I managed to get all my homework done so I could go out and do things. I took a couple of walks since the weather was so perfect for me, honestly I could of walked for hours just looking at the weird shit you see around Richmond. The weirdest thing I saw had to be this giant plaster cow statue in the garbage on Harrison. Why would someone throw that away? It must of taken hours to make that but yet they threw it away like nothing, I wish I could of taken it but there is no way I would of fit it in my room. After that I decided to go to this frozen yogurt place which I have never been to. They had this 2 buck Tuesday deal so my friends and I went in and took advantage of this god tier deal. The fact that they had my two favorite flavors(Cake Batter, Irish Mint) in the same machine so I could get that perfect swirl is just perfect. Of course I went crazy with the toppings and poured 4 candy bars worth of chocolate/candy on my yogurt. In all reality my cup should of costed my 6 dollars so I am glad I got that deal, I pretty much robbed the place. Even just chilling with my friends while smoking hookah made this great although I do that a lot the appeal is still there. Lastly I got the demo for Beyond: Two Souls a week early and this game became a must buy! I love how they changed up the prompts in this game compared to Heavy Rain and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. It is also really intense at times which I love, any sort of immersion like that is the reason why I play video games. I hope the game is as good as the demo or I will be sad but for right now this is game I have to pick up by the end of the year.
Song of the day, I randomly found this on spotify and I am so glad I did. This is the official song of Anthony. 

Some game thoughts

Solid day of chilling and watching my friend beat Bioshock Infinite. After watching him play it I have to give that game a near perfect score, even though the combat felt felt a bit weak especially in the middle sections. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won game of the year but honestly in my eyes The Last of Us is WAY BETTER! The twist in Bioshock Infinite is really good but honestly the overall story in Last of Us is just better in every way. I also love Ellie more than Elizabeth mostly because Ellie actually fights in combat and truly feels like my daughter in real life. 2013 really has been a great year for games with Last of Us, Infinite and GTAV, even a bunch of lesser known but great games came out this year. I wish I had the money to buy all the games I missed but I guess I have to wait for black Friday to play them. The next game I have to look forward to is Pokemon Y and I know I will pump in over 50 hours easily. After that I’ll get Beyond Two Souls if the demo is everything I hope it will be. I just wish I had something to play now since I’m done with GTAV forever, I might have to ghetto rental some PS3 for a week and get my money back. I could try to get Metal Gear Rising…
Side note I got sick from Nao and Zen, the Asian place on campus. I should just stop eating Asian food in general because I keep dying, never forgot P-Day, Panda Express Day. Well I gtg my gut is killing me -__-

GTAV over hyped

GTAV has been beaten today and I have come to a sudden realization about GTA, I grew out of it. GTA is just not fun for me even though I completed 75% of the game I just couldn’t fall in love with it. I do respect GTAV and it does deserve it’s 10/10 but it is not where close to The Last of Us in all reality. GTAV is the best GTA game to date but it doesn’t do anything to change gaming its just the same drive from point A to point B shit and not enough mechanics to make it feel interesting. I did have fun with GTAV at times but overall it was just boring and easy besides the helicopter parts which are TOO HARD TO PLAY GOD DAMN! Every second that passes I get more hurt on my purchase of GTAV so I decided to trade it in towards Pokemon X or Y so I will be getting Pokemon for pretty much free. I do want to try out the online before I trade it in but I don’t think it will be enough for me to not trade it in. I wish the narrative and the characters were better or more developed, I feel like The Last of Us ruining gaming for me since everything I compare it to is just garbage. Only a few series can stand next to The Last of Us but most of them still can’t even think about being better than it. I feel so dumb that I bought into the hype, never again.